Audible goes live on the Windows Phone Marketplace

Audible for Windows Phone

We heard mention of the Audible.com Windows Phone app yesterday at the Windows Phone Summit and today, the Audible.com app launched. The free app taps into Audible's audiobook library of more than 100,000 titles and delivers them to your Windows Phone.

If you haven't signed up for an Audible.com account, the Windows Phone app includes eight excerpts from various authors to let you try things out. There are listening achievements, Facebook and Twitter integration to let you share with friends what you are reading...err..listening to, and the app supports Audible.com, Audible.uk and Audible.de.

Audible for Windows Phone

Audible for Windows Phone is a free app and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  We'll take Audible out for a test drive over the next day or two and get a review on the site shortly.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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Audible goes live on the Windows Phone Marketplace


Go to the website itself, it should then acknowledge your device is in fact a WP and prompt you to download the new app

Yep still unavailable in the UK hope Amazon isn't playing its usual tricks, signed up this morning especially :-S

If you've just signed up, I'd recommend taking out their trial subscription. You really can cancel it any time you want, and I don't know if they still do this but depending on your subscription you can get one or two free books. I signed up for the higher priced trial, got two books and then cancelled within a week. Two free books with no risk.

Something tells me our marketplace refreshes in the early hours. May have to hold on til tomm. The audible UK Facebook page replied to a commentor saying it was coming, so here's hoping!

only compatible with: HTC Radar, Titan, Nokia Lumia series and Focus 2 (only second gen.) But i can't download it with my HD7... wtf?!
BUT Andoird since OS.1.x

I don't use audible, but after seeing your post I had to try on my HD7. Installed and ran fine, no problems/warnings/anything. Seems to work perfectly on this HD7.

Definitely not available in UK - have followed the QR link on the phone only fo get a message that it's not available - also the website marketplace on a PC says the same thng. That's so classy MS - it just shows that you've put a huge amount of thought into launching this app...

And why blame MS? It is amazons fault just like the store regional versions have to be released as the content is different in the UK when compared to US, alot less books for example.

Just downloaded a 186MB book over AT&T 3G/4G (not LTE).  Does Audible get around the download limits that Marketplace imposes?  Looks like it.
Da Ghost

Same here. So far it's a really good app. Pinned my book to the start menu and it jumps right to where I left off. Loading isn't as fast as I'd like but it doesn't take that long. Lumia 900.

No kidding. Though, it has helped me calm down a bit...that and downloading a few albums that were recently released through Zune, and listening to a few podcasts auto-delivered to my phone.

Its easy for me to get carried away with what we don't get instead of focusing on the good parts we do have.

It's been a long time coming.... I've probably checked the Marketplace 20 times since it was announced yesterday!
And now that I've got it (on my Focus) it's hiccuping on the download.  It won't get more than 2 or 3 MB at a time, and then it stalls.  It looks like I can pause it and then resume and it gets a few more MB each time.  :(

Wondering if anyone such as the OP knows if this is the WP8 compatible version with Voice Control integrated in it. The reason I ask is that it would be good news for WP7.x users to see that devs can still code WP8 apps with WP7.x users in mind, thus allowing them to still release WP7.x apps while targeting WP8 when it comes out. I think this would be the biggest incentive to continue developing for WP at this time instead of waiting for WP8. (Not asking if this has the voice control features, but merely is this a WP7/8 hybrid app).

It's WP8 compatible because WP7.x apps run on WP8. It's backward compatible not forward. Any WP8 specifice features or APIs will not work on WP7.x devices.
This Audible app is the WP7.x version.

Wish I could retire my Zune. I love my Zune HD and I like having a stand alone mp3 player rather than it all built in to my phone. That said, I'll make the switch as soon as I can because I'm afraid support for the Zune HD will be dropped as soon as XBox Music is released. The last thing in waiting on is a phone with decent storage. WP8 can't come fast enough.

I've been dying for this and was overjoyed to download it, but I can't get it to play anything. Using a Titan and when I click a title, nothing happens. I can sometimes fast forward, but other times, the app closes as soon as I do that. After the FF, it immediately pauses again. Anyone else running into this? Soooo bummed!!!

Bummer. Not sure what the deal is. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no luck. Guess I'll call Audible, but I'm betting there's no solution.

I'd uninstall, reboot the phone and then reinstall it. You may have already tried this but it always works for me whenever I have an app that doesn't want to behave.

Memberships seem pricey. I have been using the Overdrive app and supplementing that with trips to the library. All free. I go through about one book a week. I was going to jump on this but I guess I am going to hold off. Glad it is an option though.

A top tier app developed for WP7.5 even after yesterday's WP8 announcement?  Get outta here :)
I still believe that there will plenty of top tier apps forthcoming for WP 7.5 devices despite what the naysayers say.

Yes it's dumb to think that development for WP7.x devices will dry up over night.
The big boys will be puming out 2 versions of their apps were it makes sense.
Now to get over my spite at Audible for ignoring the platform for so long...

"Unavailable" in Germany still. I assume it's "still" because there is a German description of the app, but I can't download it, neither on my Lumia nor on an Optimus. Both devices should be supported. Maybe they have to clear up something in the marketplace. It doesn't show up yet if you search for it, so we're probably in between things just now. I've waited so long for it that one day won't matter much. It will be the last thing my phone was missing and the last thing I couldn't do that my Apple and Google believing friends could...

Downloaded it on my HTC Arrive. Free. Just finished listening to Samuel L. Jackson read Adam Manbach's "Go the Fuck to Sleep" while dealing with my toddlers. Priceless.

Audible.de say`s:
vielen Dank für Ihr Schreiben an Audible.

Bei uns wird die App voraussichtlich Ende der nächsten Woche erscheinen.Wir sind gerade dabei die App für den europäischen Markt zu lokalisieren und die letzten Übersetzungsfehler zu beseitigen. Ein wenig Geduld brauchen Sie noch:)

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Wochenausklang.

Herzliche Grüße

Nils Tannhäuser
next week in the end in Germany

Can't download on Omnia 7 in Ireland Don't know if it's the phone or the region.Very disappointed.

Audible sent me a email today and i just read it so all i have to say is Oh happy day it's finally here! im dl as I type this

Yep its annoying, was hoping to get a book ready for my hooray, but at the airport now! omnia7 here, but really all devices bar maybe the 610 should be supported? Anyone in the UK or Germany got hold yet?

no, and no reply from audible.de to my questions either. Nonetheless it's probably just a matter of hours. The links posted here started leading to the German but as of yet unavailable app yesterday evening after the news that the app was out had been around since the morning. Maybe they just needed another day. We'll see tonight.

I've had this response from audible.co.uk

Thank you for contacting Audible UK.

I can confirm that the Audible Windows app has been released for Audible.com, and we will be getting the application very soon. It will be announce on the site once we have a release date.

I hope this information helps

This is so annoying. Especially as the app seems to be available in some random Marketplaces outside US.
What's the reason behind not releasing it everywhere?
It's not like they have to translate the UI from American.
I like Audible but they need to quit acting like they're not bothered.
Come on Audible.CO.UK!
Show us you value your members!

Available here in India.
Just ended up listening " Yhe girl who kicked hornet's nest".
Waow its all new experience.
Never thought of that this can be a reality.

Iam using beautiful Lumis 710

Audible.de told me today that it should become available in Germany early next week. This confirms a posting we saw in an earlier answer to a comment here. Fingers crossed.