BBC iPlayer coming to Xbox One 'by the end of this year'

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One of the big apps Brits like to have everywhere is BBC iPlayer, and soon enough it will finally be available on the Xbox One. In a post on the BBCs official blog Executive Product Manager, Marcus Parnwell, has made the vaguest of statements on availability but did confirm plans for a 2014 release:

Q. You said Xbox One was coming soon – any update there?

A. Yes. I am happy to announce that we're aiming to launch new BBC iPlayer on Xbox One by the end of this year.

So there we have it. It's just one of a number of changes the BBC is making to iPlayer across connected devices, but for those Xbox One owners waiting oh so (im)patiently, hold on just a little longer.

Source: BBC via Eurogamer


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BBC iPlayer coming to Xbox One 'by the end of this year'


This is good but I really want to see Sky Go on the Xbox One, it would allow me to watch Sky in another room without paying for multiroom (Sky already costs a ridiculous amount)

BBC is always underlinining their global approach. However, their services are hardly available for people living outside the UK. I don't see any efforts by the BBC to actually provide their content to a global audience. And in terms of BBC World News I sincerely doubt that this is related to broadcasting rights.

Since Brits have to pay for the BBC that's why we get it for free. I'd be delighted if they offered a service to the rest of the world and charged them for it. But then, would the large majority actually want to pay for it?

I was mainly referring to their channel BBC World News, which is actually amazing cause they have their correspondents based all across the globe. I'm of course not expecting them to make their BBC One content available to people living outside the UK. But I don't understand why they would not stream this channel via the Internet. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, this channel is not even available in the UK.

You can stream BBC News live in the UK, it's not the same channel as World News, but is relevant to those in the UK.

If I could watch F1 on BBC from Canada I would pay for that. Rather than making subscription available for non UK viewers they force me to find other means to watch it for free. The revenue is theirs to lose.

i was just thinking this, i love listening to BBC radio 1 and 1xtra and when i heard there was going to be a xbox 360 app i got supper excited but then found out cuz i live in the states i couldnt get it... now i feel the same way about the One app... but who knows Microsoft and Xbox team have been doing wonders with the Xbox One soo maybe we can get it open but not holding my breath 

Change your console to UK, reboot. Install app, change back to US, reboot. Set up Unblock-US and enjoy.


This is how the rest of the world gets US Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon.

You want me to tell you the story of how there's no BBC iPlayer for Apple TV and at this point in time no likelihood of it ever happening? Be grateful Xbox One is actually getting it ;-)

Listen the bbc takes for ever to do anything on Microsoft's products despite having massive amounts of customers see windows 8. And also I shouldn't have to be grateful u do realise that the bbc is funded by public money I pay for a tv license every year so I can watch bbc shows so no I shouldn't have to be grateful for something am paying for.

I can already access BBC iPlayer from my Virgin Tivo and on all my other devices, but it will be good to directly access it from the XB1 and I am sure it wont be as clunky as the Virgin effort.




I see where you are coming from, but in my case it's reading about an app for a takeaway company in India.....

Why not use your own inbuilt filter (Brain) and don't open stuff that doesn't interest you.




I would rather the BBC used some common plarform for putting out their content rather than spending vast sums on their own proprietary system.  I think writing apps goes beyond the remit of the BBC.  They should just put out content on some existing platform shared with other broadcasters or just put out an api and let the community write the apps for them.

They tried that. Ofcom blocked it. It was called Kangaroo or something like that...(it would have combined all of the terrestrial TV catchup services)

Don't want to sound negative (but I am :P ) didn't the BBC announce that they definitely weren't going to support Microsoft's new plethora of devices with any of their apps? Glad they turned around, but lest we forget...... #eyesonyousunshine

I'm not a native speaker but I have not yet come across someone from Britain who finds the expression "Brits" offensive...

Stick around, there's hundred of thousands of us! Not offensive as such, it's just a modernism which grates. It's like Yanks. I wouldn't use that in a published article.

I personally don't find the term offensive, nor does Chris Sandiford (I would imagine); I merely, like him, find it annoying. It's one of these vomit-worthy little abbreviations that is seemingly fashionable to say and crops up far too often for my liking...   

That's right. The yoof culture probably don't mind it and sadly the author is British and even describes himself as "a Brit." National identity dilution.

Can Xbox apps be made as universal apps? Or is that just for windows and windows phone? Because the WP app is a rubbish web wrapper and there isn't a windows store app. So if they make an xbox app will they easily be able to make it work on windows and windows phone and be able to develop/support only 1 app?

From threshold onwards Xbox will unify. As of now windows and wp are imp coz pcs and mobiles are widely used than a gaming and entertainment hub.

At the moment universal apps are only for windows and windows phone, but I think Microsoft is trying to make xbox included in the universal apps thing in the future.

I would expect that to come to the already released "iPlayer radio" app in the form of the playlister. However its not a highly rated App.