Best Buy offering T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone on prepaid plan

Best Buy

The low-cost Nokia Lumia 710 on prepaid

We haven't followed the whole pre-paid plan scene as much as we probably should here at Windows Phone Central. Blame it on our contract-centric culture but for a lot of folks, prepaid plans are brilliant--low cost and no commitment with a contract is a great idea for many (especially if you're holding off for Windows Phone 8 this fall).

Best Buy who's no stranger to the mobile phone biz is now offering the Nokia Lumia 710 (see review) for $299. That's actually $50 more than what T-Mobile sells it for ($249.99) but you do get the brick-n-mortar presentation and perhaps a few impulse buys. 

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Either way, it's good to see Windows Phone joining the popular Android devices on prepaid plans, especially the 710 which is a fantastic starter-phone. For those on AT&T, however, there's no such luck despite the carrier having the largest Windows Phone selection around.

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Best Buy offering T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone on prepaid plan


It's nice that it's in Best Buy but as Daniel said it's cheaper to buy from TMo. It will be interesting if Best Buy has one of their sales though.

Yeah,, we sell it for $199 with activation of $50/$60/$70 monthly4g plan.. But really if you already have a monthly4g plan, you get that price when refilling for your next month.

Yeah At&t doesn't offer something... But um using a Lumia 900 on Jolt which runs off At&t... It's a locked phone and no way to add MMS at the moment, but that will change. I like it so much became a Jolt dealer!

Absolutely 100% positive its $199 + $50 refill.. Its been like that since the phone launched.. I work in a t-mobile store..

At t-mobile its $249 with $50 refill; however, it will cost $299 at bestbuy and it doesn't specify if it comes with $50 refill.

You know there is a reason a business goes down and bestbuy has every possible recipe for that. Bestbuy should offer a course how to run a business to go bust.

What the need to do is update this phone.. Like really the OS hasn't been updated at all since the phone launched on Jan.. Please microsoft/t-mobile hurry up with this.. The dropping keyboard is killing me..

Lumia 710 sucks only 8gb to low storage forget that. My windows phone 7.5 I have is 16gb which gives more storage space also never want join mobile service sucks

I actually love t mobile and couldn't be happier with their service (except my update for the 710). Coverage and speed are great in my area and the price is hands down the best on the market right now.

I pay AT&T 25+15=$40/month for voice plus data for my Samsung Focus WP7. I am very happy with that. No taxes or fees. Just $40 each month. I develop also. I am not a big talker. This is the way to go.