Blue Skies is a simple, beautiful and free weather app for Windows Phone

Blue Skies Windows Phone

There are so many weather apps on Windows Phone, but they’re fun to cover. Most people will be served by apps like Bing Weather and AccuWeather, but a lot of folks have different preferences and wants from a weather app. Some want a ton of details and as much information as possible, while others just want to know the current temperature. The fact that weather apps can vary is why we like covering them. Maybe the new weather app we’re covering will be perfect for you if you haven’t found the one for you yet. Today we’re checking out newcomer Blue Skies for Windows Phone. It’s simple, it’s clean and it’s currently free for a limited time.

Blue Skies pulls in weather from forecast.io, a popular weather service that provides a weather API for developers. The popular iPhone app Dark Sky uses this data and has been praised by both users and critics. The secret-sauce in the data from forecast.io is that it predicts the weather as accurately as possible for the next hour.

Here’s what you get with Blue Skies on Windows Phone

  • Summary of next hour
  • Summary of next 24 hours
  • 12 hour forecast
  • 5 day forecast
  • Detailed weather information including: precipitation, humidity, sunrise, sunset
  • Displays severe weather warnings and advisories
  • Live tile with small, medium, and wide tile sizes
  • Choose the live tile update frequency to reduce battery consumption
  • Simple and easy to use

Blue Skies

This isn’t the most advanced and detailed weather app in the Windows Phone Store, but we’re really liking the simplicity of Blue Skies. Though it does manage to sneak in more details if you want them. For example, on the 5 day forecast page you can just tap a given day to expand it and get more information about it.

The app is free until May 1st, so we recommend picking it up and taking it for a spin. It costs developers a small fee to use the forecast.io APIs, which is why this app won’t always be free going forward. We’re happy with it so far and would gladly pay a dollar or two to use the app in the future.

Download Blue Skies from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip ven07!

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Reader comments

Blue Skies is a simple, beautiful and free weather app for Windows Phone


Are you the developer ? If yes, could you please explain why I'm getting "sorry, the information is not available" in "the next hour" portion, but 24 hours portion gives information ? I'm in Punjab, India. Could you check this please ?
And also, i have a suggestion, could you give an option to turn off live tile and just display the app icon ? The tile doesn't suit my home screen, but i want to pin the app for quick access. So I'd like if i could simply pin a small tile which doesn't show a number which hasn't been updated.
Thanks ! And its a great app !

Unfortunatly Forecast.IO (where I get the weather forecast from) doesn't have the next hour information available for every location.  Sorry about that, unfortunatly that's not something I can fix. :/

I'll definitely implement an option to turn off the live tile in a future update.  Thanks for the support and the feedback.

I can think of a workaround for that, but it is a bit complex and I'm not sure whether it would work or not.
There are many services which can give hourly forecast of temperature, wind etc, and also of the type of weather (cloudy etc). What if you could make an if else.. Statement and if forecast.io doesn't have the next hour info, it could pick that bit of info from some other source ? Obviously it wont be in textual form, but you could just get it to display the temperature and weather as: "25 degree C, windy".
I know its not practical, but still if you think it is possible... :)
Thanks !
Edit: oh great ! Your app already has a section giving the hourly forecast, so you wont have to use another source. Just code it to display that information in "next hour", and its good to go ! "no information" seems very bad, so I'd like to see atleast some information there.. Now you have no excuse not to implement my suggestion ! ;) cheers !

@Saksham Sharma.
You don't want much do you❔;)
Anyway, I really like the design of this app but would love to be able to switch to a dark theme which would benefit my 1020's AMOLED screen a good deal. I have sent the developer an email regarding this so hope to get it implemented soon.

Thanks for the suggestion!  My priority right now is the bug fixes but I'll add that to my list of possible future features.  Thanks!

Another feature suggestion which many people find very useful - UV index information. By the way great job!

@hello_moto i think this app is done very well, the 1 thing i would say to add is on the live tile and on the main screen of the page, add the High and Low for the day, that is a must on any live tile i think for a weather. i would love to just look at the live tile and see the expected High and Low along with what the current tem is at the moment...

Viether can suck my balls. Works about 10% of the time on my surface RT.
Anyway hello_Moto I really dig your app! Looks like a kid made it, lol. Would really like this design as an interactive lockscreen in 8.1.
And Daniel any more info on 8.1s lockscreen... Guess we might get it this week.

Glad you like the app!  Not sure if looking like a kid made it is a compliment but I'll take it!  haha  Thanks!

I Just downloaded, I use to use breez but with the lack of support I'll give a try to this one, I hope see support often!

Ill be replacing viether for this too, because 80% of the time viether does not refresh correctly when I open the app. I love that its free and it has no ads but it never really works right the first time.

Thanks, Sam! This is a really pretty app. Trying it right now.


Edit: it fails to detect my connection, be it TIM 4G or WiFi. Am bummed but I will try to find a workaround :(

Sorry to see you're having a problem with it.  I'll take a look into and see if I can fix it!  If you send me an email (just go to the about section) and remind me, I can give you an update when it has been fixed!

Same here on my L1020 in Sweden. But the app is only in English so just wanted to peek anyway. Also, trying to do anything in settings and then save gives ... the suggest mail to dev alert, but it is not selectable and goes away after a second.

I don't know if you're already updated already but I just wanted to let you know that the latest version fixes this problem.

Yup, and I learn a lot with you guys from Mobile Nations and with our fellow forum members/commenters. You all rock!

To be honest, the live tile needs a lot of work. But the app is great !! I can understand that you cant get everything right in the first try, but still the app portion is very nice !

A lot of people from Italy specifically seem to be having problems with the app.  I'm taking a look into it and will hopefully have an update out fixing it within the next couple of days.

That color, theme and the icon...clean and simple. Nice!! But 3 hrs live tile frequency kinda long to wait. How fast the bing weather btw?

I'm glad you like the app!  Added more frequent updates is something I'm considering now based on all the comments.  I may have to make it an in app purchase though since getting the weather forecast isn't free for me after a certain number of forecast requests.  But I'll look into it!

Nice start, needs some work though. I have an alert right now, and when I click it in the app, the alert text is behind the big circle, and therefore not visible. I'm not crazy about the thin, ios-like font on the live tile. I'd also like to see the tile update more than every three hours. I guess I sound critical, but I do really like how clean and uncluttered the app is. I'll definitely pay for it when it switches to a fee.

Thanks for the support!  I'll definitely be sending out an update fixing the problem with the alert soon.  In a future update, I may set an option for font and more frequent live tile updates.  If you have any other suggestions or feedback, just shoot me an email!  I love the feedback!

I sent you an email with a screenshot of the alert behind the circle. Looking forward to future updates. As for paying for more frequent live tile updates, I'm always willing to lay for good apps. :-)

Im no jedi, but this is great! When the Jedi block my Sith powers of the force. I can use this app for the weather of the current planet I'm on whether it be Hoth, tatooine or even Naboo!

Do you know what "useless" means? ha ha
This doesn't suit your need to have constantly updated weather data.  We get it.  Assuming that no one anywhere will have any use for this app at any time is a bit much.

I appreciate the suggestion for increasing the live tile update frequency.  A lot of people seem to be requesting increasing the frequency so that is something is something I'm considering implementing in the near future.  It's not free for me to request for the weather information after a certain number of requests which is why I've had to limit it right now.

That's a great suggestion!  I'll have to consider implementing that in a future update.  What weather information would you like to see on the lockscreen?

I think putting the temperature in one of the 5 quick statue slots would be very useful. Similar to how the app "lock temp" works.

Same here, at the moment I u se accuweather for my live tile, as I like the design, and how you can save lots of different locations. However for my lockscreen I use lockmix as it shows detailed info for the next few days and automatically changes the bing image background everyday, which is a winner in my eyes! It also displays battery info which is useful. If there was an app that included all the above, (along with accurate forecasting for the next hour) that would be a gamechanger, but i would personally prefer ad supported as I have never paid for an app and do not intend to. Looks a nice app, and will definitely try it, thx! (update) I have just tried it and the tiles are fine at all sizes on my lumia 820. I like the the info they show and the frequency they flip over, and would definitely consider using it over accuweather if the tile is seethrough in 8.1 and the 'weather gods' are consulted more frequently.

Hands down the cleanest and most enjoyable app to use. This kind of design and attention to esthetics of the app is wonderful. Props to the devs! Anyone know of other apps that look this great?

Thanks for the support.  I'm glad you like the design of it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions on features to implement!

Its just that your phone updated to a latest version of Windows phone 8, Lumia black's OS version is slightly different than this. Check with another device with Lumia black. This update changes just a version no. Same happened with me

It's called Frontpage version 1.0 from almost two decades ago. Flat and simplistic was how it started because nobody had anything better.

Sorry to hear that.  Unfortunatly Forecast.IO (where the information is from) doesn't have all the information for every location.  Thanks for givining the app a try though.  I hope you find an app that suits your needs!

Hmmm, that's weird.  I'll have to take a look at that.  If you send me an email (just go through the about page in the app), I'll send you an email following up on the problem.

Very nice for initial release. Well done. One major feature missing: give us a quality, zoomable radar screen, then this app will be complete.

Thanks for the support!  I'll add to my list of features to add for future updates.  Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

It happends to me as well. I'm in Spain. It never detects my internet connection and I'm pretty sure that I have it. I turned off the location service and put Madrid manually but it didn't work either. So sad.

Sorry to see you were having problems with the app :/  I'm looking into the problem and will hopefully have an update out within the next couple of days

I'm sorry to see that it didn't work for you.  Just to let you know, I am looking into the problems and should hopefully have an update out within the next couple of days if you're still interested in the app.

Thanks for your promt responce to our problems, I will definitely wait for the update, the design just rocks!


I'm looking into the problem and should hopefully have an update out within the next couple of days.  Sorry for the trouble!

I'm looking into the problem and should hopefully have an update out within the next couple of days.  Sorry for the incovenience!

Dark background on main app and transparent or color selectable live tile. Nice though..almost..too simple?

There should be an update out within the next couple of days with bug fixes.  Thanks for trying out the app. Glad you like it!

This is my kinda weather app,its definately going to replace my Bing weather app when the bugs on it are fixed.I really do appreciate this developer,great work.

I'm looking into the problem and should have an update out within the next couple of days fixing the problem.

I'm working on squashing those pesky bugs and should hopefully have an update out within the next couple of days.

Sorry to see you had problems with the app.  There should be an update out within the next couple of days fixing the problems!

"Looks like something went wrong and we couldn't get the forecast. Check your internet connection and try again."

I get this at a very opening of the applications. My internet connection is great.

Seems like I would be using Vieather

I'm looking into the problem and should hopefully have a fix out within the next couple of days!

Vieather is a great weather app too.  Thanks for giving Blue Skies a try!

Nice app but the live tile says I won't need an umbrella today and forecasts rain all day. Confused.

Would you mind sending me an email (through the about page of my app) with info about where you're from so I can take a look at it?  Thanks!

Another weather app? Thank god, it's nearly impossible to find a good, clean, modern weather app for Windows Phone these days.

Still like the ui and aesthetic of Breeze better. It may lack alot of super in depth data but its the most prettiest of the weather apps to me

App doesn't work, it says I have to check my internet connection, which is bullshit because I have one and it is always on.

I have a few problems with the App.

1. The large tile information on the 2nd tile side is all condensed and squished onto itself. It's unreadable

2. The weather is VERY inaccurate (For Australia Anyway) It says my town is 7 degrees celsius warmer than 2 other weather Apps I run.

Thanks for making it available, butI may have to uninstall for now. It just looks broken with bad weather reports. :(

Sorry to hear that.  The live tile problem I can fix but the weather accuracy is out of my hands unfortunatly.  I hope you find an app that better suits your needs!

Very well done. Simple but that's what it's intended to be. Don't let the comment committee make it too different from what you intended! Make a "deluxe" version and charge for it...

Installed the app, which looks pretty impressive though did experience a hiccup upon starting it asked to use the current location (have location services turned off) so the app did not proceed when i tapped "sounds good", restarted the app - got an error - tapped no and put in location manually via settings. I would say ask the user if they want to manually input/search for a location at first launch and tapping "sounds good" checks if location services is turned on or not. Other than that its a pretty sold app -). Really digging the ux. I'll send you further feedback through the app -). Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the support and the feedback!  The update coming out within the next couple of days should fix the bugs.

Works well. I like the look and feel of the app. Good job on this one. Very fluid and and very smooth.

I want to ask that In india, weather app is of no use acording to me,as who sees weather in this country... its natural phenomenon that happens, but by seeing them on this technoogy won't change it and why there are so many weather app... u download just for fun or really it's wearther report u beleive in and u plan as ur work from it.. Let me know... Becasue there are many many weather apps. paid version till free version...

The weather here can be unpredicatable.  It can go from sunny to rain, to windy all in a few hours, especially if you are moving about.  Sometimes you need to know whether you need a raincoat, something warm or something cool, or all three.

My only complaint is that "Weather" isn't somewhere in the title, making it hard to search for the app when you forget its name. I had to find this article again to remember the name of the app. Blue Skies Weather would be just fine.

hello_moto...can you add a dark theme to the app eventually? Really like it so far, just wish it had a dark theme!

does not even work or open properly get an error  application error and just that is all tried of reinstall the software and is the same,  i live in Santiago ,Chile and just the application do not even work properly just  open it and get the error and later   sent the report to  developer but  the application still working  in "consulting weather gods"  just is a  bad joke this application very bad , can not even set up manually the place where i live if do not want to use the GPS of my device  and should work not  matter the phone locale and language  even have changed the locale and language to English USA and still not working, probably  is a month for get it  for free because     probably the developer need feedback to his buggy application which is indeed an major wreck.



Hello_moto thanks for providing us this simple and amazing app for free. I am having a connection problem though. Wifi and 3g it always says check my internet connection even thought my connection is fine.
Just wanted to say again that this app is definitely what i was looking for simple metro icons on the live tile and main UI. I also love the 3 hour update saves me some battery life. Keep up the updates and good work!

Thanks, I'm glad you like the app!

There's an update coming out that will hopefully fix the issue.   Unfortunatly, I can't seem to replicate that problem so I can't tell for sure what is causing it.

In all honesty, just another weather app with a modern UI. How about a Starbucks app - a real one from Starbucks?

Any chance this app could be adapted for windows store as well? Good job on the app. I'm currently using Amazing Weather HD however, yours is pretty light weight. I would only suggest adding the flexibility to select between different styles of live tiles, different icons and detail of information on the tile like some of the other apps around (not to copy but everyone wants to see different kinds of info and a nice set of "themes" would be nice).

Hope it doesn't drain my battery like viether did ;-).. Cheers!