Take a trip with the first ad for the Lumia 930

Nokia has posted the first commercial for the Lumia 930. The 90-second spot features three friends using their Lumia 930s while going on a roadtrip. The commercial shows off the camera, note-taking, location search, and re-arranging Live Tiles.

What do you think of this first ad? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: Nokia on YouTube


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Take a trip with the first ad for the Lumia 930


The irony that the ad features a trip up the Sunshine Coast and onto (my home) Vancouver Island, one of the only places in the world with no annocement for the 930, is not lost on me.

Canada is a 275+ days since a new Windows Phone introduced.

I hope we get something new.  I love my 920, but in a bit don't mind getting a phablet with hopefully stylus support here on Rogers.

Also, when do you guys think Microsoft/Nokia will announce their next round of phones?

Saw it a while ago, quite a boring ad. Those giant OneNote texts wouldn't push me to getting a windows phone. 

Seems that ad was geared towards Alanis Morsette fans. And the neighborhood cat lady. And any random tweaker that regulars Starbucks in their Prius. Lest not forget those chicks in college who wanted to drink wine and think themselves sophisticated.

Targeted ad. Wasn't targeted at you bro. To give them some credit, it was focused for a distinct demographic. None of that mish mosh they've been putting out for the last 3 years.

Marketinng is improving. Thumbs Up

It's in the eye of the beholder - hate them! But then I'm not a samsung fan, so there you go.

I hereby grant you the Internet. I was just about to write this. It sounds like a three year old with a lisp did the vocals!

The music used in commercials is really important, it can invoke feelings, and draw consumers in. The music used in this commercial though sucked badly.. in my opinion.



Another MS marketing fail.


Stupid song allied with GEN Y bother models.


Is there any creativity or excitement in  MS marketing dept????

This phone has the same specs as my 8 month old 1520 (which I love) but still.. This phone is arguably "old" when considering how quickly things change in the tech world.. and yet it still hasn't been widely released yet. #tooslowmicrosoft.

I totally agree with that, you had already at least 2 CPU generations, not to mention much more power efficient... I really don't see a reason to change my 1520 for the 930... (well smaller screen could be a reason for some people). And MS really have to do something about the power consumption... I can barely make it through a day on a single charge... that's not good enough MS!

I don't think Nokia were aiming for people who have a 1520 with the 930. They are aiming for people who have bought either the 920 or 925 and are looking to upgrade their phone, but want to have a similar experience with the 900 range.

The Lumia 1525 will be aimed for people who want to upgrade their 1520's though so you should wait for that.

It wouldn't make sense for them to make an insane tablet and then say "Hey, why not upgrade to a smaller phone with similar specs".

I must admit that it does look more similar to the iPhone, so it might even win some iPhone users wishing to get a phone which looks more like what they are used to.

As a 920 user, I'm more likely to pick up a 1520 for the expandable storage and glance features. Realistically though, I'm waiting for McLaren.

You have definitely a point here. The even more disappointing point is that the 930 is basically the icon which was released 5 months ago...

To those of us who wanted the Icon but don't reside in the U.S., and wanted the 1520 but found the size daunting, the 930 is just perfect. I'm also sure it's performance with the WP8.1 OS and the Snapdragon 800 is not at all far from the Galaxy 5S and the HTC One with their Snapdragon 801. Maybe there would be a noticeable difference between it and the performance of the new phones with SD805, but somehow I doubt that. I think in actual use, there would be that much difference.

I recently compared a M8 and an Icon at a Verizon store. The Icon was noticeably smoother and instantaneous to the command. It was very impressive.

I thought the same. At this point I'm holding onto my 928 and holding out on a new purchase until the next Verizon flagship with a micro SD card slot.

Nice ad it covers many things of Microsoft products. It's just not the Lumia 930 ad it looks like "One Microsoft". Go go go Microsoft

okay this has been really bugging me, some of you whine about commercials, you whine that it takes too long to get updates and then you have the NERVE to complain that people don't like the Windows Phones stop or you will drive the Windows Phones right to the dumper.  I for one was told of these issues it didn't stop me but why would you do this? 

It's just an ad, normaly my adblock would take care of it. I can't believe this kind of crap makes people buy things.

Go Microsoft! I like the ad. I love nearly all from ex Nokia and now too. But there are no Nokia ads in Austria, which disappoints me quite a lot

It has been already explained by the Nokia themselves. As for the ad, it's kind of boring. And the phone is coming out kind of too late as well. Job not well done MS.

Don't forget... The reason this launch is taking so long is because of the difficulties of integrating the two companies. Long term, it is fantastic news. Short term, it means VERY slow release schedules. By this Fall, we'll start to see some major headway being made. By the end of THIS month, we're going to see A LOT more coming down the pipeline as Windows Phone 8.1 is officially launched, along with Lumia Cyan.

This is the 2nd ad. The 1st ad that features only the phone is better. I've seen it over 30 times! The ad makes me watch it more and more times! The orange colour is too good indeed! Wish there was a Yellow or Cyan colour too :(

Makes me think about how Microsoft needs to kick Verizon's butt about putting some colorful phones on their network. Doesn't feel like Microsoft is trying hard enough to get some color on Verizon's plain boring black and white network. To add to that my Verizon store hardly ever carries the white version of any Windows phone. Last white windows phone my Verizon store had was the 822. Don't get me wrong the black icon looks nice but the white one to me looks alot nicer and it stands out more. But I'm stuck with the black one.

Flaunt wireless charging. The aluminium shell. The fast processor. The new windows phone 8.1 not just the camera...everybody already knows about how awesome Nokia cameras are...Show the unknowns!

+920. Cortana. Notification center. How many freakin icons you can fit on a start screen and still see a pretty pic in the background... Much more valuable to idroid users than moving a vine icon around and taking pics.

The biggest downside I see in this ad is probably some people's reality, but... it seems Nokia girl is constantly staring at her phone instead of enjoying being there. I have to wonder if there are really people who take a vacay and check things off their largeprint bucket list as they go... By the end of the ad, I was just really hoping she'd put down the phone during the menage a trois later.

If you have a product hitting new markets you need to advertise it. Obviously this phone isn't late to many people globally. As for the ad itself, it is good but not great.

Shame all of Nokia's imaging apps have purple backgrounds. My start screen is loaded with them and it completely breaks the BG I use

Ad was ok but I wish that the ad just said lumia because most ppl will go asking for a 930 where they won't be available.

The ad doesn't say much in 90 seconds.


The reality is that most phones (no matter the OS) do pretty much the same thing. So what's the differentiator? The hardware. Nokia has beautiful, unique hardware... so I think the ads should focus on that.

Decent ad, they should have showed off the notification centre at least that would have addressed some peoples concerns about the lack of the notification centre lol. People who are complaining this old, yes for us techies it is old but for the average Joe it is not. Heck most even don't know the what SOC their phone is running on.

IMO - this is a rubbish ad. It doesn't show the iphone or Galaxy owners why they should switch. Just look at the new iphone ads - they even make me want to have one ;-(

I kinda have to agree here. The ad doesn't really show much of the phone at all! It did show us how nice it would be to take a trip with our friends to some beautiful locations, and it also showed us that we still need to bring our tablets AND laptops!

It showed NOTHING of the new features of 8.1 either!! What's up with that MS?

The very short clip of moving the non transparent "Vine" tile DID NOT show the parallaxing effect of the new Start screen backgrounds (which in my opinion really needs to be shown off to people, as this is the kind of thing people want! - MS really needs to advertise this feature up close! And they need to do it NOW!

It DID NOT show the new notification/Action center!

It DID NOT show CORTANA??? What were they thinking???

And "Windows on your phone" that's the new slogan??


I can't believe what I just watched. Seriously Microsoft? I've always been a big fan of the platform and your products and services, but WTF is wrong with you people? I'm really starting to lose some faith... :(

I liked the ad and the music. I do a lot of travel for work and also get to spend personal down time in various countries doing stuff like this. Nokia 925 Lumia was the only phone I needed. It did everything a phone should, plus the camera was nice. The GPS maps are incredible, battery life awesome. Its only weakness was lack of storage (16gb). So, very selective on what music I carried on it. Now I've moved to the 1020. Its better in every respect except battery life. If I didn't move to the 1020, the 930 would have been my logical choice. Good ad, like it.

I live here in Vancouver BC and this video captures what we do here just about every weekend. Thank you Nokia for using Vancouver as your destination source for the video.

I can't believe they used that horrible music! Actually turned me off buying the thing. Whoever okayed that should be sacked if not shot!!!

If the music turned you off that much that it prevents you from buying the phone, it means you never intended to buy the phone to begin with.

One chick, two dudes and a cabin in the woods... I think that Pureview camera is going to loose its innocence a bit later on!

What a wonderful song to use in the ad...it gave me an urge to pick up a knife, stab my ears and twist the blade.

I'm sure it was produced by the Nokia marketing staff brought over as they use good songs but some weird ones too.

Not saying it's a bad commercial but everything is always about the camera. It had a flash of OneNote, how about some gameplay with a popular app so the younger kids can see that windows phone also has apps they might be interested in; better yet, people in their 30-50's also play games on their phones. Show the robustness I'd windows phone, that it can be used in every aspect of your life, work, play, social, personal which this commercial only covers personal with a smidget of OneNote.

Absolutely OMG55! I have a client with an iPhone 4 who can't wait for his contract to hit "upgrade" date. He can't believe how much faster my L920 is than his piece of fruit phone.

But then again, like me, he has ATT. They haven't got any of the new models. Limited to 1520, 1020, 925, and 920 there. :P

Can Microsoft find a singer with a better voice? And maybe the one that knows how to sing...
And I do agree that this ad makes people to think about a trip, not about getting a new phone.

You just dont see the whole image here. When Nokia developed Lumia 930, it was already clear that it will sell mobile manufacturing to microsoft.

That windows phone deal with Microsoft was terrifying mistake for Nokia and it just tied up nokias hands. They were not able to do android phone cos deal denyed it. And remember what Microsoft did to Nokia? Nokia supposed to be the first one who introduces worlds first windows phone. And just few days earlier before presentation Samsung introduced their first windows phone. That was just like a big hit to nokias face. After that day Nokia and Microsoft never really get along together. 

Immediatly when Nokia was able to introduce android-based phone, they did it (serie x). It wasnt even supposed to succeed. It was just warning to Microsoft. If Nokia refuses to do windows phones, who would make them. You think some ping-pong manufacturer could fight against big ones? Nope, never. Nokia wanted desperetly get rid of its device production that was sliding to disaster. They only sold 8,2 million devices in the last quarter, that supposed to be years best quarter. 

So, all these 630s (no flash, no front facing cam like competitiors have in same price range) and 930s (no sd, no glance, old technology) are just like a, how you say it in english, litle leg-pull to MS. You cant deny, that 930 is old already. Its just remade icon for Petes sake. MS didnt have no another choise but just keep them under production, cos there were nothing else. Everybody knows, those wont sell well. Look at posts here. Everyone is waiting for something better.

Immediatly when device production were sold, Nokia started to develop apps for android. You will see, HERE maps will be for android soon, they are already under developing. And WPs HERE-maps wont get updates very often anymore. There will also be Nokias own launcher for android and I think it will use somehow HERE technology.

Im very sorry for all of you guys who are waiting for brighter future and raise of WP, but I think that wont happen any soon. 

I hope to see a full fledged Android from Nokia. I will sure to ditched windows phone for Android by Nokia anytime! Sick of apps on Windows phone. Even Whatsapp looks like crap with all the same color bubbles for different recipients.

You wont see android-based Nokia anytime soon. MSs and Nokias deal have somekind of timeline, when Nokia dont have permission to do smartphones. It was something like 2 years if I remember right.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Actually Elop revealed early last year that before they went to Microsoft, they actually first went to Google asking for concessions so they would shift their OS completely from Symbian to Android. Google refused and that's why they went to Microsoft. AND what makes you think that going Android would have saved Nokia when it's crystal clear from the existing situation that the only company Android is saving is Samsung? Saying after the fact that had Nokia and Android went together would have resulted into millions of phones sold is an exercise in wishful thinking.

On the other hand I say that had Nokia gone Android instead of WP, they could have gone down faster since the $2B per year Microsoft was paying for the use of Nokia services would not have been there as cushion. And Microsoft would definitely have ended up buying BB instead, or perhaps HTC. I wonder who would have bought Nokia then - certainly not Google who already had Motorola, not Microsoft who would have ended up with BB, so maybe Lenovo? Or Apple? Or bankruptcy?

No, I didnt mean that. I know nothing but miracle wouldnt save Nokia. They made terrible mistakes before Elop came. No android, no symbian, no nothing could save Nokia at that point.

What I meant was that Nokia and MS wasnt never best friends. They just have to get along because of busines. Their quarrel had started even years before, the time when Nokia was biggest player on field. And it wasnt really a secret.

What I meant to say is that this 630 and 930 is just a ´little joke´ to MS. Or do you find any other reason why Nokia would produce those phones that are nowhere near able to compete against other devices. Look at the 930, its a freaking joke. Flagship that are already bogged down.

And you are right. They first went to google. The reasons they refused to use android was that could not use their own maps for example and they know Samsung will dominate that field because of its history in mobile space and better manufacturin capability.

I cannot imagine that anyone out of those millions who use iPhones or droids will run to the store and buy Lumia 930 (it's not even available in States) after watching this Jeep commercial. I do not know who is responsible for this commercial Nokia or MS people but they should be fired tomorrow. The singer whose voice irritated my ears for 90 seconds should be banned for life from singing. What exactly this commercial tells uninformed consumer (majority of people have no idea what WinPhone is) about Windows Phone????? Absolutely nothing.. perhaps that it can take a pic and you can drive a Jeep with WinPhone.. Terrible..

I think L730 and L830 is also coming. We can see it on Nokia Mobile Expo named Nokia Con in Japan on July 27. Eagerly waiting for L730.........


Taking photos, recording video, using GPS - nothing that you can't do on an iPhone or Galaxy.

I interpret this ad as saying "Here is the Lumia 930. It's like  any other smartphone you can buy - take it or leave it". It must be genuinely hard to advertise a product that is essentially 90% the same as any other of its kind.


Crap add, hardly shows off any features off the phone. Just do it like apple and show off one main advantage of the phone each time. After all its worked for them.

There are parts of the world that are like this?! Sorry this ad seems too unrealistic. In my experience everyone stares at their phones and barely socializes, let alone actually wanting to go out or do anything. Even in the ad, a lot of staring at small screens in beautiful scenery. Perhaps this advertising works on people, but this just seems silly to me. I say let's be realistic about phone commercials. They are awesome Cameras in the Nokia line, yes.  (That seemed to be the only focus of the ad and it went overboard on it)

Should've showed off Cortana, or the ability to use your Windows Phone not just as a phone but as a modern Personal Data Assistant as well as filling in as a functional remote etc when integrated into 'Smart' environments. Why aren't we promoting intelligent use of phones instead of pretending that our cell phones enhance our social lives... lol

I think its a good ad. Its a bit "applish" in the sense they've been able to tell a story using the phone. They've highlighted what it does best as well as showcased a couple apps doing what they do best i.e. Instragram and a couple others all while keeping it hip by showcasing a not so well known indie group.  


I think its a bit late though this phone came out so long ago!

Im so confused though...Top corner of the video says Nokia.  But its actually Microsoft's phone now correct?  I know they've aquired the devices aspect of nokia but they didnt aquire the Name Nokia did they.  Or is this Nokia advertising on behalf of Microsost?! Is this a nokia made ad or a Microsoft makde ad.  

Well, the only thing interesting was that it shows "living pictures" when taking the picture of the sunset and popping on the PC,, ,when is that going to work for anybody else?