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Check out the new WPCentral commenting system!

As you may have noticed we've launched an all-new, all-awesome commenting system. This is just the beginning, and we'll be adding many new features in the weeks and months to come. For now, there are three things to highlight – new design that matches our new header, up/down vote support and easy report button to flag inappropriate comments.

New comment system

The new comment system is just one part of a larger redesign we're working on. You've already seen the new header, and now we've made the comments better. We can't wait to share more changes coming to the site in the future.

Right now you'll see our new comment system when visiting our site through your web browser. Though don't worry, the new comment system will be coming to the app soon!

Let us know what you think of the new comments. We're still tweaking them, so hop into the forums if you notice any bugs.


Reader comments

Check out the new WPCentral commenting system!



*beep* *beep* *beep* *BOOOOOOP* This is only a test. Had this actually been a real comment it would have contained useful information. *beep* *beep* *beep*

No unfortunately this site isn't formated for auto aspect ratios. I'm using 16:9 and it looks 4:3 to me. There is a lot of unused space on the sides. As a web developer myself I know its actually not that dificult to implement.

I don't think this has anything to do with omitted auto aspect ratio... Many sites don't put stuff all the way to the edges because it's easier to read and it's neater. I personally hate websites that stretch stuff, it's messy and they usually shift horribly when you resize the window.

This like most things is not necessary a comment it meant to be a different opinion. That is the spice of life if everyone was always saying the same an had to agree with the crowd. I don't think we would have a windows phone or many of the most important thing we have today

I think its either meant to show if you have upvoted or downvoted a comment or it is a simple bug which can be resolved anytime. If its the former please colour the arrows rather than displaying a number for it. 

In the article, it does state that this will come soon to the app. It also has a link to the article 'the benefits of reading the full article'. Just for your convenience.

I agree. It is better for users too since we can manage all of our comments across web sites and services. I'm not sure why they don't use it. It might be because they want to own their comments vs. Disqus.

Each of the review has extreme seo value for the website. It's priceless to embedd comments on articles directly as opposed to via discuss or similar service..

Disqus blows. Every site I view that uses Disqus fails to load comments on the first try and I get the "Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload?" message all the time.

They've improved a lot lately. The one thing I don't like is that direct link to comment doesn't show subsequent replies.
But I like that they have a WP app and I only need one login for multiple sites.

This. +8X

Disqus is the like the Adobe Flash of website comment sections. Ever since the Gawker implemented Disqus on the UK versions of Gizmodo and Kotaku the commens sections are empty.

It's probably an issue to use Disqus and have it integrate in the WP central app. My guess is if it was Disqus, we wouldn't have access to the comments from the app. So it boils down to what would tour rather have. A unified experience in the app, or have to launch Disqus every time you want to make a comment.

Or you could just read WPC using a browser on a phone too. Disqus works fine even on a phone's browser.

Won't need to launch a bunch of different apps that way.... I never really understood the point of "website apps", when we have an app to view ALL the websites called Internet Explorer.

Yes agree, Disqus is much better overall. I have been asking for Disqus to be imlpemented in WP Central for some time however they clearly prefer to use their devs for something that is already out there and works much better!

Hope they see sense soon and replace these custom designs for Disqus.

You mean the last line right before it says 'Related: The importance of reading the whole article and some commenting guidelines' LOL. I actually missed it too and went to the comments looking for answers.

True, but then they would have to think of another way to sort the replies to a comment. They can't incorporate the same method used in the website due to lack of screen space on the phones.

i know it's because of the screen size, but i think Readit shows them a slightly better no ? :)
and oh still don't know how to delete a comment in browser....

Maybe instead of an indent for each reply they could incorporate a color coding system or something. Or write "in reply to gautaum26" or whoever it is in the start of the comment. More often than not I have no idea who is replying to who.

I don't think the color coding system would work. If the number of comments are more, it would create a confusion. But I like the idea of displaying "In reply to".

Yeah, I never did figure out what the different length dark blue comments meant... if they even mean anything. So I can't ever tell who is replying to whom.

Great system...but the each comment takes too much extra space. Please reduce it so that more comments are visible at a time!

Every people do like & dislike on comments, YouTube videos so why not here
Just change is we write +520 instead of showing up thumb

I am aware of that. And I was hoping that with the introduction of the up vote and down vote option, people would finally stop commenting +520 and so on. It turns out that people would still continue doing that in spite of such an option.

Exactly the point. Disqus has a very nice WP app.

>>>>   It just seems faster  <<<<     [insert thumbs up here] (the emoticons aren't working?)

Yay! I can edit my comment now!! I wish they were a bit smaller but it's definetely better than the old system and the "reddit" up/down vote buttons are more than welcome. Great job! 

Edit: "Sort by Rating" should be the standard not by Date.

Well, I'm not crazy about Facebook-like commenting systems but meh If some people like it, I'm fine with it. It's nothing that really gets in my way.

The report-button may turn out to be a problem though as I can forsee people reporting stuff for every reason possible and then some.

Hopefully people will read the Guidelines more than they sometimes reads the articles =P

Read the Guidelines. You might be disappointed.

Don't worry though, I'm switching to Android as soon as the Z3 Compact goes on sale so WP will remain only in user on my 1020 which is my camera. Besides, Android is where Nokia is so that's where I will be ;)

Can't wait....i think android central will really appreciate you. Good luck, hope you find what you're looking for. We will never forget that name...DJCBS

And I couldn't care LESS lol

;D If people bother to read the Guidelines, they'll probably find out their downvoting and reportings will be useless because I never violate any of them. And with the reporting system, I won't even need to bother answering provocations. I can nip those in the bud right away ;)

Really excited to see the improvement in comments on WPCentral! It's great to talk to other fans of Microsoft products, but not fun to wade through the poor comments to do it.

Does this mean anyone who has anything logical to say against windows phone will immediately receive 300 downvotes?

Seeing as this is a site that many fans frequent, that's certainly possible. I think we can all take a good bit of constructive criticism, so hopefully that won't happen.

Probably. But honestly, you shouldn't be bothered by it. WPCentral comments aren't an election. You're not going to be fired from the site because you are displeased with Microsoft. Daniel made that clear in the Guidelines.

So it's really just a fashion-tool. I'm not a fan of these "up and down" anythings (arrows, thumbs whatever) because they tend to turn even good arguments and criticisms into popularity contests. 

Does it not remember my sort preference each time, a bit annoying to have to change it by date for every article.


edit: nm I need more coffee, it defalts to date which is fine with me. 

Nice changes. I think sort by rating should be default, but other than that this is very, very nice. Hopefully it'll stop the endless barrage of First and Seems faster comments :)

Sooooo, what does the up/down vote actually do and why does it matter to me?  Not blasting, or saying I don't care, but right now I do not understand, so not sure how I benefit...

Like the look!


well yeah , my screen only displays 3 comments at a time  so moar scrolling is required ....but no biggy  i will get used to it


Nice, it would be great through if the CKEditor would be updated with a more Mobile Nations-ish look too and clean up some of the buttons we can't use anyway...

Not a major thing but you should fix the double slash issue when a not signed in user replies to a comment.. Try it yourself and you should see // after the domain name.. Great job site is getting better albeit a bit heavy..

I think that's what I said...  :)

I was hoping that was the first feature they established.   But maybe that's coming...

Great Job Guys! Doesn't Matter If It's Not Disqus, It Still Suits Alot Better For The Website. Congrats For The Complete Re-design. Now Only The WP App Design is Left, Keep Working Hard, 'Jay Bennett' :) 

Similar to header I think the redesign is moving towards too many oversized elements. Each comment takes up way to much space.  

Let's give every user who comments "seems faster" a vote he will never forget. Hope we can eradicate this behavior in doing so.

Awesome! Good job guice! But, the site is starting to get on the heavy side on pictures, loading and lag is annoying.

Ah! After seeing the new comment system, I totally forgot, whether this typing new comment section was there on the top also? Or it was only at the bottom? :)

It should remember which sort method I selected and use it until I change it again. I like the new system, but don't think the format looks too good.

Now when do upvoted comments start to rise ABOVE downvoted ones and/or when can we COLLAPSE downvoted ones (any below -1 overall score should probably be hidden by default!)

Good start. My suggestions for improvement:

- I think the large profile pictures shown are a bit too large. Make them smaller. Make comments stand out rather than the pictures. Right now all I see is pictures.

- Too much scolling required. Information density is a bit too low. Too much empty spaces. Also, remove the report and reply row by moving those functions next to the up/down icons.

Information density is WAY too low. Most of us read this stuff on smaller screens and you have to scroll way too much.

Not good if you don't have a 1080p device, just like the rest of the mobile website. Try reading the website on a < 925 phone. We are going backwards on readability, seriously.

Width of the posts make it look crowded, while you have huge white spaces on each side of the browser. Other than that, it looks good.

Shouldn't have the up and down voting system been there from the start? Just like Windows phone where even basic features are introduced way later than rival platforms.

Can't wait to start downvoting "+modelnumber", "seems faster" and oem hating post. I just wish it would hide post that get seriously downvoted.

A voting system puts a lot of faith into the self-moderation abilities of this community. I don't think that's a wise idea, not for WPcentral's commenting userbase.


But now that it's here, prove me wrong guys.

Prefer the way WoWhead does comments tbh.  On wowhead, all comments start at 1.  One downvote sets them to 0 and the comment text greys out to make it obvious it was downvoted.  Another downvote sets it to -1 and the comment becomes hidden, leaving behind a message saying 'this comment recieved too many negative votes - click to show comment' message instead.

Two downvotes is pretty harsh, hiding should start at -20 at least. Unless the community is really small and mature, it seems like many comments will be hidden because users don't know that downvotes are not used for disagreeing.

I think one of the problem that I see is the lenght of the comment section. It is a bit narrow, thus a short comment looks longer, and a long comment looks very long - making the article page longer and searching for comments harder.

I like the change, however, I do feel that it would be more constructive, or rather more conducive to the posting rules that Dan outlined, if there were not a 'down vote' button. 


If there are no 'up votes' to a comment, then it simply means that either someone has no opinion about the comment or that there are some that don't actually agree with it; however I don't think it is necessary to give the visual (of down votes) of how many disagree with a comment, as it will likely draw more attention that the actual topic or comment.

Someone replying to a comment that they disagree with should suffice, and would hopefully, facilitate some interesting discourse and/or debate.

As far the report button - hope that WP Central has lots of moderators on board - I get the feeling that it is going to be used alot!

They need to set some rules, like more than 50 downvotes, your comment is hidden (but with option to show back on demand) - just like Ars.

There have been a couple of instances where you mentioned an ongoing conversation in the Forums. When then happens is a conversation takes place here in the Comments section AND the Forums. It would be nice to be able to link the two or at least redirect people to the Forum so you don't have 2 parallel discussions going on. Just a suggestion.

I like the look.  Much cleaner/less clutter.  Upvoting system is a plus.  Sorting comments by up/down vote number.

Wanted to check it from the phone but your mobile site sucks. Rendering issues everywhere. I think I'll wait till it's implemented in the app.

Did I mis-read the title of the article or did it not say just a minute ago that ATT had launched #Cyan for our #Lumia 920's? DOH!

How about showing both Up votes and Down votes for each comment, instead of the net total? It's always interesting to see which comments are really polarizing.

Have you visited the forums to question/report this? What is the browser version? Tried another browser? Reset IE and try again of possible? Cheeked Compatibility view settings?

The voting system would of been nice for the article George posted about football. People trolled the comments so bad....