The importance of reading the whole article and some commenting guidelines

Editor's rant here! I realize that there is a lot of news and buzz about Windows Phone these days, which is always a good thing. I also appreciate that our audience is growing every day, and we welcome you warmly.

Comments are a crucial aspect of our community. The fact is you folks are often our connection to the rest of the world. If we miss something, or get something wrong, we love learning more from you in those posts, as you are a valuable resource too. As our site grows, there are more challenges for us to face including moderating comments. A few solutions are due in the coming weeks, but for now, here are a few guidelines that can keep your fellow WPCentral readers happy.

It is time to lay down the law and for you to eat your veggies or something.

Comment Guidelines

If you all follow these guidelines, it sure would make me happy. I am certain your fellow reader would also be thrilled. So here are some tips to be a good community member!

Read the article first

I plead with you: before making a comment, please read the article. Yes, the whole thing. Try not to skim or only look at the headline. I do not want you to look silly when making a comment. I understand we do not get everything right all the time, but the writers here do take their time to give enough details to answer your questions. I try to think of every question a reader may ask, even ones who are very new to the platform, and incorporate that information in the article, so make use of it.

Limit the usage of 'It seems faster'

I get it, it can be funny at times and yes, technically I started it with those no-changelog Facebook updates (the irony). However, some of you abuse the 'It's faster' meme and use it too often. In short, if someone already did it, it is less funny the second, third or twentieth time.


If you post "first!" or any variation on this site, you are automatically hated by everyone else. This is a fact. Do not be that person. For one, your comment is getting deleted, so it is a waste and two, this is literally the most idiotic thing you can post. Stop it.

One-word comments

There is nothing valuable you can say with just one word. You are a human with a cerebral cortex, so create a sentence. I believe in you!


Please, do not call people 'trolls.' Nothing good has ever come of it. The accused have never had a sudden revelation, falling to their knees and begging for your forgiveness because of your label. A troll is also not someone whose opinion you happen to disagree with; or who is unhappy with Microsoft. We can disagree here, and we encourage debate. Keep it friendly. This name-calling goes for 'fanboi' too.

Off-topic comments

If we posted about the Lumia 920's camera and you ask if someone can help you with your Lumia 520 and Wi-Fi that is exasperating. We have the world's largest Windows Phone forums with dedicated moderators and some of the smartest community members around. Use this tool; the community is awesome, and you are likely to find the answer to your question in the forums. Go ahead, ask away!


We go through a lot of effort on our articles and we tend to write a lot. If you do not know something, try the handy-dandy search feature on our site! Just think of some keywords and see what comes up. There is a good chance you can find what you need.

Check the links

We hyperlink the heck out of our articles with previous coverage. The idea there is if you are new to the site, you can click those links to get even more context on the article's topic. If you are using our app you can just swipe over to 'More' and hit the 'View Links' to see them all.

I already know this!

Often, we post How To articles. These are for people who just picked up their first Windows Phone. These articles are not for our veteran readers. Please do not disparage them with the "We already know this!" and "Really? You need to write this?" The longer answer: If you go on Bing or Google, you are often asking a question e.g. "How do I…." If you do that for Windows Phone and WPCentral is not the result you find we have failed as a site. WPCentral is not just for enthusiasts. We want to serve the new person too. Just think of how you found us in the first place.

Who cares?

We post loads of news, reviews, and how to articles every day and if you find something that does not interest you that is fine. I certainly do not expect everyone to find everything fascinating. Simply scroll over the article and go to the next one. No one forces you to read something and then comment on it. It is all up to you.


On occasion, you may find a spelling or grammar error in an article. Let me throw some numbers at you. Last month, John Callaham wrote 160 articles in 30 days for this site. I wrote 44,129 words, many after 10 hours on the site that day. If you think it is possible to push those numbers and not have an occasional blunder, well, you should be writing for us! Regardless, just let us know, it's cool. There is no need for the snark, or the holier than thou criticism. We are human. It is never fun being called out on an error, less so when someone treats it like the end of the world and insults your existence.

Finally, one of the big features coming to the site (and hopefully the app) in the coming weeks is up and down voting of comments. In the end, you the community are our best moderators, so for those who found this article TL; DR, well, you can down vote them to oblivion if they do not follow along :)

Be nice to each other, share your wisdom, and let us keep this place rocking.

– The WPCentral Staff

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Also, if you contact me on Xbox to help you with your Windows Phone, I probably won't think you are very awesome.
  • What games you play?
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  • I love that game!
  • You are such a....a....a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people!
  • This comment made me literally laugh out loud!!!!
  • I am with you on that laugh out loud. Now to get the joke, like Daniel said, you have to read the article fully which I did and I laughed so hard I think I cracked a rib or two, especially all the way to the awesome wise guy (kleider1) that said "I love that game!" My Apologied Daniel, but it truly was funny and that was your fault because of your response which was pefect in this case for the question.
  • Daniel, i'm sorry. This: 'What games you play' must make you a little mad, but I find it so funny. Sorry, but it is.
  • why he should be mad of that question? O.o
  • Reading the whole article? Is that a bad joke Danilo? The RSS feed from this site only shows you just the first paragraph of each article. Fix your d@$mn RSS feed then ask people to read the whole article
  • It was designed in such way to bring you into the site..
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  • Do you have the link to that game? 
  • That's off topic. You are (edit:) banned. Please write the word "first" so you maybe flagged lol. Jk... (I'm starting to feel the pressure that my comments must be constructive or fear that I maybe placed on Daniel's S-List)
  • Please, tell me the grammatical errors are intentional, just to see how many of us are paying attention. e.g., banned, not band; flogged, not flagged. Now you know that at least one other community member reads what you write. ;-)
  • No, the right word is flagged. Sometimes I type too fast for my own good and don't check for errors especially when I'm at work. Thank you... For making me feel dumb.
  • I'm sorry. It was not my intention to make you feel dumb. I would never do that to another person. Words are my thing and my dream job would be to go around the world correcting mistakes on signs and menus, but my comment was made impulsively. I appreciate the willingness to participate and other people have skills and talents I envy. We all bring something to the party.
  • No worries. I will try to be more careful next time.
  • Have you read Eats, Shoots & Leaves? If you have not read it, I recommend it.
  • Can't say anything with a one word post.  But, in this case, zero words were worth a thousand.
  • Sometimes if the article brings good news I will just comment, "Rad!". From now on I will say, "Totally rad!"
  • Laugh out loud.
  • Plus fifteen twenty!
  • This is hillarious and all in good fun.  Thanks for the great site Daniel & co.!
  • I wish I would've made the first comment "when will we get Instagram?"""
  • by going into the store and downloading the official instagram app. What's the big deal?
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    I mean really nice!
  • + 930 Oh, not a word or sentence, but allowed? Yes, of course.....I hope :D
  • I think the voting buttons that Daniel mentioned will eliminate the need to add a comment just to show agreement or approval.
  • To an extent, yes. But comment count actually helps the site and the writers in a few different ways. For instance, the more comments a developer sees, the more interest they know our readers have in their app or game. So positive, non-useless comments are always very much appreciated.
  • +8X
  • There is nothing valuable you can say with just thee dots. You are a human with a cerebral cortex, so create a sentence. I believe in you!
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  • Some things are ineffable ;) I said one-word comments, not no-word ones (my own loophole!)
  • True, you win
  • Daniel, once i needed help urgently, i contacted your sites email, yet none answered. Can you tell me what it is in a chance of me just copy -pasting wrong?
    Btw, i love the vote on comments and other features coming! ^^
  • Slick.
  • Daniel, when can I get e-mails when someone replies to my comment when I post using the app?
  • Maxim, you made me snort tea out my nose!
  • Is that considered a one word answer? (if so, I think you spelled it wrong)
  • The proper response is all of them.
  • And that is not even a word. Dan you get a ban for contributing ellipsis...
  • "..." will that count as one word ? or a complete sentence :P
  • Whadda you know, an off-topic comment already, jeez rchillin, read the article. Oh wait, that's another rule...
  • I did read the article, after making the comment. Silly me and cerebral cortex. But it was a question presented directly to Daniel.
  • He doesn't really play games. :P
  • You forgot to mention my dumb tips....
  • That doesn't really happen does it?  That's no bueno!
  • Sadly, it does. Eh, part of the job. The benefits outweigh the negatives.
  • First, let me say that I appreciate the efforts from you and other writers in bringing all the articles about WP, XBOX, Carrier support (or lack of), Microsoft to this site. I learned a lot through the articles, the how to and reviews and comments made by fellow WP enthusiasts and supporters. If it wasn't for this site,I would be having a hard time articulating the features and benefits of a Windows phone to friends and family. Thanks.
  • M Logan X, same here, I have even managed to turn my 14 year old son a desciple of this site and now he is well informaed about WP.
  • This is what I do not like about the comments section; it gets high jacked by a few regulars with their little 'inside' jokes and create these rabbit holes three pages long before I can find the next comment that actually addresses the article. I have been with WP for many years now and consider myself a 'power user' if you will allow the phrase. My 1520 is the 4th WP8 handset for me. I use this with my Surface Pro 3 daily as a business consultant (no, not in IT or tech!). So for me, these articles can be helpful, especially as I learn from commenters about the little tips and tricks they have. This is one reason I love this site. It is number one on my frequently visited sites (according to Bing anyway!). That said, it is frustrating to have to hunt for these useful (on topic) comments amid the plethora of non-sensible 'inside jokes' from days gone by and sarcastic replies to those. It’s like an Easter egg hunt! Daniel, thank you and your team as well as all of the commenters that continue to make this site the premier Windows Phone site on the web.
  • If a comment can be up or down voted, what happens to the replies to that comment? Do they move up or down with the comment or become disassociated?
  • And if I need help with my XBox? Is this a good time?
  • Lol!.. Lets be serious now :-X
  • Lol can't believe people do it.
  • Thank you for sharing some ground rules with us. I am looking forward to the up/down voting, really hope it gets into the app asap too as I use that a lot! 
  • Up/down voting feels so adolescent. One of the many things that made this site feel a bit classier than others was that there was no popularity contests going on in the comments. Guess you have to cater to the lowest common denominator aka comment voters.
  • The other solutions are (1) Keep things as they are, which could get dicey if WP grows beyond 4% market share (2) Get our own moderators, which could cause issues since so much of this is subjective TBH, it is really a combo of a few strategies that will work.
  • (3) Have the comments in reverse chronological order... 
    I'd like to see that...  Just a thought.
  • Down vote links are not showing up I can't down vote this comment.     Just kidding I read.
  • Lol!!... Good one... I thought you were serious, but I kept reading your comment... Yaaay for me!
  • Hey daniel 1- thanks for reminding everyone how to behave on this site.. 2- when are you guys going to post the how to reset Cortana for the people who were using the U.S. version and when we changed it for the UK version she was not working properly?
  • There is a comment in the Microsoft making uk Cortana better article i just reset mine following the instructions and it seems better. I will find it and let you know the commenters name so you can find it.
  • Commenter is Great Deal hope this helps?
  • One of the items of this article was called "Off-topic comments". You just did it.
  • This needs to be the how to comment guide for the whole internet. I could do without pages of +(insert model number or acronym with version here) comments. Adding the ability to vote up comments would help this.
  • Yes!! I was hoping that would have been a part of the "seems faster" section. Maybe next article.
  • +720
  • ^^^^^ Did not take long now did it!!!! Just couldn't help but point out that you are mindless enough to advertise your non LTE phone with 512MB.    
  • Unfortunately I am guilty of calling someone a troll once but I think it is the annoyance to a lot of us that whenever you post need about a delay or if Microsoft doesn't update once a week then someone comes on saying ms is s**t, no respect for customers etc. Just my two pence worth and I won't do it again. Hopefully the post voting system will sort that out! ;)
  • Good post Dan all points valid. But surprised people would contact you on Xbox about their windows phone rather then about your drivatar on Forza beating them.
  • Awesome article.  Amazing how much people still hide behind a username and treat others with no respect.  We are ONE WP Community and I love to learn and help when I can.
  • When I see an idiot in RL you can bet your bottom dollar I let em have it. That include dumbass police so go and cower in the corner and pretend like you can hold the high ground.   Idiots don't deserve respect or an explanation cause they be too mindless to get it anyway.
  • But the very first comment was off topic. Unless of course Daniel deleted the "first" and "seems faster" comments. It related in no way to comments or reading the entire article. Since Daniel opened the discussion in comments about how we seek help from professionals outside their work environment, I would add I don't like it either. Not like a lawyer ever gave me a free legal advice, but lord knows they expect me to fix their computer when I visit.
  • It is related in the sense of etiquette. It was also meant to be jovial to set the tone, not a harangue.
  • You just looked those words up... Lol.
  • You know something? I normally don't comment, but this time I must. Do you all at wpcental read all the emails that get sent to you? Also, do you even send a thank you email back to the sender of a tip? Its common courtesy to let the tipster know you have received his or her email with a simple: "Thanks for the tip!" That way they don't feel belittled or useless let alone when someone specifically misses an updated or new feature, that tipster probably won't make an effort anymore to help you all out...... Just a tidbit. Your welcome.
  • Or just completely ignore me..... You know I'm one of the fan boys of MS and plan on goin to work there as a veteran.... The least you could do is respect some of the tipsters and give some feedback.....
  • Yes, they respond, and quickly if it's a good tip. I once gave a good tip. The response was very quick with a thank you. Then the article came soon after. Although I am guilty for sending a tip once that I thought was good, and I got back on wpcentral to see a fresh article about it that was typed shortly before my tip. I felt so stupid (sorry)! They probably thought I did it on purpose lol.
  • I love how WPCentral editors can go back in time to comment on their articles before they are published
  • Thank you for your professional efforts. I've always lauded WindowsPhone (even the WinMo days) as a platform for the very cerebral. Extraordinary quality in the devices, the code that enlivens them, and the users that wield them should always hold themselves a cut above. I appreciate your "rant" and hope that people would have the basic self-respect and pride in what you so valuable offer for our sakes. Thank you WPCentral.
  • Well, everything you wrote is as it should be and i am complitelly 100% behind everything what's in the article, so since this is the fastest way to reach to you and you to web developers of WP Central, i would like to suggest something. About the links of every article, especially those that leads you to the WP Store about some app. Can the web masters made them open in new tab? Cuz whenever i click one of those links (from PC), it opens in the same tab. I know i can go right click > open in new tab, but it would be nice if you click directly on the link and that opens in new (background or not) tab. I know this is a bit off topic, but it is kinda linked to the web site of WP Central. Thank you :) WP Central rocks :)
  • And what about those +1020, +1520, +520 comments?