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CloudMesh for Windows Phone 8.1 consolidates all your cloud storage in one app


Looking for an app to manage all the various cloud storage providers you have? Then you’re going to want to check out CloudMesh for Windows Phone 8.1. It’s a brand new app in the Windows Phone Store that allows you to manage all your cloud accounts. Let's check out this beautiful and functional app for Windows Phone. 


Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find version 1.0 of CloudMesh. As of today, you get access to the following accounts and services through CloudMesh:

  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • MeoCloud
  • OneDrive


Those accounts are in addition to the storage found on your phone and your SD Card. Once you’ve logged in to your various accounts you’ll be able to interact with all your files in the following functions with CloudMesh:

  • Browse
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Share
  • Pin
  • Download
  • Upload
  • Search

We hooked up our OneDrive, Facebook and Google Drive accounts to CloudMesh. We then moved a few files between the accounts with no problem. App works as promise and should be a great way for folks to manage files between multiple accounts and services.

There are two apps in the Windows Phone Store – CloudMesh and CloudMesh Pro. CloudMesh Pro will cost you $2.49, but has no ads or limitations. With the free version of CloudMesh you get ads and restricted access to features. You can remove those ad banners ($1.49) and unlock functionality ($1.49) through in-app purchases. Or you can turn the free version of CloudMesh into CloudMesh Pro with an in-app purchase that unlocks the full version ($2.49).

Download the app and let us know what you think. It’s a pretty powerful tool for those constantly juggling multiple online storage vaults.

Thanks for the tip Alin!

QR: CloudMesh

QR: CloudMesh Pro


Reader comments

CloudMesh for Windows Phone 8.1 consolidates all your cloud storage in one app



Astro (and other apps) were our motivation to do this app, actually CloudMesh is a file manager also ;)

Yes I saw that and have bought your pro version. I love it already and thanks. Question is it possible to add picasa to the list?

Tomorrow i think i got my wp and i need to know if this app support the direct link (like a link of file in dropbox for my file to share to other don't have the app) to cloud service. 


We use Uservoice to decide which clouds/features should come next, if you want you could add OwnCloud there ;)

Hi, please add it on our uservoice ( we choose what to do next based on the users feedback ;)

Rudy is the best WPdev I know and his someone that we (ImaginationOverflow) really admire, we feel really humble with that comment but we still need to work more to get to his level ;)

The purchases will be shared between W8 and WP8.1.

The only thing we can't confirm is when is the W8 version is coming out ;)

Haha yeah I thought the same. "Este dev só pode ser português!" hahaha

Greetings from a Portuguese in Canada. Força Portugal!

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Because of your care and interest of the enthusiast I am buying the app unseen! :) installing pro now.

Great job. Cannot add dropbox though. After login, i go to my files on dropbox on web, instead of authorization. Second, how to copy a file from onedrive and paste it on to local music folder, not possible? Bom trabalho!

Try, to delete the dropbox account (within the app), reopen the app and log back in. To copy files, select one (press on the gear or hold the file) open sidebar, select music folder (assuming that you added it) and press paste and its done ;)

Muito Obrigado ;))

Where does the app actually saves the files once you download them? I can see the files from the Folders Beta app.

But there's no way of download the files into the phone itself? I can't share those files via Whatsapp with the Local Storage.

Yes you can go to the app local and copy to where you want the file to be ;). You can also share it to WhatsApp ;)

Holy cow, there are a lot of different cloud storage places. Seems like even content on top is about adding this cloud or that cloud. Crazy

Hey guys, very appreciate your idea, but for now its completely useful. I've got an error message everytime I try to downlonad some file. I can log in to dropbox, but Iam redirected to mobile site which is useful. Please fix it. Great idea!

Also having the dropbox problem. Presents the web log-in and then allows for my two factor authentication code. Once I exit the program - it does not save the dropbox service. I bought the pro version....

Hi, we are solving this issue, we will update the app this week with a solution

Sorry for the trouble


Hi after the latest update, there's problem with dropbox again. We can log in but it hangs at the loading portion and the drop box is not added