Latest Weather Flow update adds more HD goodness

Weather Flow

The team behind the popular Weather Flow app have just pushed out an update. The app was last bumped to a new version back in December, which brought some lock screen goodness. We've continuously praised the development of Weather Flow, as well as its competitor - Amazing Weather HD. So what's new in this latest release?

It's not a huge overhaul as such, but a number of improvements have been implemented. Here's the changelog for version 1.4:

  • HD resolution lock screen and live tiles
  • Shuffle multiple images on lock screen
  • Improved startup time
  • Fixed updating issue for live tiles and lock screen

We're told the update should go live within the next handful of hours, so be sure to keep an eye out. You can download Weather Flow from the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Latest Weather Flow update adds more HD goodness


Not complaining at all. But it feels like every other day, these weather apps are trying to out do one another with the updates. I don't know which one to settle on, lol

LOL I usually justt use an app called Weather. It's just a Simple Metro interface APP.  I like it.  I saw someone mention Amazing Weather and i gave it a try.  Here is what I don't like.  When you pin it to start you have to see the Amazing Weather Splash EVERYTIME you open the live tile.  This doesn't happen with the live tile of the app Weather.  With Weather the live tile takes you straight to the info.  It feels like it's apart of the OS.

Same here!! It's AWESOME!!!
Whichever ones adds Alerts/Warnings to the lockscreen is the one that I'll use probably.  I think that would be pretty nice, but both are awesome.  It's hard to choose!

He he. And still its no universal app that does it all. Actual weather and position and names is... not all that great. Android and Windows Mobile owns Windows Phone on that. Accu Weather on WM was great here in Sweden. WeatherMaster have been the best but they have no WP8 eye candy and functions.

I bought and use both! Weather Flow for the lock screen and amazing weather for the detailed forecast

This app makes my phone look more beautiful! These developers are among the best for the WP platform. Thanks for the update notice.

No it doesnt. I think the weather channel one or weather bug are the two you'd be looking at for radar

Finally! I've been waiting for this update. I've been talking with the devs and they've been working on getting this working for a while now.

Great app that i use every single day, but i'd love to see windchill values. Sometimes -15 is more like -30 with WC. Kinda makes it treacherous to trust the app when going out to the rink.

I agree - "feels like" temperature is the biggest thing I feel is missing from Weather Flow. WF is my main weather app, but I've reluctantly kept Weather Channel around as a small tile for "feels like", wind speed, wind, detailed forecast info, weather alerts, and radar (along with some other minor details). I've looked at Amazing Weather a couple of times since it offers more, but WF is most of the way there and I don't feel a weather app should require 85+ MB.
Weather Flow dev, if you read these comments, PLEASE add "feels like" temperature to the lockscreen, tile, and app, and add windspeed to the live tile and lock screen. Detailed forecasts and weather alerts would be nice, but the stuff I look at daily would be hugely appreciated sooner.

I love this app but I really wish they would add radars and weather advisories. I have to keep weather.com's app on my phone too because of this.

If they can add radar and all other weather details (humidity, WC, advisories, etc.) I"ll buy it.  I'm noticiing that all of these visually superior weather apps are missing the details for weather.  It seems as if they are more into making it visually appealing rather than a good place to gather all your weather needs.

well yeah, embedded maps and radar screens from third party services look like crap.. always a trade-off but for having a great visual experience to get the basics its great and I'd recommend buying it and downloading weather channel or one of the other free ones from a major weather service for details, unpinned.

I understand what your saying, but if I"m paying for an app, shouldn't it be a one stop place to gather all info I need.  I don't feel like I should download a second weather app to fill in the gaps.

HD Lockscreens - great! Emailed them about this a few weeks back. Will be giving it a test run as I stopped using it for my lockscreen due to the grainy text and wallpapers.

Sadly, this doesn't seem to fix the non-HD Bing wallpapers, but it DOES make all the text sharp from the live tile to the lockscreen and custom wallpapers are HD now. Not sure about the regular "Weather" wallpapers, though.

That's a real shame. Hopefully the weather wallpapers can be updated to HD too... Is this an issue that lies on the side of Bing sorting?

love this app, but saddened by how much worse the windows 8/rt version is.. hope it gets more attention soon, especially as the wp version is pretty much perfect at this point.

Lol I'm switching back and forth between this and Amazing Weather with ever update that gets released ....they are both so good

Amazing Weather has radar info and works here in Rio de Janeiro... Weather flow is more beautfull, but lacks radar. Live tiles (not metro ones) from Amazing Weather are very ugly. Big live tiles from Weather flow don´t have back tile informations... I choose amazing weather, with metro tiles and radar. 

Much better looking lock screen. I'll use it now. Wish the "last updated" text was not at the bottom of the lock screen, though.

It should be an option, at the very least. I personally love having it, particularly due to the restrictions on how often it can update the weather without being run.

It really does load faster, which is good because that was a sore point for me.
I personally prefer this over Amazing Weather simply because of the live tile... It tells you on the tile when it was last updated, which really helps with the at-a-glance stuff. The square medium tile for amazing weather is also fairly basic, kinda boring, and looks just like the accuweather tile... Just the impression I got.
Anyone have any idea which of the two has more accurate weather readings? They both seem to differ by 4-10 degrees.

Yes, starts much faster. Great app but was annoying when showing off the functionality to friends when it too long to load. Sorted!

Does this app have weather alerts (advisories and warnings)? I had written to the developer but never received a response.

For some reason, this new update introduced a bug that keeps my location locked in Glen Echo, Virginia (where, apparently, my Starbucks WiFi is routed through) even though I've disconnected from WiFi. All of my other apps return me back to my actual location, but every time I open Weather Flow now, it puts me back in Virginia. :/

Amazing weather does have alerts on the Live Tile plus "feels like", the "%" chance of rain.  It has nice graphics, and great hourly and weekly forecasts.  I use the double flip tile for it.  I also pin the "WEATHER RADAR TILE" for a nice large live Radar tile and I keep a small tile for "MyRadar" because its so fast and you can zoom from local to National in a blink and still see the animated radar.  I also pin a small live tile of the unique app "Skymotion" that tells you of imminent conditions such rain/snow. and will let you know what the conditions will be for your immediate area for up to an hour and a half....

I use both Weather Radar Tile and MyRadar. I wish MyRadar used the NWS radar like Weather Radar Tile, they are more accurate. But Weather Radar Tile takes multiple steps to get into national view.