The most comfortable office chair I've ever used is getting even better built-in and adjustable lumbar support

I've tested a lot of office chairs and gaming chairs and a computer chair company I've absolutely grown to love is AndaSeat. Over the last couple of years, I've been using the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL as my office chair. Its built-in adjustable lumbar support has provided the most comfortable sitting experience I've ever had. Now, the company is releasing its successor in the form of the AndaSeat Kaiser 4. Preorders are open with the chair releasing May 28, 2024. There are 10 colors to choose from. This is a pricey chair at $649.99, but it's also one you won't have to replace for several years to come, so it's worth the investment. 

AndaSeat Kaiser 4 

AndaSeat Kaiser 4 

This fantastic office chair has adjustable internal lumbar support so you can get the chair perfectly aligned to your back. It's also available in either linen fabric or PVC leather with 10 colors to choose from. Preorders are now open and the chair is set to release on May 28, 2024.

✅ Perfect for:
People who sit at their computers for long stretches and want a comfortable and durable chair.

❌ Avoid it if: You hardly sit at a desk and so wouldn't get use out of a nice chair.

💰 Price: $649.99 preorder at AndaSeat

🔍 Expertise: AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review (previous model)

What's so great about AndaSeat chairs?

I did an AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review for iMore, a few years ago (when I worked there) and I've loved the chair so much that I've continued to use it ever since even though I have reviewed several other chairs between then and now. My colleague here at Windows Central also did a Kaiser 3 review and walked away feeling like it was also one of the best gaming chairs out there. I've been using my Kaiser 3 for roughly two years now, averaging 45 hours a week on it. Even so, it shows absolutely no sign of wear or tear. It still provides the back support I need while looking as good as new. I'm sure things will be the same for the Kaiser 4.

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From my own experience reviewing the company's chairs, I can say that AndaSeat might be a bit pricey, but it produces seats that are comfortable, classy, and built to last — not surprising given the company used to make chairs for BMW and Mercedes Benz. Don't worry. The company doesn't make awkward bucket seat racing chairs. They produce comfortable sloping seat cushions that are relaxing to sit on for long stretches. 

You don't have to worry about the chair falling apart or breaking down, either, since the company uses a steel framework with an aluminum wheelbase for sturdy construction. Additionally, the frame is cushioned with a high-density foam that's wrapped in your choice of either a linen fabric or a faux leather material — both of which are durable as well as soft. It all works together to create a very comfortable and stylish seat that is reliable for years to come. There's a reason I put AndaSeat Kaiser 3 on the list of best desktop PC accessories.

Now, I learned a few months ago after talking with Dr. Matthew Hwu of 1HP that I had been sitting in my office chairs completely wrong for most of my life and it was causing various aches and pains. Dr. Hwu said the most important part of an office chair wasn't lumbar support (like I had guessed) but was actually how adjustable the chair is. Each of us is different and so we need a chair that meets our specific body's needs. And seriously, the Kaiser 4 is one of the most adjustable office chairs I've ever seen.

Why choose the Kaiser 4? 

The Kaiser 4, specifically, builds upon the foundation of its Kaiser 3 predecessor, which offers built-in adjustable lumbar support. Simply turn the knobs on either side of the chair to alter how far the lumbar comes out as well as how high it sits. That way, you can get it situated to your specific body dimensions and needs. There's also a new button on the Kaiser 4 that pushes the back cushion out at an angle to provide "S"-shaped support for your back, which is ideal.

The included foam neck pillow magnetically attaches to the chair so you can get it positioned exactly where you want it without having to deal with ugly straps. Meanwhile, the 5D armrests can be adjusted forward, backward, up, down, shifted to the sides, or even angled up so you are sure to find an angle that works for you.

Of course, another awesome thing about the Kaiser 4 is the number of colors available to choose from. Certain colors are specifically tied to either the fabric linen or PVC leather material option, but in total there's Elegant Black, Cloudy White, Zen Purple, Blaze Orange, Bentley Brown, Classic Maroon, Creamy Pink, Robin Egg Blue, Ash Grey, and Carbon Black. With all these choices, you can easily choose a look that looks best in your office or gaming den. 

If interested, you can check out the AndaSeat Kaiser 4 preorder page to get even more details about this upcoming office chair. 

Rebecca Spear
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  • GraniteStateColin
    Oh, a meaningful lumbar support adjustment would be awesome (as long as it really moves the lower back area inches not cm)! I have a fairly new Secret Lab chair, so I probably wouldn't buy another chair right now anyway (unless one of my kids wanted the Secret Lab chair, hmm...), but lack of a good lumbar adjustment is one of my two biggest complaints with the Secret Lab chair.

    The Secret Lab chair does have a bit of a lumbar adjustment via a dial on the right side, but even set to its max, it's not as much as I'd like. How far does AndaSeat lumbar adjuster move the lumbar back?

    The one other thing I'd prefer in a great chair would be a softer, bottom seat cushion. The Secret Lab bottom cushion feels a bit like sitting on a wooden bench. Not quite that hard, but much harder than my old, less adjustable desk chair.

    So if someone comes along with a soft seat for my butt that I can sink into like a good sports car driving seat, with a great and long-travel lumbar support to really press against my lower back and help my posture when seated, in a chair that's roughly the shape of the Secret Lab chair, that would be my dream chair.