More renders of Lumia 520, 720 surface on Twitter

Lumia 520

More renders of the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 Windows Phones from Nokia have surfaced on Twitter. Both smartphones have yet to be announced by the company, but that hasn't halted @evleaks in publishing more renders. We previously looked at images shared by the Twitter account yesterday. We were impressed by how Nokia appears to be continuing down its current design path.

Check out a further render above of the Lumia 520 ("Zeal") in multiple colours. To recap on specifications, we're looking at a reported 4-inch super sensitive screen, 1Ghz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB of storage, HSPA+, and a 5MP rear camera to boot. Not a bad feature set for another seemingly low-end Windows Phone.

Speaking of leaked renders, we've also got some more Lumia 720 colours to show off:

Lumia 720

If you've somehow forgotten (or aren't sure about) what we're looking at for the Lumia 720 Windows Phone, it's reported the device will feature a 4.3-inch ClearBlack display, 1Ghz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB of storage, HSPA+, micro-SD card expansion, and 6MP / 2MP rear / front camera combination. The device was recently spotted in AdDuplex data.

Not only have we been able to see new renders of both Windows Phones, MyNokiaBlog notes that such images may have been leaked 5 months prior, which were believed to resemble the Lumia 820. The likes of WPDang published some hands-on photos of a device that now looks like the Lumia 520.

via: WMPU, MyNokiaBlog


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More renders of Lumia 520, 720 surface on Twitter


The difference between the 820/720/620 is just too small to be true, or they aren't aim to the same market!

Can't compare 820 to 720/620 since 820 sports a 1.5Ghz CPU / 1GB RAM / 8MP Cam / Super Sensitive touch screen / Wireless Charging configuration which is absent in 720(hoping) and 620. But I hope 720 will be having something really different to make me consider it above the 620. If it possesses the same configuration of the 620, what will be the selling point of the Lumia 720? Hope the leaked specs are fake. Along with that where's the flash in 720? And the clocks on the devices are't positioned properly (in the pics above). Is it because of a bad photoshop work or are they fake? These images don't look convincing. Good thing is that we have to wait just one more day to find out :)

Yes, the images are fake: they are renders. Renders are not real photographs, but mockups of a product that hasn't yet been produced. Also, I agree that the 720 will need something unique to set it apart from the 620.

can't speak to the contact points, but note that the on-screen image renders are often inaccurate. namely, the shade of the yellow accent colour is very different from the one actually available on the device and as far as I know does not exist..

you can see the camera flash in the previous article about the 720 which shows the other half of the back of the phone

Indeed, the look a lot like the 8X and 8S in that regard. Which is good. However I wonder if they stick to the tradition of Lumias being heavy.

If these renders are accurate, the 720 looks incredibly thin, almost to Galaxy SIII dimensions. They look like interchangeable shells like the 820.

Well ... Nokia is following their previous design principal. So it's 8X that looks like Nokia phones (only looks alike though. We can't judge them as copying or anything ^^a)