Lumia 920 vs. Lumia EOS

Which is which? Nokia Lumia 920 vs. “EOS”

It’s coming. Sometime in July we expect Nokia to formally announce the Lumia “EOS”. The device that we think will help further push the adoption of Windows Phone into the mainstream. It’s going to be hard for any news outlet to ignore a 41MP sensor on a phone. That being said, it’s always nice to see the device show up online before that official announcement.

The leak above comes from Vizileaks. The guy (or gal) who happens to have spent some time with the Nokia Lumia “EOS” shares another pic of the Lumia “EOS” besides the Lumia 920. The device on the right is the upcoming smartphone that we expect to knock your socks off. Besides the obvious Nokia Glance Screen, you’ll notice the shadow being cast by the slightly raised device. That device is being raised because of that little volcano on the back – the 41MP camera housing.

Lumia EOS camera housing

Here are the specs we still expect from the EOS:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280
  • WP8 v 8.0.10322.71
  • FM Radio
  • Flip to silence
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Takes 35 MP picture and a 5 MP at the same time. The 5 MP version is meant for quickly sharing on social networks.
  • Comes in yellow
  • No SD card
  • No visible OS changes

Just imagine, it’s plausible that a month from now we’ll know the official story behind this device. Exciting times ahead.

Source: Twitter


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Which is which? Nokia Lumia 920 vs. “EOS”


That's why you didn't notice that it's width is 92% of the lumia 920. So it will probably be about 65 mm wide with a resolution of 720x1280 and with smaller bezels.

I suppose if you're on AT&T you're surely in la la land.  :)  We'll have to wait and see how long this "exclusive" will last.  Not long I hope.

I am from India so not connected to carrier subsidies at all. I am just happy for the phones ( both of them since i also have a red 920.:))

For me personally, I'm so happy that it comes in yellow like my 920! I'm seriously considering upgrading...and it will match my purity pro headset! All we need now is a Nokia tablet with the same colour scheme! Make it happen NOK-IA!!!

I'm confused 41mp? or 35mp + 5mp(40mp)???? Either way sounds awesome I just don't understand what happens to that 1 little megapixel.

It could possibly be just decimals, so they excluded mentioning them. E.g., 35.4mp and 5.6mp or something. Another likelihood is there's some hidden function of megapixels and processing that I'm missing.

No talk of the slim Galaxy S4 camera/phone announced today? That with optical zoom is better than this. Though I guess if people can't get over this hump...

You mean the S4 Zoom with its pathetic slow lens. At its longest focal length, good luck shooting a none blurry image with that f6.3 aperture.

Techcrunch did an awful biased article over the S4 Zoom saying it killed the EOS before it was even unboxed.

....The article was absolutely horrendous and I don't know how the article passed the editor in chief's desk...but nonetheless she was bashed in the comment section.  LOL the comments are HILARIOUS!  xD

Anyway, Pureview Club had a comparison between the 808 and S4 Zoom.  Absolutely no comparison in IQ.  The 808 wins hands down (and this is even without the zoom) -as we all know having an optical zoom will actually degrade the IQ to a certain extent when used. 

I want it now I'll take the 1 in the pic I don't care if it days xx were it should say 41MP. I'm not too picky I am I LOL!!!!!

I say don't mess with perfection.  I saw a site where they show what happens to phones after months of regular use before they check how they're doing.  The HTC One has nicked buttons and visible scratches but the screen is good, the iphone had to be replaced, but the lumia looked almost brandnew.  There were scratches but you'd have to hold it up to your eyes to see.  I'm more concerned with durability so...

Is it just the angle of the photo or is the EOS slightly less wide and slightly taller than the 920?

AMOLED is awful when used to surf mainly white background websites, or if you want a white theme. That and if Nokia sources their AMOLED screen from Samsung, it will come with ugly PenTile pixel arrangement.

I'm pretty sure Nokia uses RGB AMOLED screens with clear black. Hard to guess what tech it is without an indepth review

Go look at the other leaked pics...I said this awhile back on WPC and no one caught it. It looks like it doesn't have an amoled panel. It is definitely a 16:9 screen though...

The screen resolution is the same as the 920, so it'll stick with the 15:9 aspect ratio. I also noticed that weird distortion when looking at the photo.

L920 may not be the heavy weight WP, (forgive the comparison) but it will keep pace with the best IMO. Just saying that riding out your upgrade with the 920 won't make you feel like a dinosaur using the 920. It was a fine phone last November and will continue to be for the next 18 months or until your next upgrade.

Nokia EOS will certainly turn a lot of heads among the IOS and Android crowd. It will be the talk of smartphone for a long time. People virtually have to justify to themselves why bypass this phone. It is difficult. Nokia offers it as an AT&T exclusive is a huge mistake.

Not horrible... But...
In fact we don't know yet... Others lumia's device have a memory slot... So, even if on lumia 9xx platform, memory managment is not define, why not imagine a specific memory slot only for shooting storage on this specific 9xx device ?

For normal WP8 SD card means nothing. But for EOS I don't know. It can hurt since people with 800MP camera on iPhone 32G was crying for not enough storage.

Are we even sure its going to be a 41 MP camera? All we really know is from the pics that have been leaked. And the phone says XX MegaPixel, which last time I checked means 20.

You don't really follow this site or comments much, do you? This topic has been beat to death. It's a placeholder and has been confirmed by sources.

Many scientists said that the human eye has about 580 more mp(41) at a mobile offers you much better once again Nokia did a GREAT JOB

I'll keep the 920 camera in exchange for 64GB of storage. By the time these Windows phones get their sh** in gear and match up with the iPhones 64GB, Apple will be offering 128GB. I get that not everyone needs it, but how hard is it to offer it and charge those of us that want it, a premium?

That would be long as that huge memory one is not the only model they offer. It would be cool if every Nokia model had 2-4 different memory sizes to choose from...or a SD Card slot :-)

I agree. Someone no doubt will insist we can stream our stuff. Well, where I live and work, both locations offer poor data speed. In a congested central London, you could barely get 1Mb/s download speed even on 5 bar HSPA mode. It doesn't matter if I am on all you can eat unlimited data, poor bandwitdh is still poor bandwidth. Not to mention phone networks refuses to install cell towers across certain railway routes...
My friend has an iPhone 4S with 64GB that was released two years ago. Why are we still stuck with 32GB? Even Nokia released a 32GB + microSD card slot phone in the form of the N97 back in 2008. Come on, we need 64GB and beyond.
I can sort of excuse HTC for releasing a 32GB HTC One, because the 4MP camera only captures images with 1MB of file size. The monster 41MP PureView on the other hand produces 12MB images. 

OMG really? Go get familiar with the 808 dude...the 808 can downsample images to 2, 5, or 8 MP. I RARELY shoot in 38/34MP mode as everything has to be reduced in size anyway for internet viewing pleasure.

Using 920 design as base is huge mistake. Nokia please move away from fat and heavy phone and try to optimize bezel. 925 is steps in right direction. Functionality is as important as the design. Many people choose their phones based on the look and feel. Fat and heavy are not good selling points. I wish next version of ATIV will be based on GS4. That will be killer WP.

I actually like the heaviness it makes the phone feel sturdier. And the bulk I really don't care as long as I can hold the phone in my hand without feeling like im holding a fragile device like I always feel with Samsung phones. Yes I've owned some before my last one was the galaxy which broke on me several times.

The difference to me is easy to see: the placement of the front facing camera. The EOS may not have it centered, but it should be far enough away from the earpiece to minimize any possibility of dust getting in the FFC lens!

One thing is for sure: after 2 to 3 weeks EOS hits the stores, Nokia states "We didn't expect this high demand so we have none left".. always same with Nokia's flagships, WHY?

They outsourced their phone production and so there is a long delay waiting for the slow boat from china.

Mainstream? If they want a mainstream device then it needs to be bleeding edge in other ways. Adding a bulky camera doesn't appeal to the masses, it appeals to photography enthusiasts. Android land, tech bloggers are already saying the S4 Zoom will go mainstream.....

I see the EOS being more mainstream than the S4 Zoom frankenphone...

Looks like a 16:9 screen.
With such a high megapixel count, no micro SD or USB OTG is disappointing. On the 808, 35MP mode produce file size that are around 12MB in size. 5MP mode will likely produce 1-2MB pictures. Shoot in both modes and you can see how quite the storage could be eaten up. And that without even considering the photo app storage bug. 32GB is perhaps fine for the 920 which only produce images with file size of 3MB. 
I am still looking forward to the EOS, but I hope Nokia will release a 64GB version. The Nokia N97 had 32GB and microSD card slot giving it a potential for 64GB total storage, and that was released in 2008. It's 2013 - it is about time we go beyond 64GB, especially when our phones are capable of 1080p video recording and visuals in games are approaching console quality.

I still am not believing its 40 mp shooter because 2 cores ain't enough unless they have 1 dual core for system and another dual core for camera , Microsoft never said it wasn't compatible.

You said it 808 not WP with so many restrictions. Unless Microsoft told them to do whatever they want, but still stupid why use same frame as 920 (still beautiful my red 920).

I read an article a couple a days ago were it says that Microsoft is working very closely with Nokia and that is a good sign, but I'll probably skip this and wait for something else to come out I have a 920 was expecting something different from Nokia. Thanks for the page but when I open link does not exist.

If this is a genuine picture, it is shaping up to be a great phone. It looks a bit narrower and taller than the 920 and possibly slimmer in the body. I do agree that this phone won't appeal to the masses, and with the photo quailty hopefully looking set to improve further on the 925, people may well choose form over function. It's great to see Nokia pushing the boundaries though, and I think they need to do this, because the smartphone camera is one area where they do have an edge over the competition.

Correct Answer: Both 920's. One has a big zit.

Its time to change Nokia. Enough with the rehash since the N days and this is coming from a 920 lover.

I somewhat agree. I love my 920 and it's a fantastic design, but I fear soon we'll hit that point reviewers start singing Nokia phones for rehashing designs.

How sure are these reports of 32g internal, no expandable? While granted there is SkyDrive for some, I have to imagine that pics taken with a 41mp sensor will take a lot of space and make the 32g look quite small.

Go get familiar with the 808 man...Pics can be scaled back to 2, 5, and 8MP...with oversampling. 

I have NOT used more than 17GB's of storage space on my SD card on the 808 because of this. 

Bro, I personally couldn't spare 17g of a 32g internal device just for pics. Transferring off is nice, but SkyDrive, as it stands, is only 7gs for everything and having pics on my comp does me little good now as I rarely use it. Different strokes for different folks, but I would hope that there is at least expandable memory on EOS... And was asking how sure anyone was or wasn't that there would be no expandable on that phone.

There will always be tradeoffs in the mobile industry.  Pleasing everyone is hard these days...

But anyway, it is understandable.  I've learned to deal with it in WP7 and my measily 16GB of space that came with all of the phones without expandable storage (with the exception of the Samsung Focus).   I'm still using WP7 now and will gladly choose 32GB's vs the 16 I have now.   Will having 32 GB of storage reduce user experience?  -probably - probably not.  But will anyone have complaints about having the greatest cameraphone on the market? -Nope

I live in the US and on AT&T with a data plan that is somewhat storage is something I have long since adopted since I've used WP7. 

I am starting to see a trend now that many OEMS are leaving behind the expandable storage.

When you set the phone down how do you set it down face down on screen or on the back with that bulky lens it looks like it will teeter laying in lens side and never lay on screen side

Not worried about any teetering, as I can't recall ever interacting with my phone while it's laying down. I always pick it up to use it. Teeter away!

When AT&T's exclusivity deal is over and if TMo gets their own EOS version, it will only come with 16GB. :P

It's great to see some improvements, but I hope Nokia change the hardware specs and take this phone to the top of the mountain, or the throw us a 808 with WP nothing else.....

No SD card slot! I've been keeping content on my 920 to a minimum and still only have 9Gb left. Also the software to transfer content to my windows7 laptop is utter crap and basically unusable!

I would feel swindled if I had just bought a 925 or 928.. Unless this is only AT&T exclusive.. Funny that they would push the marketing on those 2 phones so hard only to release another "better" model a month later. This clearly isn't meant to replace our 920's since it's barely worth another $600 upgrade to the EOS aka 920S.

I wish Nokia and Windows would spend more time improving the features and user experience, rather than focusing almost solely on a gimmicky camera feature. Its like they have no idea what people want in a cell phone!!

I just upgraded a couple weeks ago to the 920. I read about the EOS a few days ago, and I am not disappointed that I didn't wait. It seems the only real difference between the two is the FM radio and the 41mp camera...which if anyone knows anything about digital photography is that 8 - 10mp is good enough for most people. Megapixels are really about how big of a print size one can get - not neccesarily higher-quality photographs. There are plenty of good articles on the internet to explain this.
Also, as long as the Windows Phone 8 camera* lacks spot camera will be as good as one that does have spot metering..regardless of megapixel size.
* As far as I know, the spot metering was taken out of WP8 when WP7+ had the feature. Does any WP8 device have it?

as808 ,the picture it puts out just 5mp .the more megapixels isn't used to make a bigger size of picture .it just make the picturemore clear and beautiful. so do not say"regardless of megapixel size .etc"