Beem for Windows Phone

Beem for both DI.FM and SKY.FM are now forever free

Digitally Imported may be working on an official Windows Phone app, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for high-quality alternatives from third-parties. Beem is one of those high-quality apps that isn’t quite official, but does the job of what an official app or service would with aplomb. Both versions of Beem for Windows Phone are now free.

There’s nothing quite like the sweet price of free. While a lot of times you get what you pay for, software is one of those weird areas where developers like Den Delimarsky buck that notion. His apps, Beem Plus (Digitally Imported client) and Beem for SKY.FM, are both going to be free from here till forever on Windows Phone. And he isn’t going to stop supporting them.

After open sourcing the code for Beem, Den is going to focus on updating both his Digitally Imported and SKY.FM applications that are now free. What’s on the road map for these two applications? Some pretty cool features that we can’t wait to see implemented. Here are just some features you’ll be getting in future updates for the apps:

  • NFC Sharing
  • Cross device sharing via Wi-Fi
  • Better file management for recordings
  • More

We can’t recommend these apps enough if you’re into music. Now that they’re free there’s absolutely no reason not to have them on your Windows Phone 7.x or 8 device. Grab Beem Plus (Digitally Imported) here in the Store or go here for the SKY.FM variant. You can also use the QR codes below (blue for DI and red for SKY.FM). Or if you’re in our Windows Phone Central app reading this, just swipe to the right. 

QR: Beem for SKYFM



Reader comments

Beem for both DI.FM and SKY.FM are now forever free


Nice.  Thanks for the heads up Sam and devs for making it available.  Beam Variant? So these are the same app or what does that mean?
I think I got it now. If you like or prefer grown up music as I do, (jazz), go with Beam Ski-FM. That other app is dub-step, youth music. Sounds nice with my new Nokia headphones.

a name change would be great to help alleviate the confusion. I think 'Beem For DI.FM' and 'Beem For SKY. FM' would be good.

One is for Electronic music and its variants, the other for a variety of different genres such as rock, jazz, decades, etc.... They are both great

As long as I get the choice of streams (don't always have good wi fi speeds at work), then I will be happy with Beem... I have a premium account but no choice of the lower bit rate streams... :/

speaking of the official DI client:
has anyone gotten their "beta entry" confirmed, yet? I have applied for it (because I appreciate official apps) but not yet received an answer or anything.
I am still rocking to beem plus, which is a superb client.

Love it.. been using Beem for a while now cracking tunes to my JBL PowerUp speaker.  Poor neighbours are so annoyed :)