Confirmed: HTC Radar 4G coming to T-Mobile!

Look at that, just a few hours after we posted about the Radar 4G existing and then speculating that it was destined for T-Mobile, pics of that device come forward. And we were right.

There's not too much else to know: it's a 3.8" screen device with a metal unibody design, 5MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front-facing one for video. While the Euro version is just 3G, those in the U.S. will be getting 4G as seen in the shot above. No word on release date or pricing, but obviously this thing is close--TmoNews is hearing "October/early November". This is the only confirmed Mango device for T-Mobile so far, but perhaps there is room for a Titan as well?

See more pics at TmoNews.


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Confirmed: HTC Radar 4G coming to T-Mobile!


Man, I was hoping I was wrong! The 5 mp camera is the main reason I want the Titan over the Radar. I'd actually prefer the Radar's smaller screen and white and silver coloring, but I use my phone camera soooo much. I may end up with it anyway since I'm on T-Mobile at the moment.

Eh, it's a 5 megapixel camera with an F2.2 lens, LED Flash and BSI Sensor. That's still a damn good camera. Titan's just has the 8MP advantage, but I'm not sure it really matters...

This phone is weak bring on the Titan. I would love a Nokia phone but sure the screen will stay small for a while. So i will be purchasing an HTC Titan or something like it or a Samsung. When Nokia ups their phone size then i will be buying a Nokia phone hands down.

I read T-Mobile does not yet have real 4G just faster 3G although none of the networks have real 4G yet. Verizon and Sprint have kind of 4G networks.

Yeah this is true, but many carriers in Europe have faster 3G too. I just don't know if those faster bands are supported in Europe as well.

The european version does not support HSPDA+ (at least according to HTC's spec page) so even fauxG is an upgrade for the US version.

Sorry this is not an upgrade from the HD7 Titian yes not this device.I like the large screen and would never go back to something smaller...

After seeing the pictures, I am even more convinced my next phone will again be black or dark gray. I know some people like white and silver, but to me the color scheme makes the device look cheap.Other than that, always glad to see more phones coming.

If T-Mobile carries only 1 device again they really shouldnt bother, will just be a repeat of the HD7, device stuffed in the back room or on display with no juice. Then they will wonder why its not selling but put out false PR saying how pleased they are with it. Why bother at all?

Hopefully, this time around given Microsofts 'push' to educate the sales teams within the telecoms, this device will get some love! I think that even if was placed at the end of a display full of Android devices, that it would still get quite a few glances simply because of the color scheme. But, yes, it would be nice if T-Mobile would get more than one device. T-Mobile has been a friend to Nokia, so I think there's a good chance that T-Mobile will be one of the first telecoms to get the Nokia WP devices.

to bad tmobile suck **** in Arizona (the valley area). I'm waiting for verizon to get a kick **** wp7 before I jump ship, hoping the nokia will land on Verizon's shore so I can say bye to Tmobile.

North Phoenix around Happy Valley area. no signal. I got from 3g to 2g to no signal. I have never seen 'H' on the HD7. I want to call bullshit on that statement of yours but since I don't know what phone you have, I'll keep it to myself.

Sorry to pop your bubble Zulu but the HD7 is only a 3G device. You're never gonna see an H on that baby.