Could this be the Nokia Arrow Windows Phone?

Rumored Nokia Arrow

A rather blurry image has surfaced that some believe is the back cover of the Nokia Arrow. The back cover does slightly resemble the patent drawings we ran across earlier but there's enough variations to have us scratching our head.

For instance, the photo has the camera and flash above and below, while the patent drawing has the two side by side. The rounded corners seem to match though.

There's still a lot of unknowns surround the Nokia Arrow and hopefully everything will come into focus next week at Nokia's New York event.

Curious though... if this holds true what would you think if the Arrow was a yellow Nokia Windows Phone?

Source: welovewp; Thanks, Simon, for the tip!


Reader comments

Could this be the Nokia Arrow Windows Phone?


Not yellow. Please. Give me the cyan!
Nokia, please don't do it like Samsung which made Focus S just white.

What? The back looks incredibly boring, I can tell.
Its not like it will go square if you turn it around.

I agree, plus you know that Apple lawyers are probably waiting for this so they can have someone else to sue.  They should just push out a Lumia 900 WP8 phone.  I love the design and even Apple has used it in court to show that it doesn't resemble an iPhone.

Damnit, no don't do it. That looks like a f*ckin Samsung. I'm not having it. Give us something unique with a PureView sensor.

A shape can either be roun or square. Every curved edge phone does not look like 3gs and I think this phone looks nice

I use my Windows phone for business, I will not be using a yellow phone. I like what we saw yesterday, this looks dated and way too yellow, just a rumor though, I don't think we will ever see this. Having said that, if it had a PureView camera you could put pink polka dots all over it and I would wait in line to get one. The pictures I've seen from that camera look like they we're taken on an SLR, just amazing.
Is that a Nokia in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

your probably right on, the like the little boring looking phone so it will detract consumers from buying windows phones and continue to purchase the phone they have the most invested in: Android & Apple....which it sucks that a carrier would deliberately stock phones that aren't meeting the demands of their customer base (If consumer are asking for a highend windows phone, they should give it to them)

I think more colours is a good thing. I would dig a 900 in yellow. As long as they give a variety of colors, people can't complain.

Well, there's no way in hell I would buy THIS phone -- style or color. As others have stated, it looks more like an iPhone 3G, and while I'm sure many would appreciate yellow as a color option, it's hideous in my opinion. Although in fairness, Cyan is the only non-black color option I currently like... I prefer deeper, bolder colors.

The stupidity makes my head hurt sometimes.
So you think yellow is the only coilor. It could be there wont even be yellow version just like so many other prototype colors.

Y'all judging this phone because of blurry picture? And this is just the back of the phone. Chill .. let's wait for the actual phone to come out first.

Low end and high end phoen compared?
Though i doubt it will be hard beating Samsung on design thinking the super boring Asian slap look that has been Samsung's thing since 2004. 

I don't believe so. I think this particular image is very much like the 710 design style... and it's not at all like the 800 or 900 styles. I don't think you can judge an entire launch by one design. Even more, everyone is entitled to their opinions on designs... this is why so many designs exist. If we were all looking for a single design, we'd be Apple fans. :)

Wow we actually have Samsung trolls.
Never knew you guys existed thinking the monotone Samsung looks.

We'll never see the end of the stupid comments about Apple copy cats. I mean how else do you design a touch screen smartphone? The edges can only be sharp or rounded. Those are the only 2 options right now... Anyways, getting back to this phone. I hope it has a polycarbonate unibody, i hope they offer it in red, I hope it has the amazing feel of the L800, Dual core, Micro SD slot, amazing screen and 1 GB Ram. That would really be nice. 

If this is what their bringing to the table, it's a big step back from the lumia 800/900 and I won't be buying that....The Samsung device is looking gorgeous in the latest close-ups that were post here on WPCentral (They look way better than the first pics). Nokia designer surely know better than following the lumias up with this....right?????

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