Deal Alert: Cocktail Bar free through myAppFree partnership

Cocktail Bar

myAppFree is a Windows Phone app that works with developers to offer one free app or game for free per day. The Windows Phone mixology app Cocktail Bar is currently on the clock and will be a free app for the next twenty-four hours.

Cocktail Bar delivers over 150 cocktail recipes to your Windows Phone that is sorted out rather nicely by categories that are based on ingredient, time of day, and style. You can tag mixes as favorites for quick reference and share them with your friends.

Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar also helps you keep track of your bar stock, create a shopping list, find a local pub, track which recipes you've tried, even includes a alcohol tester to give you an idea whether you've drank too much.

No... you don't blow into your Windows Phone but rather you enter what you've eaten and drank and based on your height, weight and age (entered in the settings) an approximate blood alcohol content is calculated.

Cocktail Bar makes a good first impression and if you've been on the fence about picking it up, now is your chance.

The myAppFree deal runs from midnight to midnight London time on October 29th so the clock is already ticking. Cocktail Bar is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Oh... and while we're sharing Store links... myAppFree is also a freebie and you can pick it up here in the Windows Phone Store. It is also available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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Deal Alert: Cocktail Bar free through myAppFree partnership


You can't tell me how much text my body can take!  I've read like, 3 pages, so I'm good to go for a few more texts.  Listen man, you can't mix text and writing at the same time.  Hows that saying go? Text before writing, isn't this exciting, write before text, your going to throw-up next.  Step into my office.....'cause your f'ing fired!

I wonder how this app stacks up to cocktail flow, which I've used for awhile, and is pretty good

I use Cocktail Flow on my desktop and Surface because it's free there.  But its $2.99 on WP so I'm definately downloading Coctkail Bar for my phone while its free.

Cocktail Flow is $2.99 on WP because the cocktail packs are free. As a comparison, on Android the app is free but you pay for the cocktail packs.

App seems abit limited, doesn't seem to have shots at all and currently only about 67 drinks, I do like the breathalyzer section except its in metric, being an American I have no clue how many centimeters I am or how many kilogram's I weigh and there is no in app conversion options lol, not bad for free I guess but I think the nod still goes to cocktail flow

Yeah, drink selection is way limited. A bartender mixes that many in an hour. There are thousands of drink you can make. Their library needs help. I'll commit to helping for free drinks!!

I used search for # inches to cm and # pounds to kg and Bing did the conversion for me, although I agree the app should have a global units type setting and and adjust all measurements accordingly. The sex (not gender, unless the choices are masculine and feminine) toggle is confusing, as it isn't quite clear which you are choosing.

From home page, swipe in barstock section and then tap on cockctail packs. You can unlock each package and the app will show you 150+ cocktails :)
If you want to see recipes in oz, you can set this option in settings.

I appreciate your input, any developer who takes the time to reply to comments made about their app rises a notch in respect in my book, I hope you didn't feel I was putting down your app, one suggestion though, add an in app conversion for the BAC option, yes I could use a third party app to do the conversion but it would simplify using it if I didn't have to leave your app to do it, I recognize that most of the world use's the metric system, but pretty foreign here in the US lol, its a decent app but I do believe your competitors app is a notch better, just my opinion, again, thanks for your reply to my comment

Thank you for your feedback! I love feedback :D
Sincerly, I completely forgot that in US people use ft and lbs. In the next update I will add them!

Cocktail flow is the original. This looks exactly like Cocktail Flow because they pretty much copied the look. Also, Cocktail Flow is one of them few apps that actually looks and works better than on iOS.

Hi Hackemate,


myAppFree doesn't offer you a special coupon or something else, it's work is to agree with developers to have a one day promotion to let users download their app for free.

You probably would miss a lot of deals without myAppFree!

Is it just me or does this seem like a rip off if cocktail flow? Same design. Looks like it's just different fonts and pictures...

I suggest you to try Cocktail Bar, you will find that is 100% different respect Cocktail Flow :)
About the pictures: all pictures in Cocktail Bar are regulary purchased on iStockPhotos paying the right royalities to the photograhpers. There aren't picutres ripped off from Cocktail Flow or other sources that aren't completely legal and moral.
May be that some pictures look like the same pictures use in Cocktail Flow... but remember that on the web there aren't many photos shop that sell cocktail's photos. Well, the store that have the 99% of cocktails photos is iStockPhotos and may be that also Cocktail Flow developer buy his photos on iStockPhotos

I like Cocktail Flow a lot better, much nicer interface and UI, but mught give this a try since its free.

Does Cocktail Flow have the BAC calculator like this one? If not, are there any other apps out there on WP that do have it?

No, cocktail flow has not BAC calculator. In the store there are some BAC calculator but if you want to calculate BAC from cocktails, Cocktail Bar is the only way ;)

This is a cheap knockoff of Cocktail Flow. A blatant copy. You shouldn't be promoting this WPcentral.

Think about the sales taken away from the developers of Cocktail Flow, who made a fantastic job with their app.

I see where your coming from but I somewhat disagree with your assessment, yes they are similar apps but they essentially do the same thing, so some similarities should be expected, and the BAC feature is a nice addition that cocktail flow doesn't have and I haven't seen it in any other app either, personally I think cocktail flow is still the best app in this category, but not so sure it could be said that this app is a "blatant rip off" of cocktail flow, furthermore competition is always a good thing, maybe cocktail flow will incorporate a BAC feature in their app now which would be great

I see where your coming from but I somewhat disagree with your assessment, yes they are similar apps but they essentially do the same thing, so some similarities should be expected

They do the same thing for the same reason they look similar: it's a ripoff. Cocktail Flow is a niche app, not a calculator app or a calendar app. Now - it's OK to make an app to compete with Cocktail Flow, they don't own sole rights to a cocktail instructional app. But that's where the line should be drawn. From then on, the makers of Cocktail Bar should've come up with their own presentation, their own look. So, no...similarities in appearance should not be expected. There's a million ways you could present an app like this.

not so sure it could be said that this app is a "blatant rip off" of cocktail flow

Cocktail Flow:
Cocktail Bar:

Shameless plug... My app, Mobile Bartender, has over 6k cocktails and growing, and it's free (ad supported) - give it a shot while you're making cocktails :D :D

Add a link so I don't have to "search" for it in the market place, some of us are pretty lazy lol ;)

Ok, checked out your app, nicely done, if I had any "complaints" its a bit "busy" IMO but that's just me, very good selections and love the cross platform synchronization that's a nice touch, not sure I've seen that feature in other similar apps

How about partnering up and making your official WPC app free for a day!!! I really want your app as I visit WPC almost every day but I'm not willing to pay for a tech content app that's supposed to be free anyways... In my opinion.. Please guys! MAKE IT HAPPEN