Deal alert: Lumia 520 for just $89 as an AT&T GoPhone

Lumia 520

Deals are always a good thing. Especially when you get a cool app or new smartphone from the promotion. Which is why we like to pass on interesting savings with everyone. Here’s one for the Nokia Lumia 520 for AT&T customers.

If you already have a high-end smartphone with Windows Phone, you’re probably going to pass this deal over. But a device like the Lumia 520 is perfect for when you break your phone or go into a situation where you wouldn’t want to break your daily driver. Like snowboarding or skiing, think I take my expensive phones up on the slope? Not with my skills. Instead I swap SIMs to carry devices like the Lumia 520 or 620. I get all my apps (like Winter) and can still enjoy the Windows Phone experience.

ATT GoPhone Lumia 520

Need a phone like that? Then pick up the Lumia 520 for $89 from Tiger Direct. It’s ten bucks cheaper than what you’d normally pay, but those savings can easily get you a few games in the Windows Phone Store. You’ll be getting the AT&T Go Phone version of the device and it looks like it might be locked to AT&Ts network. You’ll be rocking a 4 inch LCD touchscreen, 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 8GB of storage, a microSD slot to expand it, a 5MP camera and more.

Want to pick it up? Make sure you read the our review first

Source: Tiger Direct

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Deal alert: Lumia 520 for just $89 as an AT&T GoPhone


I'm considering buying one to use as an iPod Touch like device, only it can have a SIM card put in it to make phone calls (and can still make emergency calls without a SIM, with could come in handy in a time of peril). Of course, I still have my Lumia 900 (two, actually). Sire, they both have broken screens, but I can't afford to be throwing money left and right, especially when I'm prepping to buy a Surface Pro 2.

quick question: are the at&t's essentially the same hardware as the tmo 521's in that if you were to load the tmo firmware onto it, it'd activate the radios for tmo (which i'm pretty sure people do with 920's  from at&t and the rogers firmware).
Of course, none of this could work and i'm an idiot, but i figured it doesn't hurt to ask. Was going to pick up the wife her 521 in the next few weeks and unlock it for Wind here in Canada, but if i can save 30 bucks and grab the 520 instead..

The 520 would be a better choice, the 521 though it is just as good isnt as popular and was specifly made for T-mobile network. Also the 520 is cheaper to unlock.

Yes you can! On amazon they're less than $10. (At least, the last time I looked.) This also gets rid of the AT&T logo on the original back cover, which is nice.

Of course, and only after three months of pre- pay use! No fee, just plop in your new sim card, and your all set!!!

Blame T-Mobile on that one.  Nokia would love to make the same phone over and over, but TMO requested changes that also changed its size.  TMO's 521 is about 2MM taller then the 520, making cases and back covers incompatible.  

you can buy a uSD card for any Lumia below 920
size can be up to 64GB (128GB is coming very soon)
The internal Flash is 8GB for any Lumia below 920

I'm glad I got my 520 as a backup to my 920. It's cute -- like a "Mini Me" phone, and at these sorts of prices, they're almost in disposable territory.

What a great phone, for a great deal.....i would buy this is I was in the market.....actually I would buy this to give out to my guess from out of country when they visit....not can do the sim card thing

I have a question. Does this phone require a data plan with at&t? I want to buy one for a kid who has no data plan yet. Thanks for your reply!

Nope. You can get a prepaid card and charge as needed. Only thing the 521 does better is WFI calling.
If this had it I'd buy 2 for X'mas presents.

Thx, the kid is in a family plan, a prepaid card means separating him out? Not sure how it works.

Thx for reply, not sure what activate means. The kid is using non smart phone today, and I buy this phone for him, will at&t detects his phone is a smart phone now, and force us into a data plan?

If the Kid is already on a family plan and not using a smart phone, then you can just switch sim cards, but beware. AT$T might start charging you for a data plan since this phone is considered a smartphone. Before purchasing I'd call AT&T to find out if they can disable the Data features, yet be able to utilize WFI to download the free stuff. Is they say you should ok, make sure to write down the rep's name. If possible, I'd suggest chatting with them so you can print the conversation......cause you never know......

I bought a 520 and used it strictly with wifi for the first 2-3 weeks before I activated my SIM card. There is also a 'data use' option you can toggle. I keep mine turned off, so I never use it for internet/data. If you activate a SIM card, it will take $ to send a text from the main Messenger app and to make calls. They wanted me on a monthly plan when I was buying it, but I just told them no. I already had an old GoPhone, and transferred the number and $100 I had on it over. We pay-as-we-go for minutes and text with this device. And for internet, I only use wifi. I also have a Google Voice app, which allows me to send text messages for free over wifi, and then I don't have to worry about sending text messages for a fee.
Rambling at this point... but thought I'd throw my hat in. I definitely use mine like a productivity tool and iPod at this point. Rarely make calls or text messages that actually cost money.

Please include you must activate wi-fi calling only through customer service. My two cents is worth more than yours, grasshopper.

sounds like the 520 works without either data or monthly expenses?  I have 400$ on my gophone, usually lasts a couple years, so I don't weant to do anything monthly...

Yes, if the kid is on a family plan from AT&T and is using a non-smart phone then if he uses this phone AT&T will detect a smartphone and add the data plan. I don't suggest doing it. However for $35 a month he can get 500 minutes + unl. Text on Go Phone. Its worth it in my opinion.

So I can just plop my 925 sim into this and it will work just fine?
If someone can actually confirm that it will work that way, it's a no brainer purchase.
EDIT:  I get it, just buy the 20 buck unlock and then I can.  Research first, ask questions second...got it.  :-)

Really?  I don't usually get upset about stuff like this but I submitted this tip like a week ago...
Ah well my pointless Internet accolades were not here to be gained.

I'm a bit confused, seeing comments that you just drop in your current sim but also comments about activation. Will ATT charge the $35 activation fee if I buy from Tiger?
I currently have a LG Quantum w/WP7.8 and want to move to WP8, but not crazy about the current phone options. Want to hold out a little longer & this would make a great interim.

There is no activation fee. Its only an activation fee if you are signing a new contract. This phone is a prepaid phone meaning it has no contract.

But, you'll have to unlock it to be able to just pop in your existing SIM card, that's like 20 bucks online, well worth it.
Had a quantum since day one too, recently got the 925 on contract, but the 520 will be great for travel to store tons of tunes, and peace of mind for accidents.

I'm already on ATT and have an active plan with data that I'd use this on.
Does this have to be "unlocked" from being a Go-Phone so it can be used on a regular contract?

Its still cheaper to buy a 521 on hsn, what happened to the 20$ off code?  I'm going to combine it with my 15% off email coupon and flex it for three easy payments of $22.78.  And it comes w/a sim card and all updates...should I buy for a backup?  Its such a nice price for a good phone.

Still thinking about getting the t-mobile version for WiFi calling for a home phone kind of setup. Wish Verizon had a version as I would use it for outdoors stuff without fear.

I keep trying to break my Nokia Lumia 710 so I have an excuse to replace it with a Lumia 520. But IT WON'T BREAK.
Ha ha, just kidding. 
(No I'm not kidding)