Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for $25

Nokia Charging Plate

The DT-900 from Nokia is the popular wireless charger rocking the Qi standard, meaning it can be used with most Lumia Windows Phones that support the technology. The charging plate itself is available over on DailySteals for just $25.  

The product has been on sale numerous times, but it's always grand to know when you can bag a deal and the more people we can convert to charging without cables, the better. We're huge fans of wireless charging and utilize the tech in our daily lives.

Nokia DT-900

The DT-900 is available in both black and white through DailySteals. Let us know if you're picking one up.

Source: DailySteals; cheers, Derek, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for $25


Doesn't the 925 require a wireless charging case? Built in on 920 but not on 925? Don't think your trident would fit over it.

I just picked one up yesterday at an att store and works fine with my incipio featherlite case for my 920

Case on my 1520 works fine.. Maybe charges slightly slower but the battery takes ages to charge on my phone anyway lol

I paid full price for this in the UK, but no regrets as its something I use it continuously (as well as in car wireless charging) and will only purchase future phones supporting Qi charging. Makes life simpler :-)

Bought from Amazon along with the Nokia in car wireless charger. Expensive in comparison to some other makes but had both for months now and would say it was a good purchase due to the rock solid quality.

At this article price its a no brainer, imho.

I've seen this charger for £29 something on Amazon, but that's not the usual price & could have been from abroad... Have to watch those p&p prices!! I will get one, after I've bought the special back for the 720...

There also the new thinner DT 601, worth considering maybe.

Yes get one. Walk in, place on plate, charging. Ready to go out, pick up and go. An iPhone friend has decided to get a Nokia 1020 because of the camera and wireless charging.


I have the Verizon version unlocked. So I think that means I'm good. Anyone have any experience with this working through cases?

It's helpful when the headline specifies U.S. only for Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, etc, who use the dollar symbol as well and can't tell it's U.S.-only from the headline.

Same here.. Of course I had to register to find out.
Also, I was going to try the app too until it wanted full access to my mailbox.. Umm, no thanks.

Or the rest of the world too.. It would good to specify USA or whichever country it is, don't you think..? Try your countries Amazon store though, in Amazon UK they have these listed anywhere from £32 to £55 & free p&p too...

If it says the price in dollars, isn't it safe to assume it's one of the countries that has that as its currency? If it says pounds, I generally presume it's for the UK, for example. I suppose some ship internationally, but with customs and duty I rarely find that worth even considering as an option. I wouldn't buy from Amazon if they were the last store on Earth, though, due to their predatory business practices that target small business (such as encouraging "showrooming" and theft of service). Thank you for the suggestion, though. :-)

I wish this used a standard micro USB cable.  I have another wireless charger that I have plugged into my laptop at work with a short micro USB cable.

Got one for $25 from AT&T two days after the Icon launch. Verizon didn't have ant in stock...

I'm buying one! I finally got a wireless charging cover for my 925 and was waiting for next paycheck to get the charger but I'm not taking my chances on missing this sale!!!

Just get one second hand. Problem solved.
(I can't remember the last time I bought brand new tech. Gumtree is your friend)

Keep in mind Europe has embedded sales taxes of 20% and up. North American prices typically do not include sales taxes. Factor VAT out and prices are a whole lot closer.

I got two of 'em way back when WPC mentioned AT&T had them for $12.50. I also ordered the Car dock too, using someone else, but they all work on the 928 with the silicone case Verizon sold. The car dock is a bit wonky as the 928 is almost too tall for it, e.g. the pad on the clamp keeps hitting the edge of the cam button and needs tightened down more than it should be, but is ultra convenient nonetheless while using HERE Drive+.

Anyways looking forward to the next generation of Qi products, with faster charging!

Don't do it, daily steals never shipped the last one I ordered from them. After 2 months, they just gave me my money back.

Couldn't get the site to work to complete a purchase on my WP nor on desktop IE, FF or Chrome. I'd jump at getting one as I need it for my wife's 820 - the USB charging port on it has become faulty and I just ordered a charging shell for it. Had never tried that Daily Steals site before and after this certainly won't return.

Is wireless charging faster or slower than a normal charger? (Lumia 920)
(Standard Lumia 920 charger is 1A, 5V DC, and DT-900 is 750mA, 12-24 V DC)
In theory, the wireless charger should be faster. Is this true?

RIPOFF!!  11 days and still not shipped eventhough they charged my card at time of order. Finally company admitted they are having difficulties getting items from supplier. I cancelled order and now have to wait till they decide to refund my card. Bottom line: Buy elsewhere. Web search shows multiple entries for slow or no shipping of items.