WPCentral Podcast 113 - Updates and Nokia

Daniel Rubino is joined by Dieter Bohn to talk about the latest in Windows Phone news: the latest update, Nokia, and more. Listen in!

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Dieter Bohn
  • Finally!
  • Hope it's back for good, although "Kind of...I guess...We're gonna try" sounds rather tentative. Look forward to listening later today!
  • ST Ericsson dual-core U8500 owns Qualcomm's dual-core in many areasbtw few months back there was talk that nokia was working on a device with 3D display, fingers crossed that effort as been moved to a WP device.I still believe HTC as big role to play especially in North America at least for a few years b/c nokia are non existant there and its going to be hard to break in to that market after the reputation Symbian gave Nokia there, even though symbian is very capable just as old UI.
  • What you say makes sense Brain but I really doubt Americans are sitting their feeling jilted over Symbian. Trust me on this one, if Nokia released something compelling, we'd be all over it.That sir is the American way.
  • I wanted to post on the MWC podcast, but I can't find it and you don't have a link on the top anymore to your list of podcasts.In the MWC podcast Phil was being kind of hard on the Kinect - WM7 demo. Not really understand what it could be used for. I bring this up because about a year ago I posted in the Xbox forums asking for this type of functionality.I was thinking of social games played at home. Like poker. Where the Xbox would be the dealer you could have your cards visible on your phone and then you could flip your chips out to the Xbox to place a bet, call, check or what ever. It helps keep your cards private from other players in the room.You could also do this with games like Scrabble, UNO, or any game where you are playing with a local group but need to hide your cards or chips from other users.I think this brings huge potential to the system.You guys also talked that Xbox on the phone is still a little lacking, and in my opinion the biggest thing it is lacking is multiplayer over Xbox live. Like even turn based games like Battleship, Chess or what ever that is integrated into Xbox live. I would also like to see more real time mulitplayer games and I bet those will be coming, just a matter of time.