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Microsoft getting ready to push pre-NoDO update for Windows Phone [Updated]

A rumor was circulating recently that Microsoft would be pushing a mini-ROM update for Windows Phone that would precede the big 'NoDo' ROM. It was speculated that this may be a test-run for the update but in fact, it looks to be a mini bug fix to ensure that NoDo and future updates are installed correctly. In fact, it sounds analogous to the Zune Desktop update that was recently rolled out for the same reason. is reporting that Microsoft France themselves have confirmed that an update will be pushed out to all users within in the next few days (we're actually told "today evening or tomorrow"). It's not clear if all devices are affected by this bug, therefore we might not see everyone get this update. Stay tuned.

Update: Confirmed by Microsoft US. All the details can be found here.

This first update for Windows Phone is designed to improve the software update process itself. So while it might not sound exciting, it’s still important because it’s paving the way for all future goodie-filled updates to your phone, such as copy and paste or improved Marketplace search.

Source:, wmpoweruser

Daniel Rubino
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  • Well this is interesting, time to wait and see how it goes.
  • Ahhh, it's so exciting. So close! I can't wait for NoDo, CDMA time!
  • Hopefully tiles will stop crashing and the only way to correct the crash is a reboot! Bring it on!
  • I've never had that, hmmm, well I only have 5-6 apps installed since I can't actually buy apps yet so maybe I'm lucky.
  • sounds like you need to contact the app developer. i've had a free apps lock up my wp7 device. i quickly uninstalled those apps. not all problems are because of the OS it's usually bad programming by 3rd party developers
  • Yay! No-Do is coming! Bring it out. All of it...
  • There's already a mention of this on the Windows Blog:
  • The question is, will our devices still be developer unlocked after this mini update but before NoDo?
  • If by developer unlocked, you mean you paid the $99 then all you do is just re-connect to unlock. MS stores up to 3 phones based on hardware ID, so it shouldn't change/matter.If you mean 'jailbreak' by ChevronWP7...well, that's a whole other thing and I wouldn't take the risk.
  • Yea, I meant "jailbreak" (I hate that term). I'd hate to lose the ability for custom ringtones, accent changer and quick shortcuts for wifi and data connection before there's something official to replace them.
  • If MS can actually control this process, and not let the providers or the manufacturers control it, then that will be a HUGE win for them over Android.
  • I think they can, the catch being that they can only hold up one update, so once MS has the next update ready to go they can't block it anymore. MS should then hold back some little bug fix update like this one so they can push out bigger updates without breaking that deal with carriers etc.
  • That's my Samsung Omnia 7 updated now. It took about 25 mins as it carries out a backup too. Version now 7.0.7008.0.
  • Did it popup on it's own or did you run a update check?
  • This update doesn't block your jailbreak. At least for me is not blocked. All applications and games I run. I update my Trophy 7 at 19:45 v7008
  • @ GP07 No phone pop up. I did a manual Zune update check.
  • Ya, I did the same and got it, took around 30-35mins.
  • All went well see ? LOL everyone elses update goes OK. I was a bit worried when it stayed on backup complete 100% for rather a long time before it said, 'installing updates' but all was well, so don't panic. :o)
  • Yeah mine's still in process of backing up 100%, really hope that this update delivers on improving the update process, seems like the platform needs it...
  • 20 minutes since I posted that, still waiting, may just have bricked the phone... man this will be annoying if the case...
  • Turns out this is a problem Microsoft have confirmed, see my forum post:
  • great! now i'm just waiting for tmobile/htc to get around to updating the hd7 to fix the pink picture problem.
  • Ugh Dell Venue Pro has that exact same problem. I have a feeling it wont get fixed since a new Venue Pro is coming out with "enhanced features"-_-
  • actually it does a FULL-BACK UP so depending how much data u stored on ur phone, (and the configuration itself) thats how long the process of backing up- takes... i have bout 9GB full on my optimus7, so it does take a bit more than planned...
  • anyone in the US get the update yet for HD7?
  • No love for my phone yet (Samsung Focus), can't wait to check out the NoDo update!
  • nothing for the HD7 in the UK yet 23rd Feb @ 10am (uk)