Acer producing WP7 devices in Q4 2011?

Pocket-lint have had their ears burnt with the news from an Acer spokesperson that the company is indeed making the move to Windows Phone 7. According to their report, Acer's entry will be timed at around September or October '11.

In a previous article we covered Acer’s commitment to WP7 being internal development only. This update from Pocket-lint’s’ source is potentially fantastic news in an exciting way for a number of reasons, but is actually expected regardless. Acer is a huge Microsoft manufacturer with packing out a huge selection of home computers and laptops. 

The exciting part of this update is how WP7 seems to be able to attract more attention from handset makers that leads to more exposure and hopefully more users. Could this simply be because of the upcoming update later in the year (codenamed Mango) which handset manufacturers are awaiting for the platform to mature? What do you think of the report on Acer? 

Via: Pocket-lint

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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