Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for just $25

Nokia Charging Plate

Who said all stories around the time of CES 2014 would be covering news and hardware alone? We've also got some awesome deals in our feeds that you'll definitely want to take advantage of to save some bucks. Should you reside in the US, you'll be able to snatch a Nokia DT-900 wireless charger for just $25. 

If you're not familiar with the DT-900, it's a must-have for anyone with a Windows Phone which has wireless charging capabilities. The ability to provide juice to your smartphone without cables is real convenient. Today's discount is a massive 75 percent and the accessory will work with the likes of the Lumia 720, 820, 920, 925 and 1020.

Nokia DT-900 DailySteals

You've only got until the end of today to get your hands on one, so be sure to act quickly.

Source: DailySteals; thanks, RafRol, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for just $25


Man I hate att with there pma bull sh!% !!!! So much qi charging already invested and available ..where's pma ? Does att even sell pma accessories? I know the gave me and sold me qi accessories

Yeah, I bought $300 worth of Qi accessories, then they just switch to PMA. I'm going to T-Mobile now, ESPECIALLY with that announcement today. :)

What's odd is that if you read the wikipedia articles, it shows a list of OEMs and companies. Some of them are on both PMA and WPC (they made the Qi standard). The gotycha part of it is that PMA was started by Proctor & Gamble (as Duracell). 

yeah, jumped on the AT&T sale last month.... but they were sold out of the plain DT-900 and ended up getting a fatboy for $28. My 920 loves it.

got one for 54£ in november. Bloody rip off for a dt-900 with a pillow around:) wonder if it works with the 1520 though.

Well first thing us it supports whatever shell u buy for it. Second thing is that it just does not support QI when it is from at&t. The normal one all over the world supports qi out,of the box

i got the charging stand from AT&T last month for like $27 but it still hasn't shipped, i think it's sold out.  i hope my order gets filled eventually.


right now, these plates are going for $24.50 on att.com.  this isn't exactly a deal lol

I don't understand the need for a wireless charger if it's to leave it on the table with the phone.

If it's integrated in the furniture, maybe is understandable, but leave the charger with the phone on the desk makes no sense to me.

I leave mine on the bedside table. Set the phone down and it charges when I sleep. If I get a notification before I'm asleep I don't worry about pulling the cable; if I'm on a day off and I'm in bed, I can pick up and set back as needed without pulling the cable. Simple.

The idea with wireless/contactless charging is convenience and not needing to plug into the device at all opportunities.

Also handy when u come home wasted. No need to find plug. Just drop your phone on the charger and drop urself on ur bed.

Actually your wrong its not simply drop your phone on the charger when your wasted.... It turned into a huge ordeal for me after my night out new years and ended with my phone being dead and my lamp smashed on the floor...

Well I dropped mine on the charger and it fell with the charger and the fan so when I woke up I had to plug my phone and fix the fan while in a hangover so I do not recommend to drink and use wireless charging.

wireless charging is useful because the micro USB charging port on my HTC Arrive wore out after one year of continuous use. No contact and wouldn't charge. So wireless charging saves the physical wear and tear.

It also works with some random android with qi capabilities my friend has. I don't really keep track of scamdroid phones so I don't know the model

On mine the wall plug side make a bit of periodic chirping noise once the phone is fully charged. Not too bothersome but it's audiable if you sit close to it in a quiet room. Anyone else with this issue? I had Asus Vivotab RT doing something similar although it was louder and more of a constant noise.

Picked up 3 of these for $40 including tax and shipping during that last sale. My wife was like "WTH??? We already have two; why do we need three more?" I just couldn't resist :P Den, desk, bedroom, kitchen, office.
So, yeah- I'm not real interested in starting over with PMA.

Yeah, the 822 usually gets left out of the list too (like now). I use it on my 822 because my USB connection has gotten a little loose and sometimes doesn't charge. It works great.

Isn't this the normal price for these now ? When ever I see them on here they are $25 or less....


Crap I have 2 and between both of them I dont think I paid over $30... One in black and one in white..

Tempting...would have to buy the Qi shell for my 925 though...and figure out how to take it apart and put the parts necessary into my current case...wont give up my hybrid case with holster for Qi charging

Oh, so I guess my cellphone isn't wireless because the tower has wires attached to it.


Wait, you don't think so, because the phone itself has no wires? It has no wires with this, either.


I know it says Lumia 820, but would this work with the Lumia 822 as well?  I could really use one as my microUSB port on my phone is all but unusable now (I actually have to rig the wire with a weight on one end so it holds in just the right spot for it to charge), so this could be a good solve for my problem.  Of course, I've read online that the Lumia 822 doesn't support wireless charger despite saying it does, so I'm a bit hesitant.

For the 822, you need to buy a separate wireless charging back. They have them on eBay and Amazon. I bought mine when VZW was still selling them. Works great!

You must never have had wireless charging. Once you have it, there is no going back so convenient. My parents always told me they used to walk four miles to school. But now that they grew up and started using things called cars, for some reason they don't want to walk to work...

I had to give up and buy the 910 for 52€. France never seems to have these kind of deals (I would have taken 1/2 900for less than 20€.

Got it today, really nice !