Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on DailySteals for $25

Want convenient charging at a convenient price? Check out the DT-900 for $25

If you are looking for a wireless charger for your Nokia Lumia, or any Qi-enabled device for that matter, head on over to DailySteals. They are once again running a deal on Nokia's DT-900 wireless charging pad for $25, which is 75% off the listed retail price.

Act fast, this deal will be over soon

The DT-900 will charge many Nokia Lumia Windows phones, some of which require special back plates, including the 720, 820, 920, 925, as well as the HTC 8X. Don't have a Windows Phone? Well, we're not sure how you stumbled upon this post, but the DT-900 will work on your Qi-enabled Android devices as well.

The DT-900 charging pad comes in either black or white and ships for free. At the time this post was written, there was just under 15 hours left on this deal. So if you're going to do it, do it soon.

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Deal Alert: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on DailySteals for $25


Thanks, I wondered why WPCentral never let us know when they were on sale
Edit: that's the dc-16, I was talking about the new dc-19

Not trying to give you a hard time, but why use the new DT-601 model as the top picture of the article? Or was that a mistake? Or maybe I'm looking at it at a wrong angle?

Now if you guys could let me know when a DT-910 Stand becomes available for cheap, that'd be greaaaaat. :) I need another one of those.

Charging plate should work with up to 1/2 inch gel. 3/8 inch of wood too incase you are trying to make a hidden charger integrated into a desk.

"Daily Steals" is a total rip off. Extremely poor customer service (actually there isn't any). Their website misrepresents the products they offer for sale. Items listed as "Brand New" arrives in your mailbox refurbished in secondary packaging. Orders are likely to be shipped by Daily Steals about three weeks after the consumer makes a purchase. For whatever it's worth, I "DO NOT" recommended this website. Perhaps bargain hunters have experienced otherwise, and this dismal event was unique to my situation. However, I highly doubt the latter.

If anyone is interested, I would like to sell the Nokia branded wireless charger which I purchased from Daily Steals back in August. I have used it once in order to make sure that it works. My reason for selling this item is because I was led to believe that I was making a purchase for a brand new charger (as explicitly stated on the website). The DT-900 is black with all the necessary wires and adapters. Send a comment if you're interested. "The Price Is Negotiable!"

I've ordered two Bluetooth headsets through Daily Steals without a problem. I'll admit that shipping is awfully slow, but I expected that after reading other's comments about the site. Both arrived in bulk packaging (not retail box) but had all of the pieces, appeared brand new, and worked very well.

This isn't a rebuttal, just sharing a different experience.

TechKnowledge, you are 100% correct.  I ordered one the last time this deal came around and it arrived in a poorly padded envelope.  The sharp edge of the wall adaptor had dug a hole in the plastic of the plate AND ripped off the raised ring you set the phone on.  It was CLEARLY not new, although it was advertised as such.  I returned it and STILL have not received a credit to my card.
Although I have had mixed success with DS in the past, I would STRONGLY recommend staying away from these guys.  When they say "Daily Steals", trust me, you're the one they're stealing from.  :(

They are still $24.50 through AT&T online only and if you order 2 or more you get an extra 10% off which blows this deal away IMO. This is the route I went a couple weeks ago and got one for home and one for work. Total was around $47 with shipping.

Yep this is still the way to go. Also it looks like all colors are available through att vs. black and white through this website.

Yes as someone else said its been $25 at AT&T for quite some time. If you buy more than one you get an additional discount.

Wish I would have read the comments before I bought from Daily Steals. AT&T store would have been quicker and easier for me.

WPCentral always forgets to note "only for USA" with these kind of deals. They won't ship to Europe :(

This is cool, I wanted an additional one to mod something with it, but still have my original. You can pop it open so it takes up even less space and maybe slide it in the drivers seat. That's where I keep my phone when I'm driving.

That little white light is annoying at night.  Im making a 3D printed stand to help stand the DT-900 vertical so you can see the screen better, and comes with a speaker amp.  I will have photo's and video's posted in the forum next week when I get it back from the printer!

id volunteer to find bargain sales in the uk but im way too busy with work (right now 6 am / 7am start - 8 pm T_T finish), anyone care to volunteer? lol. As these us only deals are starting to becoming more than "abit" stale (to put it mildly)  for us non-us readers.