DEAL ALERT: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for $24


Update: Fixed link

In case you keep missing these Nokia wireless charging plate deals, here’s another coming from the site Pay Deals.

This time it’s for the DT-900, aka the flat pad for wirelessly charging any Qi-enabled device, including many in the Nokia Lumia range and the one-shot Verizon HTC 8X.  The plate comes in two color options, including black or white and is on sale for just $24 (a 51% savings). You have 5 days too to grab one.

DT-900 sale

We’re huge fans of wireless charging and as anyone who uses it can attest, it’s not a gimmick but a very convenient feature (many of us joke that we feel we’re violating our Windows Phone when we have to physically plug it in).

Although the future of the Qi-wireless standard is still in question (due to the challenge of the PMA), we suppose there’s no harm in racking up a few of these around the house for ease of charging.

Source: Pay Deals; via Reddit


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DEAL ALERT: Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate on sale for $24


Need this sort of price in the UK. Pretty please. Current exchange rate would mean £16 for these never gunna happen though.

sold out in 10 minutes... i always missed this deal.. this time i acutally had it in the cart... but when checking out.. sold out.

And to answer your question Ice Monkey is legit. They are a subsidiary of Daily Steals. I've ordered several time. Legit, slow shipping.

I already ordered two last time, so I'll hold off this time. It would just be an impulse purchase anyway.

Unfortunately the Lumia 900 does not support wireless charging. It doesn't have a wireless charging coil built into the design to allow for this feature.

Kinda concerned Ordered a white one from PayDeals. Put my CC info in...went to my orders and it is shown as canceled. Ordered again. I get a notification from my bank that the 24.00 went through...but I show BOTH orders are listed as cancelled. Not sure what to do..especially since the page is showing a 404 error. Contacted PayDeals to see what is happening...

It looks like Pay Deals doesn't want us to link directly to a specific product.  They keep changing the URL.

Instead, go to http://paydeals.com/ and just scroll down to the Nokia Charging Plate.  This way you're exposed to a bunch of other stuff they're selling.  :)

I bought two of these from them a few weeks ago. One was defective, so they just sent me a replacement, no questions asked. Great customer service!

I had to go to the paydeals.com page and click on the product from there. Ordered my black charger (they are out of white) in about 6 minutes. Free shipping, too!

They may own the market, but iPhone still is the "it" phone. I think whatever iPhone chooses will dictate the trend. Now, we have qi and so does the nexus, what does the galaxy use?

Something isn't right. My 920 always charges up nearly as fast as it does with the wired charger it came with. Maybe you have a defective charging pad.

I have a charging stand at work too. Will try that today to see if charging is so slow. If it is must be a faulty phone.

sweet, I missed the last one, but not this one, got mine in black...(my 920 is yellow and already have a red charger)