Deal Alert: SlingPlayer for Windows Phone discounted 50%

SlingPlayer for Windows Phone on sale

If you have a SlingBox and have been putting off buying the SlingPlayer Windows Phone app, now is your chance to same some bucks. The SlingPlayer app normally runs $29.99 but through July 22nd, Sling Media has slashed the price 50% bringing the price down to $14.99.

Compatible with Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD slingboxes, the app will let you play anything you can watch on your television at home on your Windows Phone. SlingPlayer will let you change channels, control your DVR, view live or recorded shows, control your cable or satellite box, and much more.


Sling Media also notes that SlingPlayer is not compatible with DISH Sling Adapters or DISH VIP 922 receivers. The app is available for download in all Marketplace Countries but the hardware required is only available through authorized dealers in a limited number Countries. If you have any doubts about compatibility or availability, check out the Marketplace listing or visit Slingbox.com for all the fine print.

You can find SlingPlayer here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It's currently running at the sale price of $14.99 and after July 22nd, it will return to the regular price of $29.99.

Via: windowsphonedaily; Thanks, Saad H, for the tip!

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Deal Alert: SlingPlayer for Windows Phone discounted 50%


Yup been using slinbox since it first came out. Have both the original and slingbox pro models. Love slingbox and works great on my windows phone 7.5

Side note to this..one of the smoothest apps I use on my L900. Installed the first day it was released. I do miss it on my titan though, can't wait for higher res screens.

Wait..i just thought of something, will my license for the app be transferred over to my wp8 device when I get it? Or will I have to buy it all over again. Has anyone asked that question yet?

I'm curious to see how this is handled in the Metro environment because I like to dock the SlingPlayer to the side of the screen, or use it audio-only in the background while doing other work. With multitasking restricted in Windows 8 Metro apps, I hope they are able to use a background media task to keep it working, or at least handle the 1/3 and 2/3 split between multiple apps.

I just wish dish networks would release an app for windows phone. They have it on iOS and Android. It supports their sling adapter as well as programming DVRs and looking at the guide etc. They used to have a mobile website but that is gone too.

And btw I believe this app is incompatible with the dish sling adapter.

Did they fix the issues they had with slingbox? I bought one about 2 years ago ad then after a year it stopped working and it stopped working for alot of other people.
nobody could figure out why either so I ended up getting rid of it. I dont kno if it was dish who I had at the time or slibgbox screwing up at the time I've since switched to Comcast

Also, whenever Comcast brings their app to windows phone, doesn't the Comcast app on ios and android allow u to access ur cable box/dvr and watch your cable from our phone as well? I might just buy this app since its on sale and getta slingbox in a few weeks