Play football on your Surface with Disney Bola Soccer

Disney Bola Soccer

Swept up in the action of the World Cup? Then you're probably going to want to take Disney Bola Soccer for a spin. It's a new Disney game for Windows 8.1 that aims to bring the ultimate football adrenaline rush to your tablet or PC.

Here's what you get with Disney Bola Soccer:

  • Quick game sessions for the enjoyment of novice to experienced players
  • Play tournaments in "solo mode" – progress through the map, beat other teams and earn cups
  • Play against other players' teams to earn team XP and climb in the leaderboards
  • Intuitive controls with simple swipe and tap gestures
  • Choose your sponsor to obtain "Bollars" and gain access to the toughest tournaments
  • Visit Facebook.com/BOLA for cool game tips, news and more!

Disney Bola Soccer

We spent a few minutes checking out Disney Bola Soccer. The game mechanics are pretty easy and work well on touch devices like the Surface. Tap/click to pass, hold to shoot and swipe to run are the mechanics you'll be working with the most. Fun game and something that older kids will most likely love to play, especially if they're football fans.

Disney Bola Soccer is a free game (with in-app purchases) for Windows 8.1. Download it and let us know what you think!


Reader comments

Play football on your Surface with Disney Bola Soccer


Yup that's true, it's been 2months we have installed preview but so sad , still waiting for main release #needupdateonwp8.1

Soccer is an idiotic term used by Americans. Everytime you say "soccer" you make an idiot of yourself. Might as well start calling Americans "Yanks". After all, they are not the real Americans.

That's harsh. Unless foreigners who say "Munich" are idiots because they don't say Münschen like the locals? There already was a popular game called football in North America when soccer came here. The Toronto Argonauts is the world's oldest gridiron-style football team, as they've been around since 1873. Can't we all just get along?

Also, why did UK-based Sensible Software make a popular (borderline legendary in the '90s) game for the European market called "Sensible Soccer" if only idiots use the term? FWIW, I do try to use the term "footy" when appropriate.

You made me curious, so I looked it up. Both "soccer" and "football" are terms that originate from the UK, and soccer is the older of the two terms by about 18 years. Soccer was what the upper classes called it, football what the middle and lower classes called it. In different parts of the world one term stuck, the other term stuck in other parts of the world. So much for your insults. I await your apology. :-P

Soccer is short for a"soc"iation football, its official name. "Football" is a group of sports in which the ball is advanced and scored ON foot, not necessarily by a foot. In addition to association football and gridiron football, there is also Gaelic football, rugby football, and Aussie rules football.

Man has WPC went downhill. I miss the good old days where insults were not thrown out like nothing. What a waste of time. Just bitching and moaning and complaining and name calling and whining and crying.

Football..not soccer. Not to be confused with that game played with your hands yet is called football?

Gridiron football is also played with feet. Haters are gonna hate, I guess. Gridiron football grew out of rugby, hence the use of the hands as well as the feet.

I'm Canadian, and we bristle at people calling our favourite sport "ice hockey" when it should be the default form of "hockey" in our opinion. So I absolutely get your comment. That said, what would you prefer we have done when we already had a sport in North America called that?

Soccer has never been vastly used in Europe. Just because the name was created in England, that means nothing. Because EVERYTHING that dates that far back was created in England.

Also, in other languages, the term is "football" too. Futebol (PT and BR), Fútbol (ES), Football (EN and FR), Fußball (GER) etc.

Only 'muricans (and sometimes Australians and Canadians) call it soccer instead of football because 'muricans - with the same logic that renegades a temperature measurement system that goes 0-100 and replaces it with one that goes 32-212 - call "FOOTball" to something they play with their HANDS (and that in Europe is called American Rugby.)

Soccer clearly was the more common term in Europe at some point because it is believed to predate the term football by nearly two decades. And you say sometimes Canadians also call it soccer, but in fact Canadians call it this 99% of the time. It's the de facto term on this continent, the big league is even called Major League Soccer here. The term soccer was introduced to North America before the term football even existed, and it stuck. Just because the original term later died out in the UK does not make us wrong. You're proving to be as closed-mindedly jingoistic as any American I've ever spoken to, so congratulations on that I guess.

The word in other languages is purely a phonetic translation of "football", so there's no point in mentioning that. "Soccer" is derived from as"soc"iation football, its official name. You know the whole name for rugby is rugby football? That, along with gridiron (a.k.a. American) football, Aussie rules football, and Gaelic football, uses the hands more than the feet. "Football" refers a group of sports in which the ball is advanced and scored ON foot, not by a foot.
You might want to check out South Africa and New Zealand too. It's all on Wikipedia and cited, if you're interested.
Now go ahead, resort to calling gridiron football for pansies because they use pads. I'm waiting.

I'm from the UK, but can people stop having this stupid argument?  Who cares if it's football or soccer?  And USA actually did better than England to be honest who didn't even win a bloody single game.

Bola = ball in Portuguese. Portuguese is dominant language in Brazil. Brazil is hosting the World Cup. It all ties in, in a kind of cynical marketing way.

Point is, the majority of the world call the sport 'football'.

Even USA's have to admit, the actual term makes more sense for this sport than the rugby derivative they play in USA. That cannot be disputed.

It can be disputed, if you bothered to research it. Look up "names for association football" on Wikipedia. It's all cited.

We got "soccer" from the Brits because they used the term for a short while. Why are you guys so mad?

I don't get mad at Americans calling it soccer, maybe a little when they try and correct us when the rest of the world mainly call it Football.

Onto another question though. Football is currently having it's biggest tournament The World Cup, named as such because teams from all over the world compete....obvious right? So why does Baseball have a World Series but only involve domestic American teams? Never understood that? :-)

Bring it on Windows Phone for 512MB ram phone free there are no free football games on Windows Phone for 512 MB RAM phones

Ok, since no one else is talking about the actual game, I'll just chime in a little - this game is absolute rubbish!  AI is completely bonkers - players just run around randomly, controls are frustrating and they don't always do what you want it to do.  It does not capture any of the excitement at all of playing football either.   Thank you Disney for supporting Windows, but this game is terrible.  Stick to FIFA in the store or play the real FIFA/Pro Evo on Xbox.