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Do you use screen protectors on your devices?

Do you use a screen protector for your device? WPCentral forum member, Prashp1, is asking for recommendations on what to use with the Nokia Lumia Icon. Like many other high-end smartphones, the display on the Icon features Gorilla Glass 3. The material has improved damage resistance and toughness compared to former glass compositions. But some people might feel more comfortable with extra protection.

Several forum members have responded to Prashp1 already, but there are a few issues to consider. First of all, the Nokia Lumia Icon has a curved display. If you recommend a screen protector, would it be able to handle the curves? Another issue is the feeling of the material. Some don’t like the rubbery and sticky feeling when touching their beloved devices.

Of course, the other option is to skip the extra protection. We know we can’t be the only ones who prefer to use our phones naked.

Head over to the forums and let Prashp1 know if you have any recommendations for screen protectors.


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Do you use screen protectors on your devices?



Nope. I hate how they feel. I don't even use a case on any of my phones.

But I think zaggshield(if that's what it is called) is supposed to be good.

I agree with the above. One thing people forget to mention is that screen protectors scratch easier than glass... So effectively using a screen protector will give you more scratches. I prefer no SP, no case. Rather see my phone in it's full glory every day than take ugly precautions in case I drop it.

But in this case, the 20 dollar SP would be the one scratched vs the 400 dollar phone.

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Exactlyyy, I am not balling out of control and dont go changing phones every 2 years, 3 is the ideal cuz im a student. I better make damn sure those screen protectors are used so that when it's near its end life, it's still brand new underneath it all

What's the point having it brand-new after 3 years? A flagship phone after 3 years is virtually worthless. To put it into perspective, the flagship Apple phone 3 years ago was the iPhone 4S, and specwise, my Lumia 620 beats that phone.

The iPhone from 3 years ago is the iPhone 4, not 4s, thus reinforcing your point even more so

When I bought my Lumia 620 it was only $150.

But even at that price I still use a screen protector. Not for resale value, but because I want my phone to look great every year until I buy a new one. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like my screen looking abused, and it only takes one drop/kick/slide across the pavement to scratch it.

Because resale value. I sold my daughter's iPhone 4S last September for $200.  

Best screen protectors are from Zagg. They have a lifetime warranty. 

Um, no offence, but the iPhone 4S's specs are much better than the 620. Just saying, not that I like iPhones but the 4S is still a great phone.

Sure but the screen protector will scratch with the slightest thing, and glass takes a lot to scratch. You can forcefully drag a key across glass and nothing will happen. Depends what trade-off you prefer I guess. Always comes down to preference.

I'm not using any on both my yellow Nokia Lumia 620 & 1520. These are Nokias, not Samsungs or any other phones.

By the way,my 620 suffered sooooo many scratches only when I smashed it on my wall. Ooopsss... Sorry. I was sooooo angry that time and it was the very first thing that my hand grabbed. My 620 did last for 7 months though without any scratches!!!

My 925 lasted 8 months without any scratches then i dropped it on a tiled floor and just got a light scratch

I had my 925 three weeks and dropped it onto tiled floor and booom.. Total front glass shatter. Normally hate skins but got a Terrapin for my replacement and it's not bad. The 925 is a bastard for picking up scratches on the frame, especially near the charge port.

I don't have any scratches by my 925's USB/power port. No scratches anywhere on the aluminum without a case. I do have a screen protector. No sticky, rubbery feel, and no scratches despite a couple face down drops and slides.

Yeah that's the thing people keep bashing Samsung but when my launch 920 had hairline scratches on the screen a couple weeks out I was highly disappointed. Especially after seeing the video reviews before hand that put the phone through torture test. I compared that to my sons 3 month old Galaxy S3. NOT 1 screen scratch. Take that as you will but at least they are resistant to hairline scratches.

I use to not use any screen protector on my Lumia 620. The phone is really great without any accessories like SP on it. Being naked is awesome though. But somehow, I have a sweat-ish kind of palms, and I get so annoyed everytime the slidy screen of L620 makes my palms go sweaty!

It annoyed me so much when it makes random presses on the screen and you need to lock it and wipe then unlock it again, and trust me, it won't go away easily in 1 wipe! Being so much annoyed by this for so many months since I bought the phone, I just put SP recently, those Matt/Matte type of SP, they are great but kinda not good-looking for the phone especially when you love mobile photography. The screen looks so cloudy. But somehow, it didn't show any touch problems during I sweat my palms.

same here! Sweaty hands and the touch issue! The only difference is I used a matte SP and the problem was worse than when no SP used. So I took away the SP and mow my 620 is naked. So gorgeous!
No scratches at first, but after some time I discovered some hairline scratches :(

The one you bought might not be a good matte SP :) 

Anyway my phone is quite in good performance regarding with Touch + Sweaty hands now.. Its just that, the screen looks cloudy and is noticeable, just like Samsung screens :O

Yeah, I personally don't use any screen protectors on my Lumia 920, but I know I probably should use some kind of protection for the floor when I drop it.

There is a company called screenproof that make protectors for $7. Theyre just the same as Zagg. I've used em for my 920 and 1020.

The chances of you scratching anything with gorilla glass 2 is slim and none. Don't believe me get your key and strike your screen. Unless you want to carve something its not that easy.

It's actually not that slim I believe. There are so so many things around us harder than the Gorilla Glass. Sands and small rocks can scratch any version of GG very easily.

I use no protection (on my 920) and have my keys often in the same pocket as the mobile. I have unfortunately managed to scratch the screen in two places in the year I have owned it. But I still haven't put any protection on, as I don't like the feel of'em. (Still talking about my Lumia 920)

But I have used a film on my iPad and now on Lumia 2520 tablet from the start. Especially the iPad is prone to scratches.

I agree. Why take the risk of damage to your expensive top of the line phone. Just peel off the screen protector and put another on. Verizon will replace your phone with a sh#t refurbished phone so who wants that? That Gorilla Glass 3 will scratch just as easy as the other two versions. Trust me!

No I don't, my 920 is naked and that's how it should be. No scratches etc after 6 months of use. It was the same story with my 710 and 620. Don't understand the need for them, or silly gel cases where you completely lose the design of the phone. The gel cases do improve the design of the Samesungs of this world though. :)

The only protection on my 1020 is the wireless charging cover and that's not protecting much. Nokia's are well built and as long as I'm not jogging with my phone in my pocket over concrete I'm okay not having a case. I'm not fan of screen protectors because they sacrifice response and smoothness for little protection.

if you are using nokia phone. than you have choice to go without cover. for other phones you must need a cover. No covers or protectors on my nokia. i have screen protectors and covers for other phones though.

I'm in for using screen guard always. The whole logic of the value of device after 4 years is pointless
In India we pay for the device when we purchase it, instead of contracts with the carrier where you get replacement for broken device

the device should feel good and look good as long as you are using it, i use lumia520 and it's screen gets smudged so quickly that it ends up looking like a smudged dinner plate.
Also in case of using cases, i always recommend and prefer rubber cases over hard plastic or metal cases. Simply because they provide better grip and in case of dropping the device means the rubber would absorb the impact significantly.
There is nothing wrong in taking care of your device that you purchased with your hard earned money.

100 % agree. I don't understand how people spend so much money in beautiful devices only to cover the up. I like mine completely naked :)

I feel the same way. I have both 920 & 1020, no case or protector. My wife dropped her 920 about 5 feet onto concrete floor of a stadium. The camera activated and took her picture but no damage. Try that with an Apple.

I use no screen protector and no case for Nokia devices... Drop it? No worries... Might dent the hardwood or chip cement... But your phone will be fine!!!

I didn't use one on my 920, and regretted it. It scratched much easier than I would have liked, had a bunch after a few months of usage. But the GG3 on the 1020 is awesome. Six months of heavy use, in my pockets with keys and tools... Only one scratch. Dont even have a case on it. Most cases that are anything but black discolor really quickly. Naked, all the way, even for my moderate impact work.

Never use protectors or cases. I don't care if my phone gets beat up, it's not like it's some sort of precious artifact.

Your phone has a $200 screen, which has fantastic optical properties. Why use a $7 piece of plastic that will change those properties, make viewing worse and probably mean that you cant see you screen very well outside..

I have a Lumia 920. It has curved screen and made me hate screen protectors. They always came off and looked bad. But I got "Ghost Armor" and it's perfect. Doesn't come off and it's not visible. I personally can't go without screen protector. Seriously guys, try Ghost Armor and have it installed for you. It's really awesome.

I have had Lumia 800 for more than 2 yrs now and I just rubber case for less than a week. It has fallen about 5-6 times on wooden floor and slipped numerous times from my pocket within my car. It still doesn't have a single scratch on the screen but I do have normal wear and tear on the sides of the phone.

I never put keys, pens or any objects in the same pocket where I put my beautiful phone. I don't abuse my toys but give them chance to be free of protections.

It isn't? My 920 screen has a lot of small scratches on it. From what I've read though, this is more to do with the coating than the glass. Makes sense as my Omnia 7 isn't GG nor does it have the coating new phones have yet I dropped it quite a lot and it only has a couple of very minor scratches.

I have a lot of very thin scratches on my 8X, but they're unnoticeable unless you have a light shining directly onto the screen. I just never use a screen protector or case on any of my phones and they turn out fine. Any wear on them adds a little bit of history, which I like.

Common you just had to have a case for Nokia phones to soften the fall, I wouldn't want to fix my floor every time I drop it lol

This isn't the old days of cheap thin visible easily scratched screen protectors either. Good ones now are more expensive but are pretty much invisible, heal from scratches, and never come off.

One time, I dropped my phone from around 5 feet up (I'm around 6') and it feel on pavement, slid 4 feet, then dropped into the gutter. Only a small scratch on the top left near the AT&T symbol on my 920. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe that's normal, but I think these screens are pretty tough.

Yes, you're lucky. I dropped my 920 from some 4' on a pretty rough surface. Ended up with a shattered and non-responsive screen. Had to get it replaced for around 150 USD.

Yes. Because contrary to what 'experts' say, Gorilla glass does scratch, and it does break if it falls. 

Gorilla glass is the biggest joke ever, it doesn't work any different to normal glass. My 920 has way more scratches than my hd7 did, and it seems to get them from just being in my pocket alone.

I call bull on that. 920 here and despite numerous falls on hard surfaces and occasionally stuffing it in with my keys, after nearly a year the screen is pristine. If yours exhibits that kind of wear it is your use and not the Gorilla Glass. Your advice should be use protection if your phone gets rough use.

I have had 6 nokia screen cases around me in last 6 month , 2 of them me and these are completly broken screens not scratches , after MINOR falls nothin major. On 820 , 720 , 920 , 720 , 1020 x 2 , with cheaper phones we usually buy a new phone with my 1020 i am already -200 for two screens , and dont get me started on the scratches thats like a week from unpacking , the only positive thing is all the phones are working just fine

I was equally careful with both my phones and I'm telling you the 920 has more scratches. I dont care if you believe me, its simply the truth.

Hey! You don't know! He probably has wads of sand paper, as well as a few staples and nails in his pocket! You just don't know!

Sand paper, nails, and nails wont scratch gorilla glass. It is quarts in sand, dirt, and dist that does.

I agree with you. I've only had my phone in my pocket with noting else and cleaned it with microfiber cloths and it scratched! Lumia 928. Lots of tiny scratches.

I don't use them anymore. I used screen protectors on my PDA's and phones that had a stylus back in the day, but that has been a long time ago.

Yes, I use both a case and screen protector on my phone (925). Does it obscure the beauty? Somewhat, yeah. But even though I'm well-aware that Nokia's known for durable hardware, the fact that I'm clumsy with my tech means that I don't want to take any unnecessary risks. 

None on my 1020. I dropped it once on driveway and top two corners got dented. So I grabbed a sand paper and filed them smooth again, removing road tar as well. :)
But there was one unlucky small drop that left a crack on my glass. The phone works perfectly well, but the crack (1" long) is an eyesore.

There is little need for a screen protector nowadays.. But I still get them. This is because no matter how much everyone believes that phone screens don't get scratched anymore, there are things that will leave tiny thin scratches. It will happen no matter what. I'm very obsessed with keeping my screen unscratched even from the tiny ones that no one else sees. I will always find a scratch. It specially sucks because I care so well for my materials.

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Zaggshield is good I use it on my l625 it curves to the glass really well and won't peal up over time

Thats my experience with the Zagg Invisible Shield as well. I had a complete "shield" on an iPod Nano back in the day and it worked well despite the curves. I had one on just the screen of my HTC Titan and it worked exceptionally well for about 18 months. Around then I started picking at little spots where it started coming off. About 2 months after that I peeled it off and have gone screenprotectorless since then. It was a great screenprotector that didn't seem to effect usage on the device and didn't "scratch" making it seem pristine until some of the edges started coming off 18 months in. After I peeled it off I was amazed that the screen looked downright perfect like it had never been used. When I buy a new phone with WP8.1 on it, I will probably put another Zagg Invisible Shield on it and then peel it off in like 18 months when the edges start coming off like this time around.

I've always used Zagg as well, and really liked them.  They do have a lifetime garauntee, and will replace the screen protector once it starts to peel off.  I don't think that they have one for the Icon yet, however.

Yes, I use it all the time, as I seat on my plastic covered sofa. And my PC keyboard is covered in saran wrap .

I totally agree with you about Skinomi screen protectors. It's anti bubbles, anti glare and anti fingerprint and it simply the best you can find out there. I used it on my Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, Surface RT, Surface 2 and on my wife's iPhone. If you carefully fit the film on the screen with the liquid solution that comes in the package and allow it some time to dry before you use the phone, it will very unlikely for anyone to notice a screen protector on the phone. I desperately need a Skinomi screen protector for my Shiny White Sony Vaio Duo 13 but unfortunately Skinomi has not released one yet for the Duo 13.

No protector and no case. But then I don't drop things (don't know why - maybe a study is warranted) and I keep the phone in a pocked by itself. I would hate to need a case because it would hide the beauty and style of the phone.

Oddly, I rarely drop things, but since I've gotten on Vyanse for Add, I'm so damn quick I catch things out of the air. My wife thinks I'm developing super powers.

best thing about my Lumia 620. Glass can easily be wipe if you notice any fingerprints, and looks B-new :)

Naked is awesome. Touch problem is not. 

No I hate how they feel and make a fantastic amoled screen loom like crap. I'm just a bit more careful. Plus I never found the ones for the L920 to handle the slight curve. Always peeled up dirt under edges etc

No , I love the screen of my lumia 920 without protectors , though it now have some scratches , but hey it's a year old now but they aren't clearly visible so I am fine. But I use a cheap plastic case to protect camera lens :)

No, For Windows Phone outside Nort América and UK, that does not exist. And that's for people that don't care if they throw their phone or just kid and teenagers.

No i hate them, they make my phone look unatractive and i dont throw my phone around either, so its all good

I do not use a screen protector in my phone, for several reasons. The first being that I don't like the look or feel of them. They usually feel really bad compared to the screen itself, and almost always tend to muddy to screen. Second, I got a Nokia because I know that Nokia makes very resilient phones and I wasn't going to be a pansy and put pillows around a tank. I've dropped and dented my 920 more times than I can count, and while the back is a little scratched and the corners are dented, the screen only has some slight scratches that are not noticeable when the screen is on. Lastly, the phone is ergonomical and I've yet to see any case that has sufficient protection whilst being something that doesn't take up my entire pocket. The phone is already beautiful and the product of a group of engineer and industrial designers time and effort, why cover all that beautiful body with a thick bulky case which hides everything?

No screenprotection. It still scratches but barely visible, not like phones without Gorilla glass, we should use the benefits from having the gorilla glass and not cover It up with a protector imo

People acting like their Nokias are scratch proof are either delusional or live very soft, safe lives.
As far as the rubbery feel, I use an anti-glare screen protector that your finger doesn't stick to. I actually prefer the feel over the unprotected screen, as my fingers slide easier over it.
And ad far as cases go, I'd prefer not to use one but its is a must as well. I use a feather light case on my 822 after dropping my phone and cracking the lens on my camera. On the 822, a solid drop will pop off the back cover. After the cover pops off, the highest point on the back of the phone is the camera lens, and it breaks very easily.

This! My fingers slide so much easier over the screen protector, and greasy or wet materials that transfer from my fingers wipe off much easier and cleaner with a nice protector. Without one I was always (constantly! obsessively)resorting to a polish with a soft shirt... But with one, my fingers easily wipe away any obstructions to screen visibility

I had an anti-glare screen protector on my lumia, yes it feels better than the screen but for me it makes my phone unusable, i have to set the bright to the max always, and even that way it's nearly impossible to see the screen outside if it's just a little bit sunny. My phone battery used to last 1 or 2 hours, now it lasts as much as it is supposed to last. 6-8 hours

Yes! I need a case and SP for skiing, camping, running. Etc. I've only dropped my 920 once, but I love a nearly mint condition device!

I used to always have a snap on case with a screen protector on my 920. Then, one day I took them off and saw the light. I have only one "major" scratch, but when the screens on you can't even see it. I would now sacrifice the perfection of my phone for performance, because it just feels better without any protection.

I don't use a screen protector but if you have a 1020 like me you have to have a case. If not the lens paint starts to fade from surfaces.

Imo they're a waste of money. Gorilla Glass has come a long way!! My phone's screen is as naked as a newborn baby!

I used screen protectors on all my phones leading up to my 920. I had a protector on it for a week and hated it. It's been protector free now for 15 months, and I don't see any scratches on it. Between the advances of gorilla glass and just being careful (I always carry the phone by itself in my left pocket), IMO the days of screen protectors are over.

Mine came off of my 8X due to the curved screen it just never fit perfectly. And I also dislike how they feel so I generally don't use them anyhow.

I forgot to mention my 8X screen has a small chip in it left of the middle that I thought was a smudge at first. Not sure how it happened but I'm guessing it was during football season on a Sunday, I was intoxicated, and I'm I didn't agree with the refs calls haha.

I use the lighter Otterbox case (can't remember the name) on my 8x. It doesn't have a screen protector, but it has slightly raised edges, which I think keeps the screen from getting scratched when face-down or in my pocket. I don't think I could handle going back to a screen protector, as I've gotten used to the amazing feel of the glass.

Judge Daniel, I got the Incipio DualPro case and it has the raised edges also(inner silicone). Ever since then my screen has been cushioned enough to be protected. I bet the OtterBox is even better though.

I switched from OB defender to incip. Dual pro with a Military shield screen protector, and it seems like a match made in heaven for my 920. (plus the dualpro is lighter than my Defender)

I use them... Just yesterday my L920 fell with velocity from my hands directly to the edge of a rock, I thought the worst... But only the screen protector was damaged, somehow I keep telling myself that this little thing saved the screen...

If you don't have a screen protector, you'll regret that decision quickly. My Lumia 920 developed one and I don't know how or where. Gorilla glass protection is a sales pitch and a trip to the glass replacement store.

As long as your pockets are clean and free of sand, keys, coins, and anything that has the possibility of scratching your screen, it shouldn't develop large scratches. Always take care of your devices.

I'm talking about the claims made about how tough Gorilla glass is supposed to be.  Its a BS sells pitch at best. For the record, I never carry my phone in my pocket. Its in a leather case on my hip.

I had one on my 1520 but it started messing with the proximity sensor. So now I rock mine without one.

I use GhostArmor on my 1020. I started seeing micro scratches on my screen so I had one put on. Love it! Can't even tell it us there a gives me piece of mind.

My 920 is protected by "Ghost Armor" which is probably the best - it feels great, and more importantly, it really protect your screen cause it's made from some kind of glass so you get double glass protection.

Used the one that came with my 710. Then never again after it peeled off. Now on my 625, I haven't put one on nor dropped it. A couple of juggling moments, but its yet to hit the ground. I take good care of my phones and avoid situations where I might drop it.

I don't like to use a screen protector but i am using one as my pocket is always full of stuffs. I believe a good quality clear type screen protector doesn't provide a bad experience.

No,they ruin screen's pure feel and if usually if u don't put them correctly they have annoying bubbles...

NOPE. With Gorilla glass I hardly see the need to do so. 822, 928 both went unprotected and are just fine. Even with 2 young boys at home who occasionally get their hands on them

Never needed it. I make sure I get a smartphone from a OEM that knows how to build proper devices.

Nope. I had one on my 928 for a month, then I realized the protector was getting more scratched than the screen itself did which was just annoying. Plus it added glare, etc. Not worth it when you've got gorilla glass.

Honestly when I got my Lumia 920 since the first it came off I was so concern of screen protector but then a month later I was no I don't like screen protector so since then like 2012 when I got my phone never use one, and I have drop my phone so many time and it doesn't crack or scratch. I known a friend of my she had already like 3 iPhone 5 and she drop then with cover and screen protector and guess what it cracks the screen always. The Lumia 920 is more heavy than the iPhone and it should crack more easily but it doesn't. So overall,trust me screen protector is a wasted of money gorrila glass in the phone is good to go.

A lot of that has to do with the softer and thus more impact absorbing polycarbonate construction of the Lumia series. As well as the less compact frame (more room/time for deceleration and dispersion of energy)

My lumias have all been tanks, the only damage I've gotten from dropping them is dented corners.

I would be interested to see how much better/worse the iPhone 5c line does in impact tests.

The only screen protector I've been able to stand for more than 3 days are the new ones that are made of glass. Sure they can shatter or crack as easily as the actual screen, but better to break the protector than the actual screen.

The only reason I ended up taking it off my note 3 was that I didn't like the thickness it added, which was made more obvious because of the physical home button.

Skinomi all the way. $15 to cover the whole thing in a clear protector that feels natural and has a lifetime warranty. If it gets scratched or starts to peel or get discolored, just send customer service some pictures and they'll send you a free replacement.

+1 Skinomi is what I use for the wraps... Its all around your phone, front, back & sides. Best protection! jejeje

My has Gorilla Glass 2 and I am using Bugatti hard leather case for carrying it, so I don't use any screen protector.

Nope. Screen "protection" results in more scratches and less clarity on screen. I have had my Lumia 1020 since it was released.. Shares pockets with my keys, is VERY well used, and has no scratches.