Entertainment Tonight’s Rocsi snaps the stars with a Lumia 1020 at the VMAs

Rocsi for ET

We’re not big watchers of the media show Entertainment Tonight, but at least some of our readers are. It looks like Nokia had a sponsorship in place for last week’s MTV Video Music Awards as Rocsi, a correspondent for the show, was seen hyping the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The phone was used to take photos of celebrities and posted on the ET website, in addition to having it pimped on the show during Rocsi’s segment (you can see a video of that below).

Seeing the Lumia 1020 during primetime TV on what is no doubt one of the most popular entertainment programs is surely a good move for Nokia and helps reinforce those commercials. Speaking of, we’re seeing those ads being run frequently on TBS, NBC, Bravo and various other networks and they seem to be resonating.

Did anyone else spot the Lumia 1020 in media? Let us know.

Source: Entertainment Tonight VMA Gallery; Thanks, Atif A., for the tip and video; Additional video via MyNokiaBlog


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Entertainment Tonight’s Rocsi snaps the stars with a Lumia 1020 at the VMAs


Come on t mobile are we going to get it or what.....not that my 925 is bad at all, but all this news on the 1020 ....i want the phone, but will never got to att ever....

aio goes nationwide on AT&Ts network in September.
The plan prices are similar to t-mo, the coverage is better, and you can use AT&T phones.

I probably watched regular TV after a year, but luckily timed it perfectly. I am a JadooTV person otherwise.
(Atif A.)

Yes, but are they not only willing, but want to give up their iPhones, and Galaxy's, for a 1020❔That's the question.... What would you say is the most popular phone at your workplace❔

Windows Phone was a major sponsor of the MTV Awards. It was a big deal because they snatched it away from Samsung.

I must say that 1020 is being marketted heavily. Here in NYC,  when you connect to the free-wifi at the subway stations (like Penn, Port authority, 59th st Columbus Circle,etc..)there's a short video of 1020 that you watch before getting connected to the wifi ... Good job Nokia/Microsoft/AT&T team!

I saw a windows phone in the latest Natwest tv advert, showing off their Natwest banking app :-D

"Who cares?" You just answered your own question. Obviously YOU care otherwise you wouldn't have noticed the headline, opened the article, then gone to the effort of commenting on it.

I tiped this, though i dont watch ET, but i happened to be watching that day :P i think its ment to be - im buying a 1020 :P
thought i will be credited this time :'( but seems like Atif A got there first :P