Facebook Messenger gains recorded voice messages and more in new update

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone has just been updated. Today's update isn't a major one, but does add some nice new features and general improvements. Ready for some emoticon support?

Facebook Messenger was last updated for Windows Phone in late July when it gained video sharing. Today's update places the app at version 6.0 in the Windows Phone Store, which is the same number it had with the last update. Once updated, you'll see the app version at 7.0.0 in the settings. We're guessing the discrepancy is just a Store error. Anyways...

Here's what's new in today's update:

  • Now you can record voice messages—one of our most requested features.
  • Send emoticons like smiley faces and more.
  • Other improvements, including some to help you save data

We're big fans of Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone. Download the update and let us know what you think of the two new features.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

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Facebook Messenger gains recorded voice messages and more in new update


It's not Microsoft's app, it's actually developed by Facebook. Microsoft develop the Facebook app though, not the Messenger app.

And we need like the and android and ios festure choose the size of like button it is really fun i mean u keep tapping on like button and it will grow and inflate and increase in size ... Like android and ios........ Hope they will get it on windows phone

YES! You're totally right! Landscape is a 'must-have', and seriously how hard can it be to enable it... I'm waiting for a loooong time

I'm looking for something to replace voxer. I tried BBM but it doesn't seem like it's heading that direction. Maybe FB messenger can be it

Yeah I actually miss this.. Especially for Skype chats. I'm sure they can pull something off like with the Photos hub integration OneDrive and FB have.

Yup and by removing msgs integration in app we are forced to have it...i love the days of having msgs in my messaging app

Actually I think is better this way. The Messenger app is so far really good. Just wanted to Facebook develop his own app for the social network.

Seriously just stop already. It's done, it's not coming back, move on and find something else to complain about because this is getting old.

I completely agree❗❗❗❗
Now, lets all complain about the Live Lock Screen app... We need some serious updates!!!! I want more templates, and more features... Most of all we need this functionality released to developers ASAP❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

My complaint is i want ALL THE APPS to be optimized for 6' devices !
Whatsapp and messenger are not pretty to look at when sending a message especially FB there is a black line above the text on the other hand SMS "messaging" app looks nice with the small font

With regards to the FB app, when I want to wish someone on their b'day and click on the notification, it open IE browser and allows me to send. No one caught this so far ?

I did today, really stupid.

Also see out of the blue a counter on my tile. Looks like they come from game invites, but the app don't send notifications for those (or option to turn it off).

Moved all the way from Whatsapp. Where is voice calling for WP Mark ? What are you too busy making millions ?

EDIT: Ok the app is actually sending my msg faster now.

It's a bubble that stays on your phones screen no matter what app you switch to, and allows you to tap on it any read/reply that conversation without having to leave your current app.

Then don't use them. Jesus. Chat heads are a cool feature to everyone I know who uses Android.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

There is an option to turn off chat heads so don't use if it ever comes..but don't say no because others like me want chat heads..

Let me clear some things up:

Chat heads on iOS work ONLY in the Facebook app. This limitation would apply to Windows Phone too if it ever came, maybe the lock screen.

How about keyboard auto-rotation? They put all the useless stuff in this app, except for that. Reason why i use it only if i have to

It is just meh. They need to add voice calls. For how badly Skype is lacking, if they add voice calls and access to "files" - we would have a total replacement of Skype. Don't think this will go nicely with working phone calls, but at least for friends and family - would be ideal replacement of Skype.

Just the notifications, action center and the volume menu are capable to appear in front of other apps. 

So dont spect it soon. Not even the live folders work that way. And i think is better this way for the processor

So is it better to use the release version or beta? The features seem to shift between the two. I would think the beta has the latest features, no?

Edit: Nevermind. I was referring to the Facebook app itself not messenger.

That is great, too bad they hid the damn feature!

Why not put a mic button in so you know it is available???

Those on the latest generation of Lumias: is loading of this app pretty instant or do you see the loading screen sometimes? I'm asking because the app on iOS on an iPhone 5s is blazing fast.

Hope this fixes my heating up issues. I'd I stay on the app too long while on the bus it heats up my phone like crazy

Its because you are on a bus. You are moving. Your coverage isn't constant. Its your mobile network heating up the phone, not the app.

Is it me or the app performance improved? I remember having to wait at least 5 seconds to open a chat on my L925, now it takes less than 1 sec.

Finally they added voice messages but I was hoping they would add a fifth option when entering a conversation and not having to tap the three dots to get to it

Loving this messenger. Dropped using terrible viber as I use this most the time. I'd like to be able to pin conversations to my start screen tho

Back in my day MSN messenger was huge, along with Yahoo (and ICQ before that). I wonder why they couldn't make themselves even bigger and take over. Or now that Skype has replaced MSN messenger, is it as widely used? These things are changing so fast and that makes me feel old.
Also MSN messenger was used in offices for employees to communicate with each other, what happened to that?

its embarrassing how this app is getting to be WP best messaging app while skype... well im tired of talking about how bad it is, what a shame...

Exactly. Skype *should* be the centre of Messaging on Windows Phone, but it's just...embarrassing. There's so much potential there, but by the time they get their act together, it'll be too late.

Now yet another Messenger has left them behind.

I've been reading alot about the security concerns about the Messenger App. I've seen info back and forth. I even saw one "expert" just today say that the app is a HUGE security flaw and people should uninstall it.

Isn't WP inherently more secure than other OS's that would prevent it from being such a security flaw?

Are people really making a mountain out of a mole-hill?

Its as much of a flaw as the actual facebook app. They both gather info to sell to advertisers. Whatsapp is equally flawed and none of these are encrypted. Skype is not encrypted but doesn't sell or monitor.

Well, i am not a heavy user of FB Messenger, and no matter what you all complain about, with every new update FB Messenger is getting better and better, so stop complaining. They can't "fix" all bugs, cuz if they fix it and there is nothing new or old to fix or add, then you gonna complain cuz FB Messenger haven't been updated with months, while FB Messenger is working just fine. I see people complaining about the Messenger bugs, like this, like that, and I am not saying they are not telling the truth, just that I have never encounter those bugs on my ATIV S i8750. Messenger is working perfectly on my phone. If some app doesn't work properly on your phone, try uninstall it and then re-install it, usually this helps for me most of the times. Yes it lacks some features, but really, are those features so crucial for you to use the Messenger?

Anyway, what i will want for the Messenger is to have a Dark Theme, and i mean BLACK Theme, so, it will be usefull for those with phones with AMOLED screens, cuz the White only theme is battery consupting and phone gets pretty hot when using it (on AMOLED screens)

Why every Time I get a message on facebook app there an " ad" to download the messenger app! Why does one need the message app for if you can send and receive messages from the facebook app?

My Facebook app stopped working today. (not messenger app). Won't open, just force closes.
Anyone else having this problem?
Seems a bit of a coincidence.

But I still wonder why when opening fb messenger it always has to redraw every thumbnail, I mean can't it just cache and load them and update those that have changed after 1 sec? Then it would appear less slow.

Half of desire still pending as I can't call,just sending voice message.but I am in faith that I shall get it as they are trying at least. Common fbm & Microsoft.push away Android & IOS

What about the security breach..with FBM having access to our contacts and camera...is anyone here concern about this, does this only effect ios and driod handsets ?

It needs access to contacts to update your friends list if you use mobile number on messenger. It needs access to camera and mic to record/capture voice/video/photos that you share with friends. What's so worrying?

It would be nice to get my actually fb feed in app, instead of all the bullshit. Need to improve news feed. Photo comments. Swiping not working on photos to scroll through photos.

Dont wont to fill my memory, having almost 40 updates to stand-by, because im waiting for hungary cv cyan release! Its strange that it HAS released for Hungarian Vodafone and still not country variant!! :((

still no video calling option like android and ioS, still no video calling option like android and ioS.

still no video calling option like android and ioS, still no video calling option like android and ioS

still no video calling option like android and ioS, still no video calling option like android and ioS


still no video calling option like android and ioS, still no video calling option like android and ioS.

still no video calling option like android and ioS, still no video calling option like android and ioS

still no video calling option like android and ioS, still no video calling option like android and ioS

still no audio and video calling option like android and ioS

still no audio and video calling option like android and ioS

still no audio and video calling option like android and ioS

still no audio and video calling option like android and ioS

still no audio and video calling option like android and ioS

The voice message feature should be a button, not something hidden they you need to press "..." to find.

Like WeChat or WhatsApp.


Bring VOIP to Messenger. I want to call other FB Members like on other platforms. Android does support it. Please bring it to WP.

Wow..why there is that smiley thing??..there is no extra icon for emojis..and i could send emojis even before the update..??..seriously what's the difference..

With the recent updates, messenger is causing my 1520 to get hot and drain battery. I tested this by uninstalling messenger and chatting threw internet explorer. Please bring facebook back to the message hub.