First Direct launches official mobile banking app for Windows Phone

First Direct

Telephone and internet-based UK bank, First Direct has just launched an official app for Windows Phone. The bank today published a new app to the store, enabling Windows Phone owners to engage in mobile banking while on the move. Just like the array of banking apps already available for Windows Phone, it's possible to check balances, manage accounts and make payments, but it's actually quite limited in that regard.

Currently, as the app stands today, the following features are included in the experience:

  • View balances and up to your last 90 transactions
  • Make transfers between your accounts with us
  • Make payments to a person or organisation you have paid before using Internet Banking

First Direct

Compared to what's available in other apps from competitive banks, this is actually a rather poor experience. Also, it appears as though this isn't to do with platforms but is a limitation shared by both iOS and Android. That said, it's an official app and is a real life saver for those who enjoy checking their balances while out and about. Unfortunately, the bank is unable to offer its recently launched digital secure key with the app and it's recommended customers check-in on the main website to enjoy full access to all services.

It's v1.0 and we're excited to see the bank finally on Windows Phone. Let's hope the development team adds more functionality in future, alongside a brand new design to really bring the app experience to life with Windows Phone's famous style. We did expect more, however, especially since First Direct boasts how it's an online bank. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Reader comments

First Direct launches official mobile banking app for Windows Phone


Yeah HSBC better make something good. Barclays have an amazing app, I'm even considering switching considering the service I've had with HSBC recently. Conner on get your finger out!

I don's use this bank but it's great that we're getting more and more banking apps, it acknowledges that the WP userbase is getting stronger.

Rearrange the letters and you get Red Satan (extra 'n' carried over to the gates of hell) - look at the logo and you see 2 devil horns...enough said    


Tweet them or, if you use online banking and them a secure message requesting it.
I did and they recorded it as a complaint. They do the usual and tell you to use mobile banking instead. 'Paym' isn't available on that so keep moaning. These complaints do get picked up for trends so maybe, just maybe.
I also work for them and have been to a 'digital session' last week where they were discussing new ideas etc. They seem to think that Windows Phone only has 3% market share in the UK so I'm preparing to prove them wrong.

I also work for Santander and have expressed my concerns we don't have it. Windows Phone is rather popular down here in Devon region haha.

I gave up waiting for Nationwide. I swapped banks to Nat West whose app is _brilliant_

So glad I changed. I never use the web anymore. (And the security if Windows Phone feels much safer than the web anyway)

I tweet the banks occassionalyl to pat the banks with apps on the back, and slag off those that don't. Development of a mobile app is petty cash to banks - so they have no excuses.

Yes, I've been tweeting Nationwide and the Co-op/Smile for a while now. The latter have said they are looking at it (and they still support their BB app for god's sake!), but Nationwide seem to be moving pretty slowly...

I tweeted Nationwide a few weeks ago about this and they replied saying they currently provide apps for the leading mobile operating systems, but are monitoring the situation with Windows Phone

It is clearly not a native app, it hasn't got any Metro elements at all.

But it's not just a wrapper around a web page either.

It's probably made with PhoneGap (you build your app using HTML5 and Javascript, and it is then compiled into an executable, just one that doesn't use the native UI of the OS).

Not enough WP banking apps because middleware ISV's only want two OS's to develop for. I could wish MitekSystems would change their mind, but my bank's mobile website was just recently upgraded to 2014 standards, so I'm OK with that.

Lack of an app and mobile banking was part of my decision to leave HSBC recently. NatWest's banking app for WP is excellent. Some of the others are web wrappers I believe. Nice to see HSBC Group finally release at least something though. Another big name. Feels like there's some real momentum. :)

What's odd is that First Direct are owned by HSBC, or are a sub group anyway. This brings the question as to why an app for HSBC isn't out yet.

Probably because hsbc secure key system has no option for an app generated key - it's physical device only.

Finally. They needed to do this as recently they introduced secure key access and the best option is using the app to generate the key. Will done first direct.

Well I spoke too soon, this app doesn't have the ability to generate a secure key. Unbelievable!

Brilliant - it was one of the few apps I depended on on Android and was trying to live without on Windows.  Secure Key generator / access would be nice, but that's a very recent feature on other platforms  - this app does everything I really I need for now.

If only Myfitnesspal could get their app working I'd be quite happy to completely shift from Android (and stop carrying my old Android phone around with me as a fallback!)

It is basic, but almost the same as the Android version. Just needs the Secure Key feature added to catch up.