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Flood of apps hit the Windows Phone Marketplace! Adobe, WeatherChannel, Netflix, YouTube, Earthworm Jim...

Windows Phone 7 day is ON!

We're waking up to a ton of new apps flooding the store as we speak (we checked yesterday and there were over 160 games available, including 15 LIVE titles). Some of the big ones to make an appearance are:

...and more. Plus all of the indy apps and games, a lot of which are free. So far even for the "big" titles prices are in the $4.99 or lower category with a few feteching $6.99 for the high LIVE games. But most of the above is $0.00. if we could only have our phones here in the U.S.?!

Source: Zune/Windows Phone Marketplace


Reader comments

Flood of apps hit the Windows Phone Marketplace! Adobe, WeatherChannel, Netflix, YouTube, Earthworm Jim...


Pretty pointless when by all accounts no one can actually get a handset. Another poor showing by Microsoft and its partners.

Yeah theefman, have to agree here with Federaly: UK, Australia, NZ, pretty soon Europe...I think it's great. How is Microsoft populating their store with hundreds of apps "pointless"? By the time Nov 8th rolls around, we'll have all the main apps covered & ready to load on your device. The iPhone or Android didn't get all of these apps in its first month...this is huge.

Actually I'm in the US as well so I am commenting on the platform launch and the overall lack of availability of handsets and lack of awareness of the OS on the first day WP7 handsets go on sale. This should have been MS's "iphone' moment, with massive coverage, adverts till you're sick of them and promotions to attract customers. Instead we have reports of shortages, activation problems and dismal turnouts where the phone is actually available. They've been getting ready since February this year and on the day of release its as though nothing has happened, there is no coverage on sites like the BBC or any other media outlet. They were supposed to be spending millions on advertising, where is the result? I think its great that Federaly has his handset but as a fan of the OS and ecosystem I expected todays launch to be a truly massive event, instead as it was described on neowin, its a damp squib. I think your opinion may be different if this situatiion with no handsets occured on Nov 8, the number of applications available would seem a trivial point when you cant get your hands on a device.

I hope this doesnt come back to haunt MS and WP7 in the end because there are no second chances, if MS fails with this we will be left to either the dictator Jobsy or the data stealing android, neither of which I personally would use to save my life.

I totally agree with you, theefman. Just once, I would love to see Microsoft generate wall to wall coverage on the news with reports of people lining up overnight and a frenzy of techno geeks and others with news cameras and microphones jammed in their faces, breathlessly trying to get into stores where Windows Phone 7 devices are being sold. Just once...


Well you may not have one but I was lucky enough to get my lovely Mozart from Telstra in Queen street today :)

So sucks to be you pal.

Lucky you man hope you enjoy it. It seems the shortages and delays won't last long, seeing how the US won't see any till the 8th another few days or a week of waiting in the EU etc won't kill anyone.

BTW anyone know how many total apps the marketplace is up to now? I think I read yesterday it was around 500.

There's really no need to see apps in the US store when only developers and maybe those with the SDK can use them. Granted, this'll be forgotten very quickly but it's kinda sloppy.

Still, glad to see apps like Youtube and NetFlix in the store so quickly after launch. i'd actually like to see Youtube installed by default. i'm kinda disappointed that EWJ uses virtual thumbsticks, but quick ports are standard for developers new to a platform.