Folders for Windows Phone Mango updated [Homebrew]

Mango Folders

We previously covered the homebrew Folders for Windows Phone app, which allows users to create live tile folders to store multiple tiles within. It's become fairly popular in the homebrew community and Windows Phone Hacker have updated the app to version 3. What's included in the update:

  • Support for custom accents (have to enter the colour code manually)
  • Optimization and bug fixes
  • Easier to pin applications
  • Able to use applications from other markets (e.g France)
  • Able to save the XAP to deploy manually (makes things easier)

You can download Folders for Windows Phone from Windows Phone Hacker. Remember that you require an unlocked handset and need to be running Mango.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker


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Folders for Windows Phone Mango updated [Homebrew]


never unlocked windows phone before, is it safe to do it? I would like to know if i could re lock my device after i unlocked it. Thanks.

I have never unlocked" my wp7 phone before and homebrew for some reason kind of makes me nervous.  It sounds like there is not need for me to be nervous?
I really like folders and to have that on my homescreen on my phone would be awesome, I really wonder why this was not included w/ Mango.  Regardless I have an ipad so I love me some folders.  Any thoughts?  I suppose I will research it a bit more.