Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8

New Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8 announced, now live in the Store

One day after Windows Phone 8 users received the new Hulu Plus app, they’re being treated again to another major app: Foursquare. While Windows Phone has had an official Foursquare app for some time on the platform, the new version is a complete overhaul.

Co-developed with Microsoft and Nokia, the new app is a completely new UI, is much faster to use and is simply gorgeous.

Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8

From a blog post by Foursquare just posted:

“The new app has all the best Foursquare features, each tailored for the Metro UI — beautiful maps, great insider tips, trending places, and more. Some of the Lumia models even integrate Foursquare data into their augmented reality experience (!!!), so it feels like you’re in the future when you’re finding cool places and money-saving deals.”

Indeed the app is quite a joy to use. And good news for Windows Phone 7 users, as an update overhauling that version is expected in the coming weeks as well.

Pick up the new Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. All Windows Phone 8 devices, though it has feature optimizations for Nokia Lumia phones.

It’s version 3.0 and being so new, it may take a few hours before it propagates through the marketplace to your region (we got it on our end, so we know it’s live).

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New Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8 announced, now live in the Store


Youtube has been updated as well... A redesigned app.. The link is not live for me so i can't provide it..

Yeah, I'm still keeping it for preloaded videos. But as Microsoftjunkie pointed out, now you can save videos with the new app.

Why announce this? The devs that filled the gaps...for FREE...shouldn't get publicly dissed because you've moved on. I give a LOT of respect to 4th & Mayor for giving us a top shelf app when FourSquare couldn't care less.

No one is publicly dissing anyone. 4th and mayor is a great app and it filled the gap well. The dev has my respect.
You cannot say that foursquare couldn't care lass. What you people seem to forget is that the SDK came out veyr late. It takes about 6-8 months to get a proper app working. Surely foursquare did not start working on this app last month. It has been under the works for some while.
This is why we are seeing an influx of apps around this time. (6-8 months after the sdk was released)

The app tile isn't the same as my accent colour of choice and there's no dark mode.
Keeps 4th & Mayor. Uses Foursquare official only as a back up app.

The new app is still to go up on Mexico, but I'm eagerly awaiting it. In the meantime you can download the new YouTube app, which is awesome too.

It's already live on the store. I just installed it.
Ya está disponible en la tienda. Acabo de instalarla.

I've met 3 people (strangers) who checked in at same place as me on different occasions and now we are friends who go camping and gigs together.

I'm curious, is this new app missing the ability to automatically share your check in with Facebook and Twitter? I see that you can manually share it by hitting the share button, but the auto feature seems to be gone?

I can't say it was horrible, but the one feature I didn't quite understand was that I wasn't able to read or comment back on likes and comments my friends made. I would have to go directly to.the webpage to read and reply for any comments.

Would it have been that hard to make a Facebook app tailored for the WP UI, as this one is, and still keep the identity. That's still a joke.

Not true! Metro is right when you unlock that screen. Its in the OS and no WP isn't slow at all! Put a quad core and you would cut your fingers with screen transitions!

The redesign is just gorgeous, simply amazing !!
We use to have two official Foursquare Apps in the Windows Store, one publish from Foursquare themselves and one published from Nokia. When they announced the exclusive Foursquare features for the Lumia devices back in January, along with the new App, I was more than sure that we will still have two separate Apps, one again publish by Nokia for Nokia devices.
It looks like this is not the case and we will now have only one App in the Store, publish by Foursquare only and will "unlock" extra capabilities when it gets install on a Nokia Lumia smartphones. At least this is what the situation currently looks like. Can we get a confirmation? 

Confirmation--Liz @ Nokia. Foursquare published app will also soon post in Nokia Collection. (same app in both location)  Cheers-

Yesss been waiting for this one for awhile. If really good it's replacing both the old official app and 4th&mayor..

Can someone explain to me why this didn't overwrite the old foursquare i have installed in my phone?
other than that well i love the new UI and i am still gonna explore this one. 4th and Mayor still stays however. until i get comfortable with the new foursquare

This is an update to the official one published by Foursquare, Inc. If you installed the one in the Nokia collection, it will not update that one as I believe Nokia removed it now with this official release.

Wow, vast improvement in the performance of the app. Light years ahead of the old version. Things are looking up on the app front!

See, you can still deliver a consistent UX and NOT giving up on the Metro UI panamora and pivot features! Are you listening Microsoft?

I'm talking about Windows Phone specifically. Modern UI has its own implementation for each device (Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox, web), at least that is how Microsoft has delivered it to us for the past years.

The app is amazing. However, I found a very annoying bug where it's not possible to upload pictures at the moment. Other than that, it's one of the most beautiful WP apps out there. In terms of app quality, the iOS and Android version simply fail to keep up. And not only with Foursquare I might add.

Have you noticed Ms. Alba is posting to instagram a lot where in the past she used twitter to post pics much more, I bet she's testing instagram for wp8

Anyone else having the issue with notifications not being marked as "read" or friends not being "accepted" until you restart the app? Same with liking and unliking venues; they dont show up as such unless you restart. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no dice.

Where is the option to send feedback?! live tiles don't work, toast notifications don't work. some people can't even sign in!
APP is beautiful though
Nvm. found it. hidden under "submit a request" -_-

Either I'm not seeing it or it doesn't exist, but is this update really lacking the event check-ins? That was the one thing I was mainly looking forward to; the ability to check into concerts and actual movies. Anyone else notice this missing option?
Other than that I absolutely love the look and feel of the app. My most-anticipated since they first leaked those initial videos.

Was hoping for this feature too, same as Facebook app can't just type someone's name in status/conment to tag them, hope this feature gets added

Does anyone have a link to where you can download the previous version? I would greatly appreciate it. Can't stand this new version at all. And they got rid of the "x days until you are mayor" which I really liked.