Foursquare app for Windows Phone blocked to download for some Lumia 1520 owners

The official Foursquare app for Windows Phone has had a rough week. A featureless update released on June 24 seemed innocuous enough until users on the Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon had problems launching the refreshed app. The problem seemed limited at first, until a small patch update, version 3.5.8, hit the Store, reportedly fixing the crashes. That 3.5.8 update, nonetheless, is unable to be downloaded by those with a Lumia 1520, revealing an "Item not available" message.

To be clear, Foursquare has not pulled the app. Heading to the webstore, the app is still visible, and it does not have the telltale "This app is no longer published" message that would be indicative of such a change. Instead, the app is being selectively blocked, based on phone model, from downloading.

Foursquare is likely doing this to mitigate, at least temporarily, the problem of new users downloading the app and having it crash. It appears from our own testing that only Lumia 1520 users are affected. The side effect, of course, is that people who are currently having problems with the app cannot update or reinstall it until Foursquare comes out with yet another update. It is not clear when that will happen though we presume it will not be too long.

Foursquare appears to be doubling-down on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 as a recent job listing notes that they now have a "priority project" to build a "marquee mobile service app for all Windows Phone and Windows 8 users." A new universal app for Foursquare is presumably still a few months out, however. It is also not known if such an app will even be Foursquare or one for their new service, dubbed ' Swarm', or both.

We've reached out to Foursquare for a comment and will update accordingly. In the meantime, users can opt to use popular third-party Foursquare app 4th & Mayor to continue their checkins.

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Foursquare app for Windows Phone blocked to download for some Lumia 1520 owners


I question @disqushelp: (What happened with the app in Windows Phone? Regards. ^^ llano) and here the answer: ( Thanks for reaching out. We're taking a look into it. -Qarly)

Seriously....!! Didn't Microsoft throw a boat load of cash at these guys a few months back to provide a better service for WP, Cortana and bing?? You'd think they'd try a little harder to at least keep the app from falling over all the time. Actually, why am I moaning about this.....foursquare is virtually redundant anyway. MS should have used the money on a huge Windows Phone party in the Bahamas.......now that I'd sign up to :-)

Just goes to show money doesn't solve everything. An error is an error and still needs to be fixed, regardless of how much money you have.

Largely because their phone effectively hasn't changed in 4 years. If you want a cookie cutter phone, hit up iPhone. But Windows Phones come in a variety of sizes and resolutions allowing you the choice of what you want. Building apps that cater to this range is harder than iOS apps

Daniel help--Is there an equalizer in L 520??
--Kid's corner is also asking for a password..The whole purpose of it is defeated!!Help anyone??

MS moving towards free fall. The OS is stable just in words. Owners of WP are most frustrated than any other products in gadgets. Also Office 365 and Windows licenses ufff damn costly for OS with errors...

The Foursquare app has never been that great I have been using 4th and Main for years, they don't update I don't care to use the app. I will give whatever ad dollars to someone who cares

Ios is mainly a single phone the Iphone with the same resolution the same specs and the same hardware from iphone 1 to 5s if no one have noticed the wp 8.1 for every phone is different 820 920 1020 and 1520 all have some differences in the os and that probably slows down the fix not to mention that Foursquare dev's are no were near as experienced in WP as they are in IOS and Android

Terribly pissed with foursquare, they don't add any features to the WP app, the UI on the WP 7 version was far superior to the lousy one they have now, and now they completely break the app on 1520:( They call themselves a Microsoft company:-(:-(

Huh, when did Foursquare call themselves a "Microsoft company"?  They are a completely independent company that has nothing to do with Microsoft AFAIK.  Microsoft made a small investment in them earlier this year in exchange for Bing data access, but they aren't a "Microsoft company" and Microsoft's stake is very small (~2% I believe).

Hrm. Nice to know it seems unique to 1520 users. I just thought it was due to them preparing to lauch their new spinoff.

I have the L 1520 foursquare does not open anymore so I deleted the app and went to the store to download it again, cannot see it in the app store anymore :(

You can redownload it via the web link that WPCentral posted in their article the other day.  However, I have the same problem and uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix the crashing problem at all.  I'm back to using 4th and Mayor.

Update is now available (for Lumia 1520 users).

Just made the update a few moments ago and no problems with the app.

Is anyone else having problems with Foursquare now? First of all it wasn't working on my phone as in it would not find my location, so I thought I would delete it and reinstall, but now it wont even download the app, it downloads and tries to install but then rolls back to the beginning and says attention required, any fixes for this?
Also my O2 Priority Moments app isn't working, it says cannot find offers at the moment, please try again, I don't know if its the apps or my phone??
I had a problem with Whatsapp as well, where it would not download any media which was sent to me, so I reinstalled that and that worked, anyone got some help/fixes for me, which would be much appreciated!!!!
Im using Nokia Lumia 1020, on Windows Phone 8, with Nokia Black installed