Go big or go home. Microsoft’s NYC Store is set to impress on October 26th


With just days away before Microsoft opens its temporary holiday Stores we’re getting a first look at the big kahuna in mid-town Manhattan.

The Times Square Store looks to be one of the larger, more engaging of the retail outlets for the company and you can’t knock the location in the slightest. To say this is a high traffic area is an understatement, especially near the holiday season.


We’re also told that this store has extra long hours too. Most MS Stores are open 10am to 9:30pm, usually mirroring the hours of the malls where they are found. But the Times Square place opens 8am and keeps their doors open till 1am—7 days a week. Between those hours and that huge sign, we’re certain to see some high interest in Microsoft this season.

We’ll try to grab some more photos as the week goes on. Thanks, Travis, for the pics!



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Go big or go home. Microsoft’s NYC Store is set to impress on October 26th


I work in Times Sq, look forward to seeing it. Microsoft loves huge pop-up NYC events, still remember the Kinect launch in Times Sq and the giant Windows Phone in Herald Sq.

Pretty sure this is just for the holidays, yes.
But I think Microsoft will be monitoring which "pop up" locations do best.. and those locations will probably get a permanent installation later on..

Apple never beat out Microsoft. Microsoft laid low and let Steve Jobs n Apple become relevant again and now there done laying low there gettn there thrown back :-)

What a coincidence. My gf just emailed me a PDF of the layout of the Times Square event asking me if I knew about it. She works at a design shop and it came across her desk.

She just sent me some other PDFs. This event is huge. It looks like it's not limited to the store but occupies entire swaths of sidewalk.
Daniel, she is concerned that she will get into trouble is the plans are displayed on the web. Especially since they include the script for telling consumers about W8 and what responses to give to questions.
I'll ask her if it's ok to send it to you for your and other wpcentral staff eyes only.

Looks like the corner of 45th & 7th, adjacent to Forever 21. But that's where Planet Hollywood should be, so I have to imagine Planet Hollywood closed down.
Edit: Looks like PH is renovating and will re-open in December. So I imagine Microsoft is occupying the street-level space while PH is renovated in the basement.

Wow. How the hell did they work that out? You mean they're using this space temporarily? I have no idea how they got those guys to agree to this. I guess MS really wanted that location, and that is fantastic. Glad to see they're crazy committed.

Why wouldn't PH agree to it? It's revenue they otherwise wouldn't be getting while they renovate. They still have to make their lease payments.

Fantastic! Suck that Apple. This is certainly an AWESOME spot.  Better for tourist traffic than next to FAO Schwarz.