Grab a Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad for $14.99 (U.S. only)

Wireless charger

Nokia's DT-900 wireless charging pad is no stranger to the deals corner and it's back once again. This time out if you head on over to Tanga, you'll be able to pick one up for $14.99 plus shipping to anywhere in the mainland U.S. It doesn't say which color you'll be getting, though the pictures on the site at least show black and white. So maybe it's pot luck.

Wireless charger

It isn't the cheapest we've seen the DT-900 at over time, but $14.99 for a pretty decent Qi compatible wireless charger isn't to be sniffed at. It works with a ton of Lumia devices, so it's definitely worth snagging if you've been waiting on another deal to appear.

Let us know if you're grabbing one!

Source: Tanga Thanks Sean for the tip!


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Grab a Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad for $14.99 (U.S. only)


Good that it is US only. Keeps my £30 chargers a little bit more valueable. Does someone know why my 920 gets stuck in a vibrate loop sometimes and why does WP8.1 not vibrate at all anymore?

But this is for charging your phone...you know, instead of a cable? It's got nothing to do with increasing your battery life. If you want more battery life without one you just plug in a cable?!

It is a good deal. However, (of course there was going to be a, however) this website has a rating of F on Better Business Bureau. I looked it up since I was not familiar with it. Just know that you are shopping at your own risk with this place.

Damn. Pulled the trigger too quick. Hope everything goes good with those of us that took a flying leap is faith...

For this price I would buy one for my working room and one for the office... If only we'd get these deals in Europe.

If you are in armed forces then you can order this to be delivered anywhere in the world. Don't believe me? See for yourself...

I just ordered the charging plate, which makes it my 3rd...one next to the bed, one at work, and one in the living space. The charging cover for the 925 works ok, but it leaves the phone unprotected and actually makes it more difficult to hold the phone than if there was a full cover. Overall though, love wireless charging...next up, someone please invent hoseless car wash; you would just hold a nozzle and spray away! no more tripping over the hose.

I have a back cover for my Lumia 820. Will the wireless charger still work? Or will its charging strength be any lesser because of the cover?

Was thinking about getting the wireless charger and back plate for the 925, but decided I didn't want to spend that much. Now with this deal, I basically have no choice now and will have to, nice.

So placed my order, as well as one for the charging back plate. Now will just need to do the wireless charging hack.

Phone should be here tomorrow, the rest hopefully by the weekend.

Nice deal! Too bad it won't let me choose the color even though it says you can choose from black or white. Anyone else have that problem? D:

Great, I will pick up 4 of them for my 1520.... Oh wait, I live in the US and have AT&T, my 1520 doesn't have Qi. LOL good thing it was free then.

Thanks, ordered but will have to wait until my bro sends it to me here in AUS, along with other stuff!

I hope people who buy it from tango.com get it since, as dazorange noted above, this place has had a lot of complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Yo sure? Not trying to say you are wrong but even Nokias website doesn't show the devices are compatible. I've looked. 

Yes. I fond it weird too that Nokia doesn't show that on there site when it comes with Qi. Also, user kingjah just posted that he uses it for his L928. His post is a couple down from this comment.

Awesome! Thank you guys for this. I've been beating myself up over only getting one when att did their for sale on Qi devices. Got me another three with this deal! Thanks alot guys!!!

I still can't get over paying $40 for this back in Aug 2013, but its worked flawlessly keeping my L928 charged and performing like a champion.

Should I buy one for the office ? Hmmmm...already got 2 of these, one in the bedroom and one for the home office/travel....

Just received my DT-900. The unit came in a ziplock plastic bag with original NOKIA instructions. The charger is white and charging unit black. I suspect these are refurb because my charger was a little scuffed up. Not too happy with that but I can't bitch about spending $20 dollars on something that usually sells for more.

Did anyone else get a scuffed up unit?