GroupMe bumped to include cute new emoji; fixes some issues from previous update

GroupMe ( is a popular app from Microsoft that enables teams (or simply groups of friends) to collaborate and enjoy the transfer of photos, while making use of both data or SMS for messages. It's available on iOS, Android and even has a web version.

The team has pushed out second, rapid update for the app this week, introducing new emoji support (also available in the GroupMe apps on other platforms) as well as fixing some lingering issues.

The reason the GroupMe team decided on adding their own emoji was due to other apps offering emoji that don't feel as natural as entering text to compose a message. Instead of showing the actual emote in the message compose box, a ":)" or "[smile]" may be present until the message has actually been sent. With any GroupMe app, the emoji will be displayed correctly and shall be fired across the world to the recipient with style.

Emoji GroupMe

Utilising the same idea as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, you'll effectively be able to edit the message, knowing it'll be rendered exactly as is on the recipient device. Neat.

Version was just released today bringing back text prediction as that feature was temporarily removed due to a conflict with the new emoji system. With this latest update, those who were experiencing crashes or missed the autocorrect feature, you should be on better grounds with this release.

You can download GroupMe from the Windows Phone Store (available for Windows Phone 7 and 8).

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Reader comments

GroupMe bumped to include cute new emoji; fixes some issues from previous update


I feel your pain I'd say grab a 520 if you can not having the new apps and updates will drive you crazy as ur waiting for your upgrade or the next cool new phone

Its not available in all regions. I have a WP 7.8 but its not available in my region: India.

Yes! Thank the Lord. I loved the new emojis, but I was making so many mistakes since the text prediction was taken out.

Yep. My pins don't stick either. I don't think they even test pinned groups... They're perpetually bugged and not working right.

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that we are currently working on these two issues (push messages and pinning groups) within the new release.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. Hang in there and feel free to reach out to with any other questions or feedback.

GroupMe is on various platforms (iOS, Android) and even has a web version, so being platform agnostic with the same universal feature set is a selling point.

It was an independent company that was bought by Skype. Then Microsoft bought Skype (ergo they own GroupMe) and current thought is that eventually GroupMe may be folded into Skype, like Lync. For now, it operates as a separate company and is continuing to be developed.

I've been using it for a cross-platform group for several months now. It works well for Android, iOS and desktop too.

Daniel is it better than Whatsapp to you? Whatsapp has some strange delays. I will get messages really late like hours late or a day later. Its crazy. I was hoping to find an even better one. 

I think the benefit here is that they can introduce new themed sets at random. Like the back to school set they just released. It's kind of fun.

Looks like it needs some more updates.
When making a group, it selected people I didn't select and then it took several clicks to get them off.
I gave up.

Your friends don't have to have a Windows Phone to use GroupMe, since GroupMe is available on different devices. The Groups feature in the Peoples tile only works well if everyone else has a Windows Phone (maybe that'll change in the future!).

The groups are easier to manage in groupme than simple sending out group texts. You can also send messages and attachments to GroupMe from the web on your PC, its like group text on steroids. Plus, you can mute specific or all groups at night or when you are busy. Really great way to communicate with a team of people.

People use GroupMe a lot to communicate and coordinate attacks in QONQR. It helps a lot compared the basic 1 to 1 messaging in the game. (use LoneWanderer as a referrer if you want to check out that game because you get stuff with using a referral and I get stuff if you play for a while) It is a fun game, and GroupMe helps a lot..

Android shows when people are typing, auto updates the feed, doesn't have issues looking at photos just attached, and has working notifications. I know they work for some, but they have been broke on my 920 for a couple weeks now.

Is it me or do the live tiles still don't work and pinned groups get un-pinned. I've got a 1020 and it drives me crazy!

I am unable to get notifications through the app, even after the update. When I open the app I get an error which says cannot connect to Microsoft. Is anyone else getting this?? 

GroupMe on WP8 is so poor compared to e.g. Android version. We actually stopped using it due to its UI and features. We were quite surprised and disappointed.