Official moviefone app for Windows Phone

Hello, and welcome to Moviefone! Official app finally lands on Windows Phone 8 for summer films

In case you needed another movie-finder app for your Windows Phone, moviefone (owned by AOL) has released an official and not-too-shabby app for Windows Phone 8 owners. The service, which has been around for years, allows users to find movies, start times, theaters and more based on their current location.

While the app is similar to Fandango and Flixster, moviefone ( does bring its own unique brand and style to your smartdevice. The app allows you to see top box office, trailers and clips, upcoming films, casting information (which you can use to drill down further, nice), what’s out on DVD this week and general film news, all in a Modern UI that is quite responsive to our input.

Official moviefone app for Windows Phone

The app won’t win awards for bringing anything new to the table (and Windows Phone 8 specific features are kept minimal here, there’s not even a doublewide tile), the app itself is well designed with a fast, fluid UI and we’re sure with a couple updates, other features and additions like lockscreen support could be thrown into the mix.

Either way, it’s great to see another official app from a major service hit Windows Phone. Pick up the official moviefone app for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

Oh and we’ve attached the requisite Seinfeld episode video clip for this post.

Thanks, Travis B., for the tip!

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Reader comments

Hello, and welcome to Moviefone! Official app finally lands on Windows Phone 8 for summer films


Funny, I was just updating reviews on these apps today and saw this one available. Not bad, but I wish IMDb would get an update... I prefer it overall, because of TV and stars info.

IMDb desperately needs an update, but at this point, I think a re-write is in order (and will have to happen because that app was outsourced).

Well, the whole point of a wide variety of apps is everyone has different tastes and lives in different places. What is gold to you is trash to another, and vice versa.

It's used to find show times. I didn't know moviefone was still around. It was used a lot before internet became widely available.

Obviously, I'm installing this to help with the install numbers and I'll play with it to see how it stacks up against Flixter and AMC's app (my main theatre is an AMC).  I also agree with some comments above that IMDb needs to update/rewrite.

Only fully featured in USA and Canada, all the other competitors work everywhere else, uninstalled, waste of time unless you live in those 2 countries.

Daniel, thanks for covering the new Moviefone app. An update is coming soon, addressing some of the missing features you wrote about. We're iterating along and we hope users continue to enjoy the app. Thank you all for checking out Moviefone. All feedback is appreciated!