Here is my Start screen wallpaper for Windows Phone 8.1

One of the more interesting side effects of constantly taking photos of your phone, especially during such a high profile week, is everyone is curious as to what app that is or where’d I get the background. They’re all fine inquiries, the challenge for me is trying to respond to every tweet, email, DM or comment here to satisfy everyone!

Hence this post. This is nothing more than me going: here is my wallpaper.

I should mention, the wallpaper was created by the fantabulous app PolyScreen, which we detailed in our little guide dubbed ‘How to get beautiful Start backgrounds for Windows Phone 8.1’. That app randomly generates low-poly images, so what you see below is a one of a kind. Or something.

Regardless, if you folks like this sort of thing, I suppose I can kind of do it regularly. I did detail most of my apps I use on my Start screen in this article, though that is something constantly changing. (Before anyone asks, that weather app is the new Blue Skies. We covered it recently and it’s my new favorite). To make Twitter 'transparent' I used the free app Transparency Tiles.

So without further ado, go forth and download!

For those who want a direct link: http://1drv.ms/1f2DD2k


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Here is my Start screen wallpaper for Windows Phone 8.1


I have also pinned that clock to my start screen for few days now and No, It's not sucking much of the battery..  I would love to see something like clock and weather on a same tile.. 

There is another that does weather also, but according to the dev it requires sideloading to update properly. He also has a W8 version that works great on my Surface. Its called TimeMe.

Mine kinda stopped working and couldn't display the time. Only the icon. 

Anyone have similar issues?

I've learned it definitly has something to do with the type of background used. For me it seems the darker the better. In fact, you can now do the appropriate "STORM TROOPER" phone with white background using a black wallpaper background. No need to change the high contrast setting in ease of access. 

I wish the Cortana tile used smaller font for headlines. More like the size of the Bing news app font. Also, please let us manage our sources on Cortana...

I use it all the time ... Its quick to launch & can also recognize Arabic music (both Bing & SoundHound can't)

@AliSiirappi I guess you're of the "Samsung invented this..." crowd, much like how those are 'Apple colors' because Apple invented ROYGBIV too.

News flash: polygon wallpapers have been huge on Reddit and other design communities for the last year. Samsung is merely picking up on the trend. They didn't invent it.

Guess your aggressive ad hominem response shows my reply got under your skin for some reason. Fact is that those backgrounds have started popping up everywhere after the s5. Whatever the originator it is pretty clear that it has played into it by being a very visible product. No harm done, I personally use the Nexus 7 wallpaper because it is excellent.

You used the word "ripoff". What other response did you expect? He made a valid point that it's not a "ripoff" of the Galaxy s5 at all.

next up can you show the rest of your start screen? that'd be great your start screen has persuaded me to use the background feature 

I did tweet how we had the largest day ever for traffic on Monday, with 1.3 million page views and 300k uniques. Traffic only dipped 9% from that on Tuesday, which is crazy. It's now leveling off though still much higher than normal.

Thanks Dan! I'd been asking about this all week. I use PolyScreen too but I could never get that exact same colour/polygon combo so I settled for all blue. Thanks again...

Daniel, Why do you still have store Icon pinned? Autoupdates are working beautifully. Same is the case with settings Icon. You can easily access it from notification area. See i saved you 2 small icon space on your gorgeous LUMIA ICON.

I'm pretty sure he's not using the store icon for updates only. He's reviewing a lot of apps so he's probably going through the store every day. Also, the store now lets you manually look for updates, which is also pretty useful for someone writing articles on Windows Phone. About the settings tile, yeah you're right. One of the first thing I did after updating was getting rid of it!

I for one now also have the store app pinned to my start screen. With automatic updates off, I have too many apps and games lol. So therefore would rather manually update.

Unrelated...but for UK users, you can pick up the 64GB Lumia 1020 for around £160 after discount, and the 925 for a potential £49!!!
Check out Hot UK Deals for the details. I've just ordered 2x 1020's for family members. Stonking deal, especially for that 64GB edition!

Could be fun if there was a place where we could post a screenshot of our start screen and maybe once a week you could feature a small selection, that way we could see the different styles different Windows Phone users have for their start screen.

Daniel is the 1520 your daily driver now? I was under the impression that you thought it was way too big. Did it grow on you?

Nice but as long as backgrounds are automatically darkened I don't think there is much point in light bright colors. At least on my phone they look very yucky.

I think everyone, but that's one of those things I already expected. I'm guessing as the OS gets fine tuned for the general release next summer battery life should improve.

Mine looks way better. Well except for when I scroll past the WP central wide tile that can't stay transparent..

Thanks Dan! Just curious, did you place your Cortana tile in that position on purpose? The circle is right smack in the middle where the colored triangles meet!! Effing cool!

I imitated a similar one before. I blurred it and it looks fantastic. 

Blue skies is my new favorite too.


Why Cortana is not showing the top headlines of my country instead its showing news of US..Is it because I have changed the region to US?

I like this article. I'd definitely be interested in seeing future articles like this, and I'd also be interested in seeing what other staff writers have on their start screens.

Folks, i need help with my 8.1 preview. I ' ve read, that battery saver tile is live and shows battery percents, byt on my Ativ S it doesn't show anything...

some of the glaring issues I have been facing after wp8.1 update

  • The mobile and desktop site options are swapped in the IE. If you set it to desktop, it opens the mobile site and vice-versa
  • Cortana would not listen if you are connected to a bluetooth device like a bluetooth home phone (the ones that route your cell phone call to the home phone via bluetooth)
  • Sounds (like noise) each time you forward a video clip
  • opening a video always pops up open/save dialog. Its a pain.
  • Battery draining issues - but it got fixed after doing a hard reset. I would suggest the same to everyone who is upgrading instead of a clean install. Best option is to upgrade, take full backup and then do a hard-reset so the start screen is preserved.
  • Even though the file picker is supported in SDK, still there is no option to attach documents in an email. This to me the most glaring omission so far. Its like not giving copy/paste in the initial version of WP.


Not impressed, of course to each their own.
What happened to the Metro UI philosophy?
Transparency & backgrounds only seem to make
navigation & groupings less intuitive.
Give me the ability to change each tile color
& maybe a dark & light icon color option.
Seems obvious & maybe this option
exists but I haven't found it yet.


Hey Daniel, is that Super Calendar? How did you get to make the tile transparent? Even though i select it to be transparent, its not doing it. I get a black background... Only the settings and day addon tile go transparent. Thanks a bunch, been trying to make my homescreen look awesome, and this is my last hurdle jeje.

Omg, when u take away a tile, it did not open a window to the background, it black out.

There is a similar but much nicer wallpaper to the wallpaper that you show in your article and that is a Galaxy S5 wallpaper. You can easily find it using the keywords Galaxy S5 wallpaper in Google Images. I give you a link of this much more colorful wallpaper with different sizes at https://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&q=Galaxy+S5&tbm=isch&tbs=sim...

And here is a sample at http://cdn.androidbeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/samsung_galaxy_s5_... see how nice this wallpaper looks like: