How to force close an Xbox One game or app

Xbox One quit game

One of our favorite features on the Xbox One is the ability to resume games even after turning off the system. It's really handy at finishing single player games after being interrupted by errands. But once in a blue moon, we notice games getting stuck at the splash screen when attempting to resume after startup. Want to know a quick fix? Force close the game! We'll show you how simple it is on the Xbox One.

Follow the steps below and/or watch the video.

  1. While in the game or app, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. Make sure that the biggest application tile is highlighted, and then press the Menu button.
  3. Select Quit.

That's it! You can re-open the game. It won't resume to where you left off, but it helps you reset a frozen game.

Closing a game also makes sure your timed trials don't run out. For example, the Madden NFL 15 trial is limited to 6 hours of gameplay. Don't be surprised to find out the trial has run out because you didn't close the game.


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How to force close an Xbox One game or app


Has Microsoft sold every Xbox One in the world? If not, it means there is a new customer every day needing to know something. If Microsoft has sold every Xbox One in the world, then our apologies ;)

This tip is like.. "Oh btw did you know you can pin games and apps to your stat screen?".. Anyone with a ounce of intelligence or curiosity would have already worked it out.

You are right, anyone that is curious would have figured it out. Maybe someone that buys an Xbox today will need to know and when they Bing it, it will bring them to this page, thus making it a valid reason for this article.

To be fair, I've had an Xbox One since Christmas and I didn't know this. Of course, I've been using "Xbox Go To [Game2]" followed by "Xbox Go To [Game1]" to flush it out, since the Xbox One is only capable of running one game at a time it shuts down the hung up game, allowing you to restart it.

i am not complaining, merely just joining in the fun. I couldn't care less what the website was called as long as it delivers the same news it does now.

I admit my comment earlier should have had a lol at the end

Good tip, I can imagine there has been instances where people ended up with a stuck game and disconnected the power from the back in the event turning off via kinect or the power on / off button did not fix the problem.

Uh, no, that would be dumb because you could always just switch to another game: "Xbox, go to Killer Instinct" and it would flush out the previous game. Then you could immediately switch back to the previous game and it would boot anew.

That's great, except that FIFA 14 is the only game I've bothered to install on my Xbox One.  Your tip doesn't work for me and this has not been a "rare" issue in my house -- deal with it nearly every time the machine gets turned on.

You should think about downloading another game, changing discs, or getting a new Xbox. If it isn't rare then something is broke.

I've had to reset FIFA a few times too..

Also, have you ever gone into FIFA and found all your settings revert to default? Been happening to me a lot lately.

Sorry, but there is no excuse for only having downloaded FIFA 14 so far. There are a ton of fantastic free games that you should definitely have, in the order of awesomeness:

1. Project Spark

2. Killer Instinct

3. Xbox Fitness

4. Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason

5. Powerstar Golf

6. Pinball FX 2

And some excellent free Games with Gold games you apparently missed out on:

1. Max: Curse of Brotherhood

2. Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

3. Halo: Spartan Assault

4. Crimson Dragon

5. Strike Suit Zero

Those are 11 games right there that you should be able to say "Xbox, go to". Tsk, tsk.

@Coip - I said Instances what other people would do, trust me there are alot of silly people on this planet :P (like going ballistic over a fridge / freeze manual) and I have been told by some of the users that I teach that they disconnect the plug on their PS3 when it hangs... so yeah...

Not to mention, some techies are guiltiy of doing that as well lol, my x1 has only hanged four times watching windows weekly on youtube, twice recently, once on Forza and the first being on Max: the curse of brother hood.

On all instances but one, the x1 restarted the app after a minute or so... when Forze froze it was like that for 10 minutes so had to turn off and on via the power button as pressing the guide button didn't work.

This is a very helpful tip, and another example of the buggy One. You have to force Netflix closed if it wasn't shutdown completely and you open it in different profile, even the next day. Other games have their issues as well and this fixes them. I haven't had to pull power since I started doing this.

Use it all the time... COD crashes constantly after wake, plants vs zombies loses logged in account.
Get the xbone out of beta already

Haven't had any freezing problems yet. Crashes are uncommon, but not unheard of with my Xbox One. I'm really surprised that nothing has frozen yet, that is more annoying than crashing to me.

Any screen of the dash that is showing the tile of the game will work... Doesn't have to be the big tile... Example... You play the game.. Then watch tv... The game is a small tole but you can still force close it from the dash front page or apps/games screen

i think it's interesting that MS gives you different ways to get stuff done with the Xbox but you don't have a way to switch between open apps (not counting verbal switch with Kinect. i mean a visual representation). there needs to be a way like WP where you long press the guide button to bring up a multitask window so yo can see what is running atm.

I've also thought it was odd they didn't have this and immediately thought of Windows Phone and Windows 8.

You c an switch beteewn open apps/games in the home screen, the big square is the latest used app, and below are the last 4 open apps.

No, the bottom are most recent. you can kill an open app/game and it will still appear down there even if you power cycle. The OS needs a true task killer/manager like WP uses.

FYI.. Sometimes the Kinect stops listening.. Annoying .. Esp when I'm saying Xbox, watch HBO... Nothing happens... Wife says... Xbox, hates you.. :). Anyway, sometimes force closing the TV app fixes it... Sometimes you have to cold boot... Which means you have to change the settings to power saver... Turn it off.. Then back on.. Then put it back to instant on... Or be lazy and unplug it... But that makes me guilty, since I'm a tech. Anyhoo.. when your Xbox is being a punk that's how to fix it... Unplugging/replugging the Kinect doesn't work

You don't need to do any of that. Just press and hold the Xbox capacitive buttton on the front of the One until it force reboots. This will clear your cache and usually fixes any issues.