HTC Mozart in India receives update for Internet sharing

HTC Mozart owners residing in India are receiving an update to be able to use Internet Sharing, according to a report at welovewp.hk. Aviraj Ajhekar, an employee at Microsoft India, has published an article stating his Mozart received a firmware update and was then able to tether.

Unfortunately, welovewp.hk  reports that a similar update received in Hong Kong doesn't enable the feature, which further confirms the final decision being up to carriers. We've recently covered ThreeUK allowing Internet sharing on the Samsung Omnia 7, as well as LG Germany.

Have you received a firmware update that enables this WiFi feature?

Source: wplovewp.hk, Aviraj Ajhekar  Thanks Simon!


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HTC Mozart in India receives update for Internet sharing


I got the update on Wednesday...i have an omnia7 from 3 austria....the update included internet sharing for a maximum of 5 people connected simultaneously...works quite well..downloaded fxcomposer yesterday with 600kb per second :)

Im updating my LG Optimus 7 right now, it doesnt show any info about the update (Currently i have mango), so i searched a bit and nothing came up.I will update u with the versions numbers when its done.Cheers

Malaysia here. Just got the 2250.51.50001.707 firmware update a few days ago. No tethering. Mozart.Eagerly waiting for this!

Just got a upgrade on my HD7 over the weekend which puts the firmware at 2250.21.50001.707. So guess have to wait of one more FW update for tethering.