Hands-on photos of the new HTC One (M8) for Windows

HTC One M8 for Windows

HTC just finished their press event here in NYC where they announced the new HTC One M8 for Windows smartphone. It features a 5-inch 1080p display, 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and so much more! It's exclusive on Verizon, which might make you extremely jealous after checking out these photos of the HTC One M8 for Windows.

HTC One M7

HTC One M8 for Windows

HTC One M8 for Windows

HTC One M8 for Windows

HTC One M8

HTC One M8 for Windows camera

 HTC One M8 for Windows

We'll have more coverage of the HTC One (M8) for Windows as the event stretches on. Look forward to a hands-on video coming up shortly. What do you aesthetically think of the HTC One (M8) for Windows?


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Hands-on photos of the new HTC One (M8) for Windows



Can I ask you some questions:

Why would you expect live lockside to be perfect when it's clealy labeled, "Live Lock Screen BETA"?

What is your definition of BETA?

What does it being in beta have to do with me wanting to know whether the HTC app has similar quirks as the live lock screen app??? I understand live lock screen is in beta and wouldn't expect it to be perfect even if it wasn't in beta.  I actually use live lock screen and dont really have any issues except for a few hiccups every now and then...The point of my comment was that I wanted to see if HTC was able to make a lock screen app work without hiccups. Besides HTC probably has an advantage interfacing with one device rather than many.

How am I contradicting myself? This phone is a has been to me.....and I have no interest in it. However I am curious about the dotview thing. Other than that it isn't anything special to me which I've said several times .

@Gabriel Paiva2

I guess he is stuck on a binge whinge high :P and plus he is probably going to be on a constant loop now (I hope not as he is at risk of sounding better than a broken record), given there is going to be plenty of coverage of HTC's latest addition to windows phone for the next few days lol.

It's not even highlighted on the Verizon website on launch day. And, it's locked in, so no one else can advertise it. The only HTC One they highlight at all is the Android version. Sad.

Verizon/HTC did a great job with this. Announce the phone, and build up enough hype and momentum where you can get interested buyers to purchase the device on the spot.

Microsoft needs to do this with Nokia phones. Hope this device does well enough where other carriers will say, "We want it, too." (I can dream)

Yeah I am thinking about ditching my 920 for that since the 930 is not worth to be the sucessor of the 920 IMHO. But no word on int. availabilty. So either wait for that or hope for some guys at xda dev to figure out how to port WP to the android version.

My consensus as well, so far, it has been the phone that keeps on giving with every new update: Sensor core, aptX, Bluetooth low energy,camera improvements, 5.1 surround sound video recording, and so on & so forth.

You should try the 1520 if you can skip the bigger screen aspect. the phone is great. And about the 930, well I have bought one recently and I must say that I am satisfied with it. I also had 920,928,1520 in the past so...but again it's your opinion.

If you really cannot go past the 6" screen on 1520, go and try the 930 in a store, you won't be disapp.

Unfortunately the 1520 is too big for me. I actually bought the 930 from different retailer three times and looked at even more devices in stores. But the display was on every device disappointing.

Not quite :). I've seen many users in Romania who still use the 920 and are very happy about it. One of the reasons why most of them have not switched to 925 is the internal memory space: only 16GB except for the Vodafone exclusive which has 32GBs. But yes, the 920 is old and the most fun part is that it still takes better photos than many other new phones from other platforms :)

The truth is, once you get used to the picture quality from Lumia, is kinda' hard to go somewhere else.I have recently had an iphone 5S, great phone, stable, no lags, very fast but the two major points that made me come back to WP are: screen size and battery life. Camera is ok on iphone 5S, it really is but it can't be compared to lumia's.

Why RIP anything? I still love my 925 and I'm not giving it up for the latest fad phone. This phone looks very nice but I'll wait. No need to constantly keep swapping phones. Not a damn thing wrong with my 925 and I'm running the WP 8.1 Dev Preview update.  So... pfffttt.

Agreed. The Lumia 925 has been one of the best WP devices to date. I only wish there was Lumia 935 in the making...

I've gone from omnia 7, to Lumia 920, 925 now using Lumia1520 - the 1520 is night & day better than all of these other handsets (and also miles better than my g/f's Samsung Galaxy S5!)

Amen brother! Snap into a Slim Jim! The 1520 still rules....but I think ts going to get competition soon. Maybe, from itself, if the 1525 or whatever they call it comes out. Toss in an 805, 2k screen, OTG, and 3gb of ram for a few more background tasks.

You can't compare 1520 with GS5. Besides the camera which is far better on 1520, the OS itself is working without hiccups on 1520. On S5, after I took a photo the camera app just froze for about 6-7 seconds. Not to tell the lag from the OS even on the high specs that the S5 has, so you are lucky with your 1520. It's a great phone for someone who can accept the bigger screen.

I have just aquired a 930 after pushing my iph5S to my wife :D.

+925, Although the lack of an SD slot kind of annoys me on my 925, it's a great phone and I don't see myself "upgrading" in the near future. Maybe if T-Mobile releases the 1525 I may pick up that, but that's pretty much it.

Though what you say is true, I notice a prevalant defensive attitude toward the HTC M8.  WP fans should be happy and not try to defend phones that came out before.  HTC is trying and the more phone son the WP platform the better.

Looks beautiful, wary of support. Sticking with Nokia\Microsoft until other vendors show better service\ platform support.

Me too. I actually miss the old 8x i had, just was hard to keep and sit on the sidelines with all the nokia "exlcusives".

Did you have any issues with yours? I had 2 dead pixels on the screen, the SIM card error, and random reboots after gdr2. Still far less issues than my brother, mom, and friend had with their 928's

I got 920 day 1. Had overheat issue but Nokia Care was awesome and quickly replaced my phone. Other issues were pretty much resolved over time via software and firmware updates. Big fan of Nokia despite few hiccups.

I bought 2 920s day 1.  My wife's has been pretty good.  She smashed her screen and I was able to replace it.  Mine, on the other hand, has been pretty bad.  I'm very greatful for Nokia Care, because I'm on my third phone because of different malfunctions.  Now, the power and volume button don't work.  It's really easy to replace, but damn, this phone is high maintenance.  Good thing it takes amazing pictures!

What I noticed is that it actually goes away. And you swipe up to make it appear. That's not the way the Lumia 635 works. It's always there and I don't like it... The only time it doesn't display the nav bar is when watching  video full screen from the web browser (like youtube).

No, that is stupid. You realize that right?

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No it is not stupid. I want a phone that doesn't wobble when typing on it with one hand while it lays on a table when I reach over to check on a message.

You officially just want to be petty about anything eh?

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I clearly said "In the WP battlefield". Meaning, comparing it to other Windows Phones, this is something new and different. You would have to take a test before you are allowed to post anything online.

Thanks, but isn't it still there on the home screen?  You can't turn it off on the M8 for Android I don't think.

So with this release we can get an idea to see how a similar phone with similar specs would perform in speed tests and see if there are people willing to try out windows phone.

Is it able to load the Nokia exclusive apps (Mixradio, Transit, navigation, camera apps) now that Microsoft owns Nokia's devices business?

But like others, the Verizon exclusivity is a deal breaker. Not changing carriers, from gsm to cdma, for any phone.

No MixRadio, but all the Here Drive and Navigation stuff can be downloaded.

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How about the Nokia Camera and editing apps, and the nokia YouTube video uploader?

So no music app, that plays your stored music other than Xbox Music? :-/ XBM sucks.

There are other music players on the WP store. As Far as the Nokia camera apps, that can't be downloaded on this. Those are exclusive.

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I don't think xbm sucks. It's better than two months ago that's for sure. Is it perfect? Heck no, but I think it's at a stable place in its life cycle.

I don't think it is an attractive phone. Not particularly ugly, but not attractive to my sensibilities anyhow. That said, "Woohoo! more Windows Phones!!!!"

Love my 1520 so much, hope this push by Microsoft brings the marketshare up, and people get tired of Android and iOS :)

The hinge is a deal breaker. Looks extremely annoying. It needs to lay flat against the back of the phone when fully opened.

It nt only looks gorgeous but is power packed too.... I think it d most powerful windows phone available in the market

I agree,the only phone that can compete with Lumias in terms of build quality and design,love what I'm seeing so far,I believe HTC will support this phone with updates,if they want to get back on top.

Beautiful device. Almost everything one could want in a flagship WP device. But just a couple little niggles that will probably keep me from buying it (no Qi, questionable camera, questionable vendor commitment to platform, etc).

Aesthetically I liked the M7 better. The metal looks gorgeous but on a day to day basis it's very scratch and dent prone.

While I agree with you that it might be prone to scratches, you should not forget that brushed metal can help hiding smaller scratches. Dents can happen on any material be it plastic oder metal.

Love this.


I got a 1520 a month ago but I was eyeing on a new HTC device since their designs are always top notch. I actually preferred the 8X design over the 920 but internal storage is always important to me more than anything else esp. for a device without an external card slot.


Interested. Maybe, but I want to check out the BlackBerry Classic too.

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Have you seen the hardware/specs? Better than any other WP. That excuse wouldn't happen.

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Love it. Hopefully it will one day gwt a worldwide release. But at least this will force Nokia to come up with a good 93x Phone.

So I am assuming all the HTC apps are straight Android ports? I see Android's menu button on the blink feed app.
I'm glad we are getting a nice phone I guess.

Seems you have experience.
Htc has not showing there best side with wp8.1 support on particular phones.
That risk is not worth the money.
Lessons learned.

HTC is the first in the new era of Windows Phone. I can see the shelfs in the stores now!

Next to the 100 Android phones we will see more and more different Windows Phone devices.

Making costomers see Windows Phone easier :D

How exactly is this a new era. If I were a random customer I would get confused as to why the same phone has two different os. A new era would have been building on the 8x

Really isn't confusing. Also, it would be nice to walk into a cell phone store and see every Android phone have the exact same phone next to it with WP on it.  Not going to happenk but would be cool to see choice on every piece of hardware.

Argh I am green with envy! :P... I want one now! (says the heart, my head is busy rationalising that decision - No Qi, On-Screen buttons, No Camera button etc..)

How does the limited edition dot view case look like?

Yes.....i miss a article about the great support htc did on the 8.1 update on a particular phone.
Six articles about the same subject is just waste. Just make one large article. Tomorrow's news M8 has backlit buttons right after M8 camera is great but not fully supported.

6 articles about the newest Windows Phone after not having a major announcement since the 1520 & 1320...wah wah wah.


Articles about Windows & Xbox...wah wah wah.

That is just really beautiful! So glad to see other great looking high end phones coming to Windows other than Lumias,different choices is always good! 

Do you really need the dot case to get it to work? I kind of assume without the case it would be like glance.

Nice phone with some flaws...

1. Same as the android version (looks the same)

2. No Physical buttons, Yea, some will say no big deal but, with out looking at my phone on my ICON, I hold the search button to bring up Cortana... When you have the buttons up, it's no longer a 5" display as it uses part of the screen for them

3, No camera button.

4. No wireless charging (is there a hack for the Android version to add it that could be applied to this phone ?)

Nice phone but, not sure I can get over these flaws....but that 32gb WITH MicroSD is a big one that I wish the ICON came with..

Wireless charging doesn't work with metal phones.

To me, on screen buttons aren't any different than capactive buttons.  Both you can't "feel" for and are always going to be in the same place (once you swipe when dealing with on screen buttons).

This phone is stunning and it really fits to Windows Phone very well, I almost forgot it has an Android version of this phone. Waiting for hands-on...

They will likely release a version for non-US markets at some point (much like Nokia/Microsoft did with the Lumia 930), which should come with the appropriate 4G frequencies.

Exciting times for Windows Phone. The best looking phone on the market is now rocking windows phone. :D
Any word on international availability though?

That's because it's literally the same hardware as the Android version. Microsoft removing the requirement for hardware buttons & a dedicated camera button in the reason why this HTC One (M8) for Windows even exists.