HTC TITAN II destined for Telstra in early April


Though we still don't have a confirmed release date here on AT&T for the HTC TITAN II with its 16MP camera (rumored: March 18th) and we haven't heard officially that it's going overseas, WPDownunder reported last week that Australia will be grabbing the device very soon.

Now however, we have a time-frame for release: Telstra will begin advertising the device on March 27th with an anticipated release date during the first two weeks of April. That's even ahead of the Lumia 900 (unlocked) which is expected to ship at the end of April (no word yet on a carrier release, though mid-year has been talked about).

It will be certainly interesting to see if Australia does indeed get the TITAN II this early. We reported yesterday that the first TITAN had been removed from some UK online stores, perhaps in anticipation of the TITAN II's launch--things do seem to moving in that direction.

Source: WPDownUnder


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HTC TITAN II destined for Telstra in early April


It'd be nice to know when any of these phones are coming to the US.  Come on AT&T, so called premiere carrier of Windows Phone, give us some frigging answers!!!

Yeah, they're getting ready to sell 9 million ipads a second. How foolish of them not to give more attention to less than 1% of their customers that are waiting for the Titan II. Look, these guys are in business to make money. Apple is where the money is right now. Sure, that is likely to change in the future, but they'd be complete idiots not to cash in on the current iPad frenzy. I truly believe MS is lucky they have any hardware partners and carriers interested at all. Just being realistic.

As much as a despise apple (except Macs, I love my mac), I totally agree with you. But I was hoping for the Lumia 900 to be released March 18.

its unfortunate, indeed, but look at it this way: att has now a lot more time to prepare the launch of the hero device
having a att rep as a friend, he told me that one of the color dots (pieces that go below the phone's display in a att store, usually used to tell the customer the devices comes in another color) was delayed to at last a week. so that pushes the nokia lumia 900 about 2 weeks from march 18th give or take. in the mechadising world, thats a lot of time to have a great initiative
usually hero displays in att store (like the past bb torch), are actually there to stay for a while. i'd much rather is nokia/ms/att planned something this, instead of just a display in a phone encased.
patience, my frends, patience

The big question is: Will HTC be promoting the TITAN II? Titan has a fantastic camera so it should be easy to market the even better 16MP lens on this thing. However, if they expect it to sell itself like they did with TITAN and not advertise at all...they can only expect it to perform the same...which is to say...not very well.