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Huebrix shifts to Windows Phone after 1.6 million downloads on other platforms

It's better late than never. Another puzzle game from iOS and Android has just made its way to Windows Phone. Huebrix by Yellow Monkey Studios is a color puzzle game about filling spaces on a grid with paths of blocks. It has over 1.6 million downloads on other platforms, and now it's ready for Windows Phone users.

Head past the break to watch our gameplay video with the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Huebrix has over 400 levels, separated by skill level for your convenience. Solve the levels by dragging paths from blocks to fill out the puzzle grid. The blocks only give you paths of a specified length, so it's going to require your brain to do some hard work.

As you progress, special blocks appear to determine the orientation of paths, acting as clues and challenges at the same time. For example, an arrow block forces you to go in one direction. A colored block, only accepts specific colors. A block with an X ends the current path.


Huebrix appears easy at first, but it gets challenging. There's a timer on the top right corner that stops when a level is solved. It does not reset back to zero if you retry a level. We think that's a great idea because it encourages players to solve the puzzles as fast as possible.


While we enjoy occasionally playing Huebrix, we found a couple of annoyances. Pressing the Windows Phone back button exits the game. It does not properly go to the previous screen. Another problem is the screen orientation. Huebrix allows you to play the game in landscape view, but you'd want to avoid it. Huebrix will shift to one side of screen, causing two-thirds of the display to be empty black space.

Huebrix costs $1.99 from the Windows Phone Store. Unfortunately, there's no free trial in this initial version. We like this game, but the annoyances we mentioned need to be fixed. Does this game look interesting to you? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Huebrix shifts to Windows Phone after 1.6 million downloads on other platforms


Not meaning to be rude but Why do you care if it's an Xbox game? Are a going after achievements? Do you game with Xbox friends? Or is it just the title?

Because their lives are empty unless they're earning achievements. They don't enjoy games, they enjoy getting "gold stars" and bragging to girls about the size of their gamerscore :P The only problem is nobody IRL cares about gamerscore. I enjoy games, all games great and small. Achievements are interesting to aim for to squeeze more out of a game, but there's no way they're mandatory. They're effectively boycotting the smaller studios and only going for the big companies rich enough to pay for XBL certification.

For the Gamer attack: Yes, but maybe he/she's really into it and it may mean a lot to them. I'm not judging them just curious. I bet Stallion83 (the dude who got a million gamerscore) is proud of his achievements, he's got recognition from Microsoft and is a well known dude. Just making it clear that I'm not here to piss on "Moth3r_Fr4gg3r"s interests, just curious. Everyone's got a hobby and we should be nice to each other. Just saying. 

As for the achievments parts: Yeah, I don't personally go looking for them but I do try getting achievements in some games if I can. My main aim is to enjoy the game, the achievements are a nice add on. Xbox games on WP hasn't taken off as much as I had liked it to but hopefully there will be more support in the future. 

Fun Fact - My first achievement was from a WP game called Flowerz. I still get bullied over it :') 

Okay, perhaps I was a little harsh - it just annoys me that they only want to reward rich developers and spit on the small developers. XBL certification requires a huge amount of time, effort and money - something a small developer can't afford. We should be supporting all developers great and small, otherwise they simply won't support WP anymore.

I've had an xbox for a long time, so my gamerscore is 18,518. I like achievements and I try to get them when I'm playing. But I also buy tonnes of games (a few hundred Steam games) without them, and they don't effect my purchasing choice at all. I'd say 80-90% of the games I have on WP don't have any achievements at all - and I don't care :P

That's hilarious that your first achievement was in Flowerz! I think mine was in Halo 3 :)

Yes, we can't ignore devs who are giving us the games just because they're not Xbox supported. The community is screaming for more apps and if we just say no to their face because of no Xbox support. 

I moved from the PS3 about 2 years ago and haven't spent much time with my Xbox although since I got Cortana on my phone I felt obligated to play some Halo. Picked Halo 3 of course. I'm going to spend more time on it now. Ahh I remember the day I walked into school shouting yeah got some achievements here! It sits proudly in my Achievements list.

you became popular lately, did you come here just to messing around and gain some fans or something ? are you happy now ?

There's a free version with "dozens of levels" and a paid version with 400 levels. For me the paid version is showing as $2.50 on the App Store, and $1 on Google Play. The free version is ONLY on Google Play, with limited levels (possibly ad-supported too).

Game posts bring out all the moronic comments:
1. "It's not free/Make it free/It should be free"
2. "No Xbox. No download."
3. Next up, "Oh my god, its raining official" as the cult of official collectively wets themselves in a euphoric loss of control over their bodily functions.

Just becoz it's an app ios already had..... Now its bound to sell in higher rate??..... Developers plz seek cost for ur program....and not opportunity cost!

I wud rather spend that 2$ on some poor or some education app...or burn that much fuel to go to a blood bank and donate blood.....but not on that stupid app....coz u see i am not an american!!

There's far too many Americanisms in that sentence to understand if that's good or bad :P I don't know what Rite Aid, Arizona Drinks or Slim Jims are!

I could get 2 x $1 apple pies from McDonalds :P

Whoa whoa whoa, you don't know what a slim jim is?!? How are you even breathing?? And Arizona's are only the best canned drinks for 99 cents on planet earth but that's not a big deal or anything /s
:D but seriously how do you not know what a slim jim is lol

I've heard the name, but I never knew what it was... after searching on the Internet it seems that they're pretty standard beef jerky but shaped into sausages. I've had normal beef jerky before (flat strips), but nothing quite like those. I've never had a Twinkie either... although I do know what they are!

Slim Jim's are disgusting. I wouldn't feed that sh*t to a homeless dog. They basically take cat food, put it into a tube and season it.


@sclubadub - It's supposed to be a sausage snack.

Nope, on Google Play there's one free version with "dozens of levels" but the paid version has 400 levels. There is no free version on the App Store. It's $1 on Google Play and $2.50 on the App Store... so $1.99 sits in between.

I'll get excited when I see Target, Sony, McDonald's, WalMart, Samsung, DFW Airport, Subway, Bell Helicopter, NASA, The city of Arlington, TX, Fort Worth Community Credit Union, Capital One, Discover, American Express, and so on......
IMO these are the apps that lend credibility to the platform in the long term.... Sure, popular games make WP look "in the mix", but when the spotlight on those games fades what is WP left with❔❔❔
WP is left with the apps that really matter, that's what.... I hope this coming week brings more official releases from large companies, restaurants, and services, than games.... WP's just gonna have to be considered the adults platform for now.

The BBVA Compass app was pretty sweet when it came out, but now it lacks a ton of features found on iOS and Android. I'm an avid WP user, but the app gap is a still a big problem.

I hate wrappers... But, they do shut up the majority of critics... I don't mind them as a temporary fill in...

Definitely want a Target app, specifically the Cartwheel one. I shop there all the time and they say "you should get the Cartwheel app" and every time I tell them "it's not available for Windows phone". I want my coupons, darn it!!

Games account for the vast majority of app revenue. Here are some numbers for Android, and iOS is very similar. Sure, they might not be useful strictly speaking, but it's what people do with their phones. Big name game releases on Windows Phone say more to me for the health of the ecosystem than banking apps.

Yes, I do agree that they are very important.... But, my point is that they only bring short term gains for WP's app perception by pundits!!.... Apps like the ones I mentioned will give WP more credibility in the long run, which to me is more important....
So, the average consumer isn't going to remember when WP finally got Angry Birds back in 2012, or 2011,, but they will appreciate when an important IT app, Instagram, or Targets Cartwheel app is available.... Whenever you hear reviewers down WP because it doesn't have the apps they use on a daily basis you never hear them list games... Lol!!!
Seriously, we should be more specific... There's the app gap, and then there's the game gap.

Not really worth the download IMO. If this is the standard of games from iOS or Android we ain't missing anything!!!

I'm sure that if all the apps of this standard were removed from iOS and Android stores, the app count would probably only reach 800 or so..... Dear God!!!!

Don't hate on the devs that put in work to bring this to the platform. Besides it hasn't arrived until its playing on Windows Phone.

I feel the same way you do. People fawn over all these clone w and simple games. Phone games can be so much more, but everyone continually gets duped into paying for these games.

Back button exits game? Microsoft certification must be getting very sloppy since correct use of the back button is a requirement.

I prefer FLOW FREE instead of this game. It's the same logic, and its free... don't forget it has also flow bridges ;) (play and download flow free :D)

I want windows phone to make serious shit like gears of war and halo this what they shouldput if they wanna talk about competition

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

The developer of Huebrix is a friend of mine. I have passed on your feedback regarding the game. Both the orientation big and the Back button functionality will be fixed in the next update.

Folks, there's a new build of Huebrix available in the Windows Phone Store addressing the orientation bug and Back button issues. Go check it out.