ICQ client coming to Windows Phone

ICQ Client

According to Mail.ru Group, the new owners of old-school ICQ, has announced that they are planning to release a client for Windows Phone. Should you still be using the service, you'll be able to chat with contacts on the go with your phone. Will you be looking forward to getting back into the old days?

Source: Mail.ru, via: Pocketnow


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ICQ client coming to Windows Phone


ICQ? really?.....   WOW , when was the last time you used that!?......
Good old Homer Simpson notifications and Message NUKE hacks . lol!

There is a reason mail.ru bought ICQ. It is still quite popular in Russia and moderately popular in Eastern Europe. I use it daily (on Miranda with 3 other protocols)

Yeah, in Russia and former Soviet Republics ICQ is still dominant i think.
I have a 6-digit account on it!!! :-)
used to have 5 but dont remember it...
I guess I will install it...

ICQ is still alive? well, that was really unexpected, i thought it had seen its last days...
still have my 8 digit account, may be i should try it :P

I still use it.  Most of my friends are Russian and I am always travelling between Seattle and Saint Petersburg.  Will be nice having ICQ on my phone to communicate with Russians.  It is still the largest IM service in that country.

Ha! Thank you, I thought surely I wouldn't be the only person asking who the (looks like) 14 year old with the mic was...

I don't know if this is such a win. From my experience official ICQ clients are crappy since... well since always and I'm using ICQ thanks to the Trillian. 

At last!! Yes,you're right: mail.ru agent and ICQ are the most popular services in RF of such a kind. We've been waiting it for a so long time!
Ну наконец-то,правда? Видимо,разработчики хорошо постарались,раз адаптировали так долго