ilomilo join FitLife620 and Grow as this week's Red Stripe Deals

Red Stripe Deals

You know the drill, folks. Every Thursday a handful of apps have their prices slashed in the Red Stripe Deals promotion. This week we've got ilomilo, FitLife and Grow. Check out the reduced prices, further details and store links after the break.

ilomilo (with Xbox Live)

This popular puzzle title is an Xbox Live game that has been available on the Windows Phone Store for a fair while already. If you've somehow not been able to check out the cute, yet highly addictive game that is ilomilo, we strongly urge you to do so. ilomilo puts the player in charge of two characters where single player teamwork, skill and a cunning mind are required to progress through the levels.

You can download ilomilo from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (usually $4.99).

QR: ilomilo



This useful app for both body builders and those who simply enjoy to keep fit enables users to create custom routines and exercise workouts. Following progress is a breeze with the ability to track how you're progressing along (history and some good looking graphs). Detailed demonstration media and information also help you learn new exercises to better help achieve personal goals.

FitLife620 also boasts health measurements, including weight, waist and chest circumference and more. Definitely worth checking out if you frequently find yourself swapping the couch and TV for trainers and a gym card. You can download FitLife620 from the Windows Phone Store for $1.49 (usually $2.99).

QR: FitLife620



The absolute classic of an arcade game, Grow also joins the collection here today. Controlling a fish, you're tasked with helping it grow by essentially eating everything in the aquarium, hence the name. There's much more to the gameplay than simply eating other fish, though. Coins can be collected for upgrades and power-ups in the store and over 78 levels are available, alongside an endless survival mode.

For those of you who are rather competitive, online leader boards are utilised to boast about your hungry fish. You can download Grow from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (usually $1.99)

QR: Grow

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Reader comments

ilomilo join FitLife620 and Grow as this week's Red Stripe Deals


I thought it was gonna be the norm. I dunno what Microsoft and/or developers are waiting for to make it so. 

Yes when I switched to my Lumia 920 I lost all of my sonic data I was almost 100% of the game completed. And also pixle shaper I was on the zombies bit I had to start all over

That's not so much as sync but transferring to a new phone. The PC software should have a option to move all your stuff from one phone to a new one.

Am I the only one not being able to tap anything on ilomilo. Its unresponsive. 920.
First time its happened to me.

update: rebooting did the job

Doe ilomilo have any glitched achievements?
I've tried searching but haven't found my answer yet.

That's funny.  This drives me crazy on my games library on the 360 too - hasn't ever stopped me from buying something but it does throw off the aesthetics :)

Bought ilomilo.If it only was a WP 8 only to support HD display it would be amazing with this awesome graphics!

I think I got ilomilo last time it was on sale. Its a really great game. Grow also is a pretty fun time waster. I think it was worth the 0.99$ for $1.99 it's a bit pricey, so give the trial a try, at least it has survival mode for unlimited play if you just want that mode.