IM+ gets Skype file receiving and more for Windows Phone; Tumblr app gets a fix too

Update 5 PM ET: As it turns out the IM+ update is much, much larger than anticipated. See below for the full changelog.

For those of you who use the all-in-one messenger app IM+, both the Pro and Free versions were updated today to The update doesn’t appear to bring any new features but is instead a rapid bug fix for some connectivity issues to Skype and VK that was reported by users.

IM+ Pro and Free for Windows Phone 7.x and 8, version Changes

What's new? - IM+ users can receive all kinds of files in Skype, Yahoo!, and Jabber. File sending was previously available in IM+ for all supported IM services, and receiving is something very new and incredibly useful. We've also made some major tuning inside the app so that IM+ now connects much faster, and on the outside - like new pretty emoticons.

Advantages for VK.Com Users - Some time ago VK.com announced they will be dropping XMPP support, and only apps using VK API will work. We have implemented VK API support, IM+ customers in Russia (where both VK.com and Windows Phone are big things) can continuously enjoy IM+.

Advantages for Skype Users - Native Skype app is something that owners of low-end Windows Phone fear because of its clumsiness and not-so-fast performance even for chats, and while this can be the main reason they this switch to IM+, we're giving them another major reason: 2-way file transfer. Other benefits for using IM+ instead of native Skype app include support for "Away" and "DND" statuses, copying/quoting messages, chat history in Pro version.

  • Support for logging into Skype with Windows Live account
  • Google Talk OAuth support
  • Connection and stability improvements
  • Support for VK.com API
  • Improved profile pics quality for VK.com contacts
  • Redesigned file messages, previews for images in chats
  • Support for receiving files in Skype, Yahoo!, and Jabber
  • Support for sending voice and video messages
  • Support for two-step Google Talk authentication
  • New emoticons sets
  • Arabic localization
  • Optional displaying of contacts who are connected with "On Mobile"
  • status (implemented per customers' requests)
  • Bug fixes

Likewise, Tumblr’s app, which has not received much praise in reviews lately due to lagginess, articles not loading and other small performance issues, was updated to version No changelog is visible in the Store, though seeing as it is a minor version bump and the app is evidently plagued with performance problems, we’ll hazard to guess that some of those have been addressed in this update.

Head to the Store to pick up IM+ (free or Pro; all Windows Phones) and or Tumblr (Windows Phone 8) update here.

Thanks, zhoulhas and nsa74, for the tips


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IM+ gets Skype file receiving and more for Windows Phone; Tumblr app gets a fix too


This may be a stupid question, and I apologize, but does IM + not allow users to receive files? I can send them just fine.

you can send audio and video files using any account, but in Skype, Jabber and Yahoo! it is possible to send and receive any file like doc, zip etc

I love IM+, Google Talk/Hangout support is fairly decent, some people prefer to use it while chatting with me on their Android tablets, so I have it installed. And I used to use it before, on WP7, because it kept the Skype IM alive. I'm glad it is still being maintained. :) btw, some of the changes: in settings, under network it is now possible to set either tcp/ip or http connection, whatever that might do. Authorisation process for some accounts is slightly different, instead of entering credentials directly it now opens browser and login page there... I'm almost positive those things weren't present before but I could be wrong, I don't dwell in the settings too long to remember. :)

IM+ has been working flawlessly for me for almost a year now, glad to see updates still rolling out

It tells a lot when the Skype experience through a third party app is miles better than the one with the native app itself -.-

All I need is kik Messenger working properly... It's the only app (as I know, please, notify me if there's another app with these features) that has a good reliability due to the Sent/Delivered/Read information. But the lack of the live tile notification just makes it useless... I'm totally opposed to the idea of a notification center for windows phone, but may be in that case, that could be the solution.

No fast app switching and no autocorrect feature make this app so annoying to use. Too bad its one, if not only, remaining gtalk clients left....lets hope they update sometime this century

I wish they added more stuff for fb chat too, but good to see they're supporting WP steadily. How many of you would prefer using IM+ instead of native messenger for Facebook chat??

Im+ does connect to your Facebook so you receive messages and works rather well. I'm currently using it right now.

This app seems like a good idea, and I'm always tempted to install and try it... then I look at that huge ugly tile and logo and I seriously just can't bring myself to do it. A graphic makeover would do this app a world of good I think.

Agreed, aesthetically it definitely doesn't go with WP's UI very well, and from past experience it was a bit clunky to use as well