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Interactive Touch Books for Windows 8 (Hidden Gems)

Hidden Gems Learning to read is one of the best parts about growing up. The books start off simple and get progressively harder the more you learn and the older you get. Reading these days for most adults takes place on digital e-readers like the Amazon Kindle. Young kids are reading more and more on tablets. Interactive Touch Books is an award-winning app on iOS, that recently made its way to the Windows Store.

As part of our Hidden Gems series, we'll be taking a look at this app aimed at helping young children learn to read. It's sure to be a hit among kids and their parents.

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Interactive Touch Books – the app

Interactive Touch Books

The app itself is super simple at its current stage. Interactive Touch Books for Windows 8 has only been in the Windows Store a few weeks, but the developers have a nice update due out in the near future.

Interactive Touch Books brings interactive books for young children to your Surface (or any Windows 8 device). The app currently has three children's books inside, with an upcoming update bringing a store where parents can buy more via in-app purchases. The books are aimed at children in various age groups from ages 1 through 12.

The books are narrated and contain fun animations accompanied by sounds that will positively delight your kids. We 'read' all three and found them perfectly suitable for youngers.

Self-publish to make your own children's book

Interactive Touch Books

Right now, Interactive Touch Books has three children's books available for free. The marketplace feature coming soon will bring over a 100 highly interactive books. What's really neat about Interactive Touch Books is just how the books get into the marketplace. They come from independent authors and publishers who are able to self-publish through Interactive Touch Books.

Prospective authors are encouraged to go to the Interactive Touch Books website to learn more about the self-publishing program. Though we do want to point out a few highlights.

Authors are able to create interactive books using an online interface. Narrative tracks, sound effects, frame animations, peek-a-boo effects and more can be added using this online interface. From there authors can preview their book, set a price, set a target age and finally publish to the Interactive Touch Books marketplace.

Interactive Touch Books

Interactive Touch Books for Windows 8 is a welcomed addition, especially for parents with young children. The selection of books will be immense once the app gains the marketplace feature to get more books. Right now you can download a free, seven day trial of the app from the Windows Store. After that it'll cost you just $0.99.

In the meantime, take this app for a spin and let us know what you think of the three books included for free. Would any of you be interested in self-publishing a children's book? Let us know below. And remember, constructive comments are entered to win a new phone or tablet. Learn more about the contest on the Hidden Gems announcement post.


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Interactive Touch Books for Windows 8 (Hidden Gems)



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I just gave up, going to sleep and then *ring* hidden gems ! downloading..
EDIT: Well it's for W8 so there isn't any slowness or any bugs -maybe didn't face any- 
it's really nice app to help kids to learn how to read with 3 stories -maybe 3 for trail only ?-
anyway cool stories, hope there will be more soon ! :)

Will check it out. I like when good apps check come out for kids than games, but publishers should keep ad placement in mind as a 2-3 year old won't know how to get out of an badly placed x on the ad.

Hidden gems, hidden gems!
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Don't mind, I was bored xD

Its nice and sleek, which is pretty good for a w8 app. I just showed the app to my friend and he just loved the UI, He said that he was gonna get the app for his kid on the iPad, but now has changed his mind and will be getting it on his HP windows tablet.  I'd Suggest to Make the Books taller as devices like Surface could benefit with a decent portrait mode.

Tell them and they will Forget...
Show them and they will Remember...
Teach them and they will Learn...
But involve them and they will Understand... This app does the same for the Children... Well crafted and graphicized app.. can be made better by making app interactable for the children during playing of the story... Like if in a story a rabbit picks up an egg... Children should have to click on the egg to proceed further in the story...this Will involve the children in storyline... Other suggestion is to include Rhymes books...

Yes! Self publishing for any budding author would surely present a great opportunity to reach a wider audience for their work.

Yeah that self publishing aspect is great. Perhaps some aspiring young authors can create the next great children's story.

Hoping to see some great stories for my little ones.

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I have come up with this book called a hungry caterpillar. Its great he goes around eating stuff then turns into a butterfly.

How rigourously does the company look at self-published titles? Because I can't imagine that "Go The F*** To Sleep" would be a hit with little children. ;p

This sounds like a great app. Unfortunately I can't upgrade to windows 8.1, and it's not available for windows phone 8.1.

It's okay. I only understand Esperanto, the language of the future. Then how am i typing clearly?

My fingers are getting lucky in striking the characters which compose a coherent thought in English.

**I know writing a long review won't increase my chances or anything but I'm doing this review for the developers,not for the prizes so please bear with me.**


  • First Impression
  1. Download size is ok considering it's a Windows 8/8.1 app with media content.
  2. It works offline which is the basic requirement for an app which is for kids and just contains interactive stories.
  3. The splash screen is not cluttered and is quite neat.
  4. The app is quite fast and sleek.Faced no lag in transitions on my Windows 8.1 laptop
  5. There are only 3 books in the app so the UI is simple and neat with book covers shown in the main menu.
  • Things I like about this app
  1. It's very fast and smooth.No lags at all.
  2. The splash screen is good along with the waiting time.Enough time to see the splash screen and then the app starts,no waiting.
  3. The UI is very simple with book covers shown on the menu.
  4. A "Library" button on the top to see the books' description.Nicely done.
  5. I tap on a book cover and it quickly opens,but I would love a transition effect.
  6. The books are really good,colorful and small which is good considering that toddlers are targeted.
  7. No ads.Yup,you don't want ads when you are showing this app to a toddler ;)
  8. Self publishing is a great thing to have!
  9. The books are very interactive! :D
  10. The narration was good and slow in a sing-song voice.Just what the kids want!
  11. Right-click when you have opened the book to skip to any page! :D
  •  Things I don't like about this app.

​**There's almost nothing in this app to "not like".I'll just point out some minor things.**

  1. There was no background music in the main menu which I was expecting.
  2. No page turning transitions in the books,just a little turned corner at the bottom of the page.
  3. No auto-turning of page when you do all the interactive things that need to be done.I was expecting that.
  • My suggestions for improvement of the app.
  1. Add some good background music in the main screen of the app,would definitely make it a lot cooler.
  2. Add "curl page" effect or something when reading a book.That would be very realistic and the kid might enjoy it even more.
  3. Give "Auto-turning of pages" as an option after the kid has interacted with all the things on the page.
  4. If you plan to add more books as in-app-purchases in future updates,better make this app free ASAP because it makes no sense to buy an app for $0.99 and then pay more for IAPs.
  5. Make this a universal app ASAP.This needs to be on Windows Phone as well.
  6. A minor ignorable suggestion is to add page numbers or bookmarks.I'm calling it minor because the books are short and it might become complicated for little kids.But maybe beta test it for your own kids and then decide it's usefullness ;)
  • Rating:-9.5/10
  • Conclusion:-This app has huge potential and is a must have app if you have toddlers in your house.It has beautiful and vividly colored stories the kid will enjoy immensely.Strongly recommended for ages 6 and below.Good job developers! (y)

Well I honestly don't read extra-long reviews... They bring me headaches... And my friend i honestly think you write good but should keep your reviews as short as even a well constructed sentence can get you through to the participation stage of the contest... Just giving you a bit advice that "No one reads Terms And Conditions cuz they are too long and gets boring till you get to the end..." The same may apply to yours...

If you are not Gautam Kabiraj,ignore this comment.We reserve spots for each other so our reviews are easily visible.He'll write his review when he comes online.

Thanks for the spot dude!

Alright, I think I’ve used the app completely although this app was definitely not meant for a college student but yeah, I enjoyed going back to my childhood days for sure LOL :D

So without much talks, here’s my view on this funny little app:


Above all, I love the “Wide” tile that I got in my Start screen, it’s cute and innocent (Reminds me of “Om nom” from “Cut The Rope” game to be exact!).  It perfectly symbolizes that it’s meant for small kids. The size of the app is not much big either, considering the fact that currently it contains three interactive touch books, so you don’t need to worry about your data plans to download the app.

I loved the Splash screen too, neat and simple. But I guess the “Interactive Touch Books” menu a lil bit left aligned. I mean, those three story "book covers” could take more advantage of the available space (I know more may be added there soon but till then, a middle alignment would do).

I loved the laugh when you click on the bunny’s face! (Reminds me of “Crackle” ringtone!)


The In-App-Performance was nifty. I didn’t notice any lag or crash when using the app.  But yeah I’d love to see some better effects / animation during the process when I tap / click to do something.

The books could be made more “real” if the pages could be moved by swiping over the screen from left to right, instead of clicking / tapping at the button right corner of the screen.

I loved the colors that the app used to represent elements, including the blurred background at the main menu.


The app works flawlessly in my PC, not sure about tablets since I don’t have one. But again, just like most other Metro apps, it has some issues with multitasking (it’s not an important issue though because no one would actually multitask when their kids are playing). I minimized the app for some time, started writing this review and when I maximized after a while, I just saw the Splash screen which took longer than it usually does to start the app again. I guess, developers are not to be blamed for this, I’ve started realizing Metro apps and Desktop apps don’t play nice when used together.


I’m not sure if it’s okay to say it a “bug” or not but the Bunny didn’t smile / animate when I clicked on his face in the third picture of “Bunnyfur’s Easter Eggs”. It did so in other pictures though. (Screenshot)

The app didn’t run in full screen in my Windows 8.1 (1366 x 768 px) laptop. I could see the height of the pages of the books were fitting fine, but not the length. (Screenshot)

In the game where you need to put all the Easter eggs in the bucket, when you complete the game, nothing happens. I mean it could say “Well done! Go ahead!” or something like that, you get it. If you finish the game where you need to colour the text “HAPPY EASTER” it yells “Yay!!!!!”, that would also do ;)

I loved the overall UI and the children-friendly environment that the app offered but I’ll suggest you to make the “The End” message a lil bit cartoony too (considering its for children, not a serious issue though!). (Screenshot)

And finally, I’d love to have it in my phone too. Please make it a universal app, if possible. This will also increase the total amount of app downloads because people love to buy once and get across all the three platforms (who’ve all the two/three platforms).




And It’s definitely a must-have app if you’ve children under or of around five years old. I believe this app should be reached to more parents with children, for the developer’s hard work and the app’s potential. Kudos to the developer!

P.S: I believe, Self-Publish online program is a great approach made by Interactive Touchbooks that'll surely help more authors join in.

LOL! That's why I said "’s my view on this funny little app:" I don't even say that everyone would agree it getting exactly 8.75 rating. The app did impress me at the first glance and so I did, nothing serious ;)

But yeah, I've mentioned the cons in between somewhere as well.

That it's nice to see more educational apps for kids. Windows 8 is so much powerful than other tablet OSs. Everyone at my work had iPads until I got a surface... Now 25% have a surface because you really can do more than play games. I wish I had one in school.

This is exactly what I am always searching for for my daughter. With her only 4, I don't want her getting into games, I would rather her learn technology through education and this nails it.

Great reading app i suppose.
Right now it's limited but i would like the developer to extend more i.e the available books and the best I liked about it is that you can self publish which is a good addition. So far no bugs or crashes. Also the UI is also simple to use too.
A great reader for kids...!

Great app it's fast and well designed. The touch and voice is great. It's not really for me so I let my little cousin use it. He says it needs more Dora lol. So I guess the only down side is no Dora.

I have the Kindle app, but barely use it.  Something about reading on the screen for a prolonged amount of time messes with me.

This app is great for reading to children and having them touch on the screen to see what happens next. Because the story is audible, it is easy for children to both read and hear what's going on. The combination of this and it's interactivity makes it a winner!

My daughter loves it when I let her play on my Surface, but most of the ones out there have too many ads to just let her go to town on. This sounds like a really good alternative to those.

This is a great way to engage kids in technology that also stimulates the mind. Would love to see something like this on the mobile side.

This kind of app will bring shine to windows 8.1 kids would love this app and plus with interactive live tile, easy for them to look and open this app.

I love the self publish idea.  It would be cool if you could export / share it to get more attention for the app and its funcationality.


Really great app to pass time when it comes to babysitting. I did notice a glitch on it (Mr. Magic's Magic) - on the first page after the title, when you repeatedly tap on the caterpillar-y thing, it does a crazy spasm-type dance. It also appears on other different pages where the animations are non-stop, such as the billboard and Mr. Magic's wand. After I hit next, it went to the last page for a second, and crashed. But overall, great app.

These are great. I had similar apps on my android tablet. My son and daughter loved them. It's great to see something like this on the Windows platform.

I really like this app, seems very unique. I think if this app comes to WP, it will be even better, and to rake advantage of Kids Corner. :D

Very cool. Great Price, Ability to self publish. It'll be a great way of adding children's material to Win 8!!

Great design and really fast. Love it! My little cousin will love it. This is one of those unique apps which will get Windows OS further!

Really cool concept! I especially like the ability to self-publish, although the way the published books are filtered is important.

I believe it is about time children books, activities, and games find their way to Windows 8. Now we can hope to see an universal app version that will work on Windows Phone 8 in the future. Ideally for phones, such as 1520 Nokia.

As a part-time tutor for kids, this can be a valid ice-breaker between lesson fragments, or I can use it as a teaching device as it is. I'm now excited to create my own interactive children's book!

I think that this is a great idea. The ability to either aquire other peoples work or create your own is probably the neatest thing about it.

This app is very helpful! Me and my little brothers are living in Italy, so this app is a good way for them to learn English!!

It's a great idea, and I might consider purchasing it later, if it gets any danish books.

I'll be honest, it's not something I'll personally use, but its a pretty cool app for the likes of my daughter teaching my grandson to read. Even if she's using an iPad.....

Well being a father of a 4 year old who's headed to primary 1in September this is the perfect summer app. Most programs I have downloaded are pre school and not that interactive. This looks ideal (just downloading now) so I'll try it with my daughter tomorrow. I'mcan understand others not being that interested as you need to have kids but these apps are invaluable in so many situations... like dinner time, in the car, at the grandparents and pretty much anytime they're bored and of this has the added benefit of being educational. Good stuff thx

Nice app, and appears to have some great potential. Loving the indie writers feature. Achievements are always popular, I would like to see them on more educational apps. My kids are already keyed in to the idea of working to a goal, and Xbox achievements may help. Not a deal breaker though. Interactive reading is sweet, helps them to learn without noticing. Would be nice if the books could show the level too. In the UK, my kid brings home books that are rated on difficulty. He is on level 3, and loves trying to get to the next level. Some kind of comparison would be nice.

Great app for my younger sister, nice interavtive elements with nice images and graphics. The design is superb and atttractive. Keep on bringing updates for more content. 

I'll begin by sharing; I love new technology and the human interaction with software and devices. If I could, I'd by one of everything, iPad, Surface Pro, Surface 2 Pro, Android tablets, etc. My daughter has used several read apps like these on the iPad. It's nice to see some apps like this available for Windows. I turn 40 this year and it's astounding how technology has changed since my younger years. Support the developers you like. Cheers!

It would be wonderful to have this app available on Windows Phone. I think it would be a great experience on the 1520

Just had a quick go with the free books. Its more nightie reading I think and is similar to what we have already in some ways. I look forward to seeing the update to see books that are more educational but definitely promising...neat

Interactive books from independent authors/publishers? That's a pretty neat idea if you want to begin breaking ground without a large amount of overhead.

It has nice graphics good sounds simple interface and works well. A well made app so need to see the extended library...

I like that these kind of apps are available for kids I look forward to having them for my kids in the future, if they don't already have it they should have a lock into app function where the child cannot leave the app without a password to protect the account from unauthorized purchasing

Another one for my nephew to review. He had a good time reading Space Cat and Mr Magic's Magic. He is 5 and at a first grade reading level. The books weren't to hard for him and I think they did a good job of helping him learn.

Great app for the kids, when on long trips you can throw it into kids corner so that they don't have access to my phone. Would like to see a much nicer UI with maybe a store to buy more books, but for right now its a great app Thanks for your support!

Really unique app. Great to see devs coming up with innovative apps allowing anyone to publish their own book

Good to have this kind of app specially made for kids, as more and more kids spend their time on electronic devices. This app achieved the one thing normal books can't do, interaction. As interaction is a big part how kids learn, they want to touch things and so on. This app can really help the kids by providing books with educational things in it, such as simple computation and so on. Self publish is also a great feature for content creators.

What a great idea. I learned to read with my dad using plastic letters and words and then books. There's something about physical books that I still prefer to this day. Somehow I tend to lose interest more often with ebooks. That said, I do own a large collection of ebooks, and they are a great way for kids to learn. I like the interactive nature of this app, and that it has so much room to grow as more books are added.

The self publish part is very interesting. Can be used by parents to help their small children creature their own stories and see their ideas come to life, or even for the older kids to spark creativity.

Great children's app. I especially like the self-publishing aspect of the books. Another children's app with a unique idea, I like it.

The selling point of this is the interactivity for sure. My three year already loves reading with Daddy so this should be a great edition. BTW WPC folks, I hope you continue with the 'Hidden Gems' column even after the contest is over, this is a fantastic app discovery medium. Thanks!

Will be giving this a try with my son. He is at the age where he can start learning to read and if this app can help with that I will be thrilled.

It is a great idea, so I hope there will be books published in various languages (not only English).

This is awesome. Been looking for good books for my kids tablets. There is one where you can put the physical books that your kids have into the app. You just take a picture of the covers and record the pages. It was only for windowsphone though and I don't really let my kids play with my phone. I'll check this out and see how they like it. A review from actual kids.

Would've been a neat app to have when my daughter was little. The self publish idea is cool because we had some books made for her that were personalized and had stories about her. Making your own book for your child, about them on here is a neat idea.

Ability to write your own interactive books is great... it would be great to have a WP8 app, so that i can enable it in Kids corner and give to my niece and nephews, instead of giving me my touch-screen laptop

I would love to try this out but currently do not have a win8 device. Are there any plans to bring this to WP?

Since this is for Windows 8 only, all I can say is it sounds like a cool idea and I wish there was a version for Windows Phone 8.

They should allow you to choose different languages where authors can publish. Have it on the native language depending on which ever region you're downloading from, and then you can switch later on as you wish. You could also let one translate others work where the credit still goes where credit is due.


Maybe the authors could be given a choice when they publish where they can authorize translations, and in doing so, they agree to giving the translator a small percentage of the sales of the books that are sold in that specific region.

I like the idea of this app. I personally don't have children but my little cousin plays with my phone sometimes so I'm going to get this for him.

Also the self-publishing idea sounds really cool. I'm sure that there will be lots of cool books for the kids. Can't wait.

Yowzers I'm pumped for this. My three year old is just starting to read and the interactivity of these books will be a big encouragement! Just started tinkering with the online book creator too. She would be excited to read a book dad wrote!!

I think my kids will really like this one, and the ability to self publish books is really cool. If I actually had the time, I'd think about doing that myself.

Cool app, nicely done.  It will be even better once there are more books available.  I'm passing on my Surface RT to my niece and will have this app & a few books pre-loaded.

My son is only two, so not ready to read yet but he loves books. Wish it was on my phone since we don't have any other portable windows device (windows 8.1 desktop). Would like to add to his kids corner!

Great, just needs more stories. I don't know if I'll ever have kids but by the time I do, flipping a paper page over in an actual book might have become taboo..... LoL

20th century = pop-up books
21st century = interactive books
Fantastic idea. Like the self-publication aspect too.

This is a pioneer app in windows 8, I'd like this were native or something like that, would open so much doors to developers

It's very very simple for now, but the tales are good, colorful and with all the professional looking of a real book for childrens. A lot of this was missing in windows ecosystem, so is very good to see these apps.

There are a lot of things to do, a lot of new tales, classic tales would be cool too. An unique and maybe native/official e-reading app is also important for the platform

My nephew loves using this for his Surface RT. Yeah I bought a 3 year old a tablet. I like the idea of self publishing and I think it could be a great app for future uses. Definitely once we get some more books on there this will be the app to have.

Cool. I've got twin girls on the way. Ability to self publish would be an extremely cool activity to do with them (when they're a little older obviously).

Self publish an interactive book? What a great idea for the creative writing class at my son's school.

Interaction tends to help hold kids attention. However, content is king and it is all about the quality of the stories. Hopefully, the self publishing will mean that there will be plenty of quality titles available.

I have been working on convincing my brother to get a windows tablet. He has two kids and this is the angle that his wife likes the best. They got ipads but the little ones have broken then many times. Thanks for the heads up on this app, will show them. We can turn them yet!

My daughter is now 17 and an avid reader. There were few digital devices available when she was learning to read, but I got her a LeapPad device (high tech 12 years ago). 30 minutes after opening it, she declared that she didn't have to learn to read because her LeapPad could read TO her. But it enabled the connection in her brain between letters being grouped in a certain way and words and ideas a week later, she was not only reading, but devouring books labeled for kids much older than she was.

I can see the benefit of apps like this, not just for kids, but also for the 32 million adults in the US (sorry I don't have a global stat for that) who struggle with reading at even basic levels. The difficulty will be getting it into their hands. I hope literacy organizations are taking notes.

Very cool. The self publishing process is also a great addition. Too bad my kids are older now. I would have loved getting this for them!

I like the fact that it narrates the story.  My grandson is just learning his numbers and letters.  This will be useful for him as he learns to put words together.

Another app for the little ones of the house. It's really educational and helpful and it has a rather wide array of possibilities.


Nice addition to the store:D

Kids are going to love this app. Pretty cartoonish and clean.

Since I am not a kid, and don't have any to test it with, that is all I can comment.

I like the concept, but I think that they should start getting into books that HAVE been published too. Dr. Seuess is great for kids, because the words rhyme. The fact is, a publisher can be helpful. You CAN'T have typos in a children's book. 

Anyway, the app itself is great, the concept is just a little too "stick it to the man" for me. 

Great idea. Personally we miss books with classic fairtales optimized for 2,5-3 years old. Most of them are for 4+ or until 1,5. Naturally, in mother language (which is not English for the majority).

Kids Corner is something WP is sorely looked over for with those with little ones. Apps like these are needed more in the Windows Store to push it further to those not so familiar to the platform

This is a neat app, my son can use this when he is older. I like that it is open to anyone to publish a book so there will be many books to choose from and gives access to books that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

Really a different kind of app! My 7 year and old cousin likes it.. Though it would be better if there were more books available! The feature of self publishing is really awesome! People could write stories relating to their kids and their kids would read them.. Brilliant job Dev!

The app is cool in look and i like the look and can be better if added some easy book switching when one book is on the play... Without it the ship l app is cool but a little suggestion

Cat in Space alone is worth the price. Fabulous app and stories. The best predictor of a child's later reading ability is that they are read to by adults, and have available opportunities to interact with printed materials. This app brings touch based stories to children at a time when it is hard for them to hold books but interaction with storys is very important. Now they can learn kinetically as well as visually and auditorily at the same time.

UPDATE: I had my son try it. (He's 8) He said he loves it. I heard it reading out loud which is always good. My 3 year old hasn't used it on her tablet yet. I assume she will like it as well though.

My 5yo daughter loves these books. They make her want to read more. I reccomend these books for parents with young children. Great to teach children to read.

I'm also Cornelius Hardy on here. Didn't realize the name was different when I post on the phone and on the surface.

Wow, Hidden Gems for kids again :D The app is really well done, no bugs, simple and smooth UI and three funny books for a fair price. It's still a bit too simple but I'm sure it'll get better. 

PROS: simple, effective, not expensive. Combines both educational and entertaining features for kids. Authors can contribute, add new stories and improve the app. Beautiful animations and recordings too.

CONS: still lacks books and features, no WP version.

Would be nice if the story submission was in-app. Then we could sit down with the kids and create them together at bed Time.

Being an avid reader and writer, I think this is a really great app. Reading is something that needs to developed among the young children as it helps in their mental development and also their thought process. But there should be more books and also, I don't think the 3 books for trial are for kids from 8-12.. They are too childish. Needs more interesting content, but it is still great, nonetheless.

Good UI, Simple to use for kids and also dads. Good way to interact with ur child for dads who have tough time at job but also are just in time to tell there child a bedtime story. On that note they should include more fairy tales for my Girl.

will the stories feature alternate endeings and emersive storytelling, I like the app, but im curious to find out about the self publishing, can we make alternate endings to refresh a story to keep kids interested. 

Till now its very well in performance waiting for more books to come and will be buyimg when my favs appear in the list

It's nice to see so many new kids applications for the Windows ecosystem-- especially apps of this quality. This app is like an educational tv/book all wrapped into one. It's a great way for kids to learn how to read, how to speak, and how to interact with different things.

The UI is clean which makes it super easy to use. There don't seem to be ads which is nice because you don't want kids viewing advertisements that may contain explicit content.

Overall, this is a lovely application. I'm sure if I had kids, this would be an app I would use with them regularly.

Love the idea of self publishing, will be very interested to see how that shakes out. Nice clean look to the app, but can't help thinking in this case - for kids - a little bit "more" might be appropriate. I love clean & simple, bit a little more playfulness and color might be a welcome touch.

I confess to not having downloaded the app yet.

But I do like the idea of self publishing.  Especially if the app is cross platform (since ipad seems to be the app driver still.)

As a general rule of thumb I support well done self publishing so I hope this will be a good contribution to that.

so, when more books are added, do we have to buy/rent each book separately ?

if yes, than the app should be free.

if no, this would be awsome.

Although I am not a kid, nor do I have kids, I still dowloaded it and took a look. I do appreciate the interactive aspect of the game. It's a great way to help kids learn compared to simply reading a book with pictures.

One thing that would be nice is a difficulty level for each book. This way, kids would be able to know which books will be a breeze and which books will be a challenge. This could also show their progress as well, since they would be going from one level to the next.

So I tried the app and it's a pretty solid - well made app. It's not for me, but still I made my little brother used it for me and tell me how he liked it.
First Impression:
The app is pretty well-built, simple & colorful, which is not too surprising since it is for toddlers.
App's size isn't that bad either, as it uses alot of media.
User Interference:
Like most of the Windows 8 apps, the UI of the app is simple, minimalistic and beautiful.
There are not many settings in the app, which obviously it doesn't need as it is for toddlers, the Splash Screen looks great. On the main menu we get the book covers, there are total 3 books, hence the app has simple, minimal but good looking UI.
What I Like:
The app is actually pretty good, to be honest I liked the whole app & didn't really found any problems with it, but still I am going to point out the best features of it.
• The app is completely offline, which I great as toddlers have to play with it.
• Books are quite neat, colorful & interactive.
• App is very smooth to use, no lags e.t.c
• Price of the app is good considering it's without adverts.
• Self Publishing is awesome.
• Narration is beautifully done & is in a rhythmic tone making it easier for children's to understand.
What I Don't Like:
There is really nothing to dislike about the app, I will, however, give some suggestions.
• Add some animations for opening book & turning pages.
• Remove the 7-day trial, because you are going to introduce in app purchases anyway.
I only found one bug in the app.
• Sometimes when you tap anything in the book repeatedly, the app will freeze & will crash.
I hope this gets fixed in the next update.
This is a really good & quality app for kids, I will like to see a Windows Phone version of the app too. The app is to-the-point app, the UI is simple as it is made for children's. But the books are beautiful & very interactive.
It's defiantly not a bad addition to the app list, especially if you have children's.

Jeez another kids app. If only I was a parent then I'd be loving the last few days. Seems like an awesome learning tool

Ability to self publish is great. Nice design and runs smoothly too. Now I can distract my little cousins with something educational.

This app is for kids. I'm not a kid, but I don't like the design, and maybe It would be better if they added a speech synthesizer to read the texts into the app.

This is such a great idea!  I feel guilty for just letting my little daughter play games on my phone.  At least these interactive books offer something a little more constructive.  Also, the ability to self-publish is really fun.  Parents could create a special birthday story or something of the sort to surprise their child.  It sounds like a good variety of tools are provided to help in the creation and development of these books.

A really unique app..Im sure kids would love it..the interface can be very catchy for children. The collection is small but pretty sure developers will add more stories.

What I like

1) The stories are really nice and perfect for kids.

2) Like how interactive the stories are, and how several elements in the story interact when you touch them

3) Kids like to learn and and play, this game gives both. touching various objects to see if the do anything, finding the bunny and the audio everything is really cool

Things that can be done to make it better

1) Making it universal..would be a nice addition to kids corner

2) More stories can be added

3) More and better animation would be nice, like animating the turning of page and dragging around a few things.


Really liked this app, can definitely recommend it to others. Keep bringing the updates! :D

The store should be password protected because children and in app purchases are not the best of friends.

Now this is a great concept. An active way to read and the ability to self-publish. I could see working with my child to develop our own story. Nice!

This app is the right step ahead in the sense that the issue that plagued today's apps is content creation. However, the app still needs refinement and polishing in terms of UI, especially the placement of advertisements. Hope the next update will resolve the issue.

"Reading these days for most adults takes place on digital e-readers"

Right... Dream on. By far the most people still prefer the feel of paper books between their hands. I personally know of two, TWO persons other than me, who prefer e-books. And I know lots of people, who plow through a novel a week on average.

About the app: Always a great concept, but hampered by the fact that it caters to children, and therefore is language specific...

Interactive books are the need of the hour. Really valuable apps for the parents as they can save lot of money and space in their kids room. The books database must expand quickly. Should include books for collage going students also, they really enjoy this kind.

This is perfect for my niece. I'm emailing this post to my sister right now. 

I took a look at the app, it looks like they took the design seriously. I think it would really appeal to children.