International HTC Titan getting 7740 update too

HTC Titan update

We have a report that the HTC Titan, at least in Denmark & the UK, is being pushed the 7740 OS update. As a recap, this update fixes a voicemail notification bug and fixes Exchange 2003 email support. The update looks to be an interim and minor update, though considering the bugs, perhaps not so minor. Yesterday, reports flooded in of some Samsung and HTC devices receiving this update.

Of course our AT&T friends are wondering if they will get it too for their Titans, but unfortunately at this point there is no evidence of US Windows Phones getting this update. At least according to Microsoft, this is a carrier-update so who gets it and who doesn't will be a little more spotty.

As usual, if you're a Titan owner who is getting 7740, chime in with your carrier/location for others in comments. Thanks, HTCTitan & Lee G., for the heads up!


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International HTC Titan getting 7740 update too


I did it yesterday with my french one. It fixes some little bug and mostly one very annoying I had with the camera app, when I launched the camera app, the brightness level was going down so when I was inside, I wasn't able to see shit. Now it works fine !

lt is rotten that if a user uses Exchange 2003 in the US they have to worry about a carrier that has a problem in other countries.  Pushing fixes should be DONE to fix problems not make carriers happy.  The only time they are happy with us is when we buy a phone for 2 years after that LALALALALA.  BLAH!!!!

Got the update notice this morning when I plugged into Zune to sync. Waited until I got home tonight. Just completed the update, was very quick, only took about 5 mins. :)
On Tmobile UK with a sim free Titan.