Internet sharing over Bluetooth comes via GDR1 update for Windows Phone

In the Windows Phone Update 1 Preview, new Bluetooth profiles are supported in the latest OS update from Microsoft, giving consumers access to new abilities. Those new profiles included PAN (personal area network) 1.0 profile, aptX codec support for A2DP, and browsing support for AVRCP.

In regards to PAN, one visible area in which consumers can immediately see the difference is visible under Internet Sharing.

Previously, this section included a simple on / off toggle, along with the device name and password. However, with Update 1 rolling out today for those on the Preview program, you now get an additional section to choose how to share that connection, either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. As suspected, being able to share your internet connection through Bluetooth is the new differentiating factor from the previous 8.1 release. Although not nearly as fast or effective as Wi-Fi, being able to share over Bluetooth is useful for legacy devices and other specific-usage scenarios.

Have you wanted to share your internet over Bluetooth? If so, let us know how you plan on using this new tool in comments!


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Internet sharing over Bluetooth comes via GDR1 update for Windows Phone


Will this allow me to circumvent MHS on VZW.  I already have grandfathered unlimited data, but still need MHS to share with my Nokia 2520.  If I can avoid MHS that saves me $20/month.

Unfortunately the only two devices that's even possible is on the ATIV Odyssey or the ATIV SE. The second problem is that no one has found where the setting resides.

My Lumia 1520 is running better with GDR1, battery consumption is back to normal, no problems with live tiles, and especially no more loading screens!!!

That's what I was going to say. But I ask if this can allow forwarding of LAN networks to Bluetooth capable devices that are out of broadcast range?

One more interesting feature. Now USB Internet sharing is the only option missing but it's the least interesting.

I agree with you
There should be option to share internet using USB or if you want internet connect to you Pc worth USB cable and have it on phone

Check the settings in the Store, there are two options under "Live Tile." It also looks like the tile needs to be medium and not small. I have it on both a 1020 and a 1520.

Thanks, saw the option under the settings of the Store app. I had the Store live tile pinned in medium size. Wonder why it isn't showing the latest new apps.

Hope this isn't a region thing.

I've just found the solution. Opening and closing the Store doesn't help.

The tile updated after I connected Facebook to the suggestions feature and turn the live tile option on and off. Thanks anyway! :)

Then it probably has to do with toggling the live tile option on and off. I tried messing with lots of options to see what works.

I'm pretty sure it does. Bluetooth class 2 devices have a maximum power rating of 2.5 mW while Wi-Fi can use up to 250 mW (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Yup have a gateway GT5238E media center box from 2006 that doesn't have Wi-Fi, so being able to share via Bluetooth was much needed especially since after my nephew stole my TP2 that I was using as a Wi-Fi adapter.

Lets face it, having Facebook and SMS together didn't always work and felt a bit messy. The option was nice, but I never used it.

I'll only be using this for my TomTom, you can get live traffic updates from the internet if you tether your phone, previously I could only use iOS or Android phones.

Have you tried this and it actually works?  I have a TomTom Go 500.  Had to use an iPhone in the past to make a connection, Windows Phone did not work.  

If you have a smart watch or other device that does not support wifi then this allows you to have internet on that device.

So you're saying that in order to have a fully functioning smart watch, I would need to pay AT&T an extra $20 / month to get tethering added my account?  I can't enable BT tethering without having tethering enabled generally on my AT&T account.  I haven't heard of this as a requirement to get smart watches to work on iOS or Android.  Does anyone know if you have to pay for tethering to enable this feature for smart watches on other platforms?

That's exactly how it works on other platforms. So if there is no charge for tethering that way on android and ios then there should be no charge on windows phone either. Maybe Bluetooth tethering could be a nice way around that issue on AT&T

Unfortunately I have the dev preview installed and I've already tried to enable BT tethering, and I can tell you that there IS a charge.  Currently, if you're not paying for tethering on your AT&T account, it won't let you enable any kind of tethering, BT or otherwise.  The switch to enable tethering is the same for either BT or WiFi.  I could call AT&T, but given this is only a dev preview of Update 1 which hasn't been officially sanctioned for their network yet, I doubt I could get ahold of anyone who would even know what I was talking about, much less fix it for me.  I'm afraid that currently if you don't pay for tethering on AT&T, you're SOL for using this scenario for smart watches.

AT&T's unlimited talk & text plans include tethering; you can use the data however you want until you reach your cap. T-Mobile's plans (most of them, the super-cheap ones may not) also include tethering, and they have some options I've not explored for free tablets and hotpsots.

This does seem great, but still doesn't help the issue of ATT charging you to tether. On an unlimited plan, annoying I can't take advantage. Anyone have experience wth TetherX or whatever it's called?


Works ok on LTE (able to stream Netflix and YouTube)... PAINFULLY slow on hspa for some reason... Like 2kbs.

Network setup is pretty easy... Keep one browser configured for it and one for regular (I use IE mostly so I just leave Firefox proxy setting set up for tether x and IE set for normal use)... The you just have to start the hosted network, etc.

Bah, still doesn't allow me to share connection to mt I'm Watch. Android did it differently and better where I could also keep wifi enabled.

Well that's odd as when I tryed to enable it, it sends me to t mobile site saying this feature is not included in your plan. And I have unlimited everything

Your plan sounds outdated. Call customer service and ask about it. You're probably overpaying, too. A few months ago they actually called me and told me they had an updated plan for my account, but I've been with them since shortly after they stopped being Voicestream.

The list of features in every update is very less..... Still no otg, notification centre is very basic....etc. And almost everytime i use internet explorer, it crashes...Microsoft is not doing its part right....

Is the tile for Xbox Music should be live again? Previous posts I've read a few days back indicate that it should regain its awesome Live Tile but mine doesn't have any even after updating a few hours ago.

I could see this feature adding benefit when an internet connection for wifi is paid for, like on an airplane.
Share your paid internet connection back to a second device..... Assuming the internet connection sharing isn't locked to only the cellular/WAN connection.

Now my L920 feels old. These updates are supposed to make it look and feel younger but the battery life exposes everything. *sigh* Keep the updates coming

Tôi sử dụng năm 1320, sau đó nâng cấp grd1 bánh răng quay liên tục, nhưng như vậy là chức năng flash. quay liên tục bánh răng ... một trong những điều đó không có

Hold on a second, why can't VPN be used with Internet Sharing?

Also I see this having limitless potential with wearables.... Its all about the internet of things

For setting a manual ip do we have to wait wor Windows phone 9?! I hoped to be able to set the ip under wireless settings in wp 8.1...

Very nice if you need it but why not fix/resolve all the reported bugs - including 'bitlocker dev prev 8.1 Cyan lockout bug' ' - before bringing in new features? Also continuing to de-couple apps from Hubs seems like a backword step to me. Isn't this what made WP unique/cool/joy to use? Live Folder may be OK but so was Nokia's App Folder so why focus on this when there are so many more critical ommisions such as no Mobile Data switch in notifications, limited email attachments, backup errors, disorganised settings list, IE video player, Xbox music. The list goes on and on but Microsoft WP team seem to just ignore user feedback here and elsewhere and proceed forth in their own sweet, isolated way introducing minor new features and removing/changing handy existing ones, for example rollout Cortana assistant thing to UK but remove Bing Vision Barcode reader - why? 

That is correct. Most people would say the feature they want instead of just stating they want "this feature".
But I'm sure there are more people than just myself that wanted Bluetooth internet sharing.

any cu ai you can help me ....

I am using years 1320, then upgrade grd1 bánh răng quay symbolic continue, but such as a function flash. Quay symbolic continue bánh răng ... one of the following conditions does not have a

Sharing via wifi gives you more speed ( via Bluetooth has 20 mbits/s limit ) , but sharing via Bluetooth is more power efficient ( you should have noticed that work sharing consumes a lot of battery :) )

Friends I have 1 question gdr.1 update include in cyan.. I m right.... But I have update this update on Nokia Lumia 520 dp.... But there is no show cyan. There are older version black.. Plzz help..

No Update 1 doesnot include Cyan, just two O/S updates build 12400 and Update 1.

If it did, WPcentral would have mentioned it in the article about the update 1 rollout.

I love to bed able to share my internet any way but since I went to aio.. Now cricket they don't allow it so back to att next month, I'm done with it.. Lumina 920

The day I can tether my tablet without being charged extra I will be happy. Remember I use to tether my windowsmobile 6.x back in the day

Good news but remember that Bluetooth sharing is slower than wifi sharing , brlecause blueetooth 4.0 is limited to 20 Mbits/s
It means that if you are on 4G , network sharing will not be very fast :) ( well, it will be around 20 Mbits , but not at 70/80 Mbits you get with 4G )

This is nice, I want to try out bluetooth internet sharing with my laptop and able to share to a larger network like wifi :) if it is possible atleast

Internet sharing should be standard, Ahh sometimes I miss my old HTC Touch Pro2 with usb tethering connection feature at no extra cost *nostalgia*

I am surprised that Windows Phone didn't already have this. It's certainly a step up from the dial-up networking feature of the bt stack found in windows mobile.

Since the Internet via Bluetooth requires PAN which generates an ad hoc wifi network so other device can connect to the internet, do other (connecting) device need PAN profile as well? What are the requirements of connecting device to use this feature?